25 Fun Diy Pool Noodle Crafts To Make

Easy Halloween Pool Noodle Craft

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Transform the ordinary into something extraordinary by turning pool noodles into eerie Halloween creations. In just an hour, you can bring these versatile materials to life as bats, spiders, Frankenstein’s monsters, or jack-o-lanterns. This DIY project is perfect for family bonding and creates eye-catching decorations for your home. With simple materials like pool noodles, googly eyes, chenille stems, and craft foam, follow the easy steps to cut and glue your way to a spooky season that’s sure to impress. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity or a unique decoration, this project has got you covered.

Pool Noodle Stick Horse Craft

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Embark on an exciting adventure in the world of pool noodle crafts, where creativity and affordability come together. Let’s kick off this fun-filled journey with the DIY pool noodle stick horse project! Not only do these hobby horses make for fantastic entertainment options for young cowboys and cowgirls, but they also serve as a budget-friendly party favor idea. With minimal supplies like pool noodles, twine or string, felt, googly eyes, yarn, and tacky glue, you’ll be all set to create unique stick horses that will bring joy to kids of all ages. The process is as enjoyable as it is straightforward, allowing children to express their creativity while making each horse distinct with its own special color combination. As they play with these stick horses, the sound of happy laughter and imagination running wild is a testament to the magic of this craft!

Simple DIY Pool Noodle Race Track

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Transform your home into a high-speed racing arena with this easy and fun DIY pool noodle race track activity! Perfect for toddlers up to second graders, this versatile exercise can be enjoyed on rainy days or sunny summer afternoons. By combining a pool noodle, duct tape, and our free printable designs, you can create an exhilarating hot wheels race track in just five minutes.

This innovative play experience not only provides hours of entertainment for your kids but also offers a unique opportunity to introduce fundamental scientific concepts, such as gravity and drag. With the ability to personalize the track with start and finish signs using our printable templates, you can challenge your children to see which hot wheels car is the fastest.

Give your kids the thrill of speed today and watch them enjoy an unforgettable experience!

How to Make Pencil With Pool Noodle

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Kick off the new academic year with a delightful DIY pool noodle pencil that’s as easy to make as it is unique. These colorful pencils are perfect for gifting to teachers or creating with friends at a party, and can be customized to feature your school’s name, the current year, or any playful message you desire. To create this whimsical writing instrument, gather just five materials: yellow and red pool noodles, silver duct tape, a black Sharpie marker, jumbo sidewalk chalk, and a serrated knife. Begin by safely cutting segments from the pool noodles to form the pencil and eraser, then bind them together using duct tape. Next, insert the chalk into the sharpened end of the pencil for a fun and functional writing experience. Finally, personalize your creation with a Sharpie marker to add a touch of personality. This DIY project is an excellent way to encourage creativity and excitement for the new school year, so dive in and add a dash of fun to your back-to-school preparations!

DIY Pool Noodle Racquet Ball Game for Adults

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Transform a simple pool noodle into a fun and safe DIY foam racket for an unforgettable outdoor experience. By combining these versatile tools with duct tape and mesh bags, you’ll create the perfect ingredients for a thrilling project. Cut out specific sections to form the handle and racquet head, then secure them with tape and slide on the mesh bag for a snug fit. This innovative creation is ideal for summer playdates or outdoor parties, teaching kids valuable lessons about responsibility during gameplay. Use a lightweight rubber ball to engage in one-on-one or team games, watching as the friendly competition unfolds. With its fun, inexpensive, and secure design, this homemade foam racket activity is sure to elevate your outdoor events with creativity and excitement today!

Make Your Own Pool Noodle Trolls

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Dive into the world of pool noodle crafts, where creativity knows no bounds. This engaging DIY activity brings beloved characters from Trolls World Tour to life in a playful and imaginative way. By combining pool noodles with printable troll faces, hot glue guns, ribbon, blue faux flowers, and scissors, your kids can create their own unique trolls, tailoring hair and face details to suit their style. Whether crafting a vibrant Poppy or quirky Branch, this fun-filled activity is perfect for making unforgettable memories on rainy or sunny days alike. Start your troll adventure today and unlock endless possibilities in the realm of playful home decor, imaginative toys, and learning tools.

How to Make Pool Noodle Boats

Transform summer fun into an educational experience by upcycling old pool noodles into delightful pool noodle boats! With just a few simple materials like colorful foam sheets, paper straws, and washi tape, you can breathe new life into a basic pool accessory. As you work together with your kids to cut, thread, and assemble the boats, you’ll be nurturing their creativity while ensuring adult supervision is always within reach. The best part? These vibrant watercrafts will accompany your little ones on their pool or bathtub adventures, making every splash even more thrilling. It’s time to set sail for a nautical adventure in your own backyard with these pool noodle boats!

How to Make Pool Noodle Lightsabers

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Unleash the force in your backyard with a DIY pool noodle lightsaber craft project that’s perfect for kids and adults alike. Transform leftover pool noodles into epic single or double-bladed lightsabers using duct tape, black electrical tape, and a small flashlight to create a glowing energy blade. This innovative twist adds an extra layer of excitement to pool parties, sprinkler fun, or backyard adventures. With the option to choose from various lightsaber colors, each with its own unique Star Wars lore, your little Jedi or Sith can engage in safe and playful battles. Get creative and craft your very own lightsaber today!

Shark Craft From Pool Noodles

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Transform any space into an underwater realm with this delightful DIY pool noodle shark craft project. Combining just a few basic supplies such as a blue pool noodle, googly eyes, and white cardboard, you can create a charming shark perfect for Shark Week celebrations, beach-themed parties, or a fun and engaging craft activity. The versatility of this craft lies in its ability to be replicated one or many times – use them as party centerpieces or entertaining toys for kids. Additionally, this budget-friendly project costing approximately $3 and requiring only 15 minutes of your time is an ideal way to spend quality moments with family and friends. As this craft involves the use of a serrated knife and glue gun, adult supervision is necessary to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

How Do You Make a Pool Noodle Garland

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Transform your summer backyard parties into unforgettable celebrations with a creative DIY pool noodle garland. This innovative decoration combines functionality and flair, utilizing inexpensive pool noodles from the local store. By combining a few basic materials like scissors, string, and a sharp knife with your chosen pool noodles, you can craft a vibrant and eye-catching display that embodies the carefree spirit of summer. The process is remarkably straightforward – simply cut the noodles into 1-2 inch thick slices, tie them together, and secure the ends. The end result is a show-stopping garland that can be effortlessly hung from a fence or deck. As you gaze out at your party space, you’ll be thrilled by the bursts of color and the bold statement this simple project makes. With its unique charm and ease of construction, this pool noodle garland is sure to elevate your summer backyard gatherings into unforgettable experiences.

DIY Pool Noodle Lollipop Decorations

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Add a dash of whimsy to your festive decorations with this clever DIY project that turns pool noodles into oversized lollipops. These colorful treats are perfect for Christmas decorations, Halloween costumes, or unique stage props – guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention. To create these charming props, gather some basic materials like two pool noodles, colored duct tape, a tall stick, scissors, a glue gun, and glue sticks. If you want to add an extra touch of glamour, consider wrapping your creations in cellophane for a shiny finish. Whether you’re planning a school play or a special event at home, these pool noodle lollipops are a fun and creative project that will bring a splash of color and entertainment to any occasion. So why not give it a try and make your event unforgettable?

Handmade Dollar Tree Pool Noodle Firecrackers

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Take your pool noodle crafts to the next level by transforming them into eye-catching creations that make a splash at any event. This Fourth of July, get creative with an innovative Dollar Tree pool noodle firecracker DIY project that’s perfect for adding a festive flair to your home decor. By combining regular supplies like pool noodles, Fourth of July table centerpieces, embellishments, a hot glue gun, and wire cutters, you can turn ordinary objects into stunning festive decor. The best part? These firecrackers can be made at various heights for added visual interest, and they can even be secured together and adorned with patriotic ribbons and embellishments for an extra touch of flair. Whether you’re looking to create a show-stopping centerpiece for your outdoor barbecue or add some patriotic pizzazz to your indoor mantel display, this project is cost-effective and easy to make – with three pairs possible from just three pool noodles. And the best part? It’s not just a quick craft – it’s also a conversation starter for your summer cookout, making it the perfect blend of fun and functionality for your Fourth of July celebrations.

How to Make Your Own Pool Noodle Jellyfish

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Transform an ordinary pool noodle into a vibrant jellyfish with this innovative DIY project! By leveraging everyday household items like bubble wrap, pool noodle, plastic lacing, scissors, chopstick, and sharp knife, you’ll unleash your creativity while upcycling leftover pool noodles. This activity is perfect for kids and adults alike, encouraging imaginative play and environmental sustainability. With a few simple steps, you can create a delightful sea creature that’s sure to spark joy and curiosity. So why not give it a try? Gather your supplies and join me on this creative adventure as we breathe new life into an ordinary pool noodle and turn it into an extraordinary jellyfish!

Simple DIY Pool Noodle Flower

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Transform old pool noodles into whimsical plant decorations using a simple and enjoyable DIY crafting activity. This step-by-step guide is ideal for involving kids in creative pursuits while adding a personal touch to your plants. To create these delightful flower picks, you’ll need a few basic materials, including a green pool noodle, a colored flower-shaped pool noodle of your choice, a serrated knife, wooden craft sticks, and a hot glue gun – all of which can be found at your local dollar store. Within minutes, you’ll have charming flower picks crafted by shaping and attaching the noodles to the sticks. Use these vibrant creations to embellish your favorite plants, adding an extra layer of charm to your garden or indoor plant pots. Get creative today and let your imagination flourish with this unique pool noodle project!

Pool Noodle Snowman Wreath Project

Bring a playful touch to your winter decor with a DIY snowman wreath crafted from a humble pool noodle. This budget-friendly project injects personality into your home’s aesthetic, whether hung on the front door or proudly displayed inside. The endearing combination of white yarn wrapping and whimsical accessories like a hat, scarf, and earmuffs beautifully embodies the essence of winter. To recreate this delightful decoration, follow along with these step-by-step instructions, which utilize accessible materials such as the pool noodle, white duct tape, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Invite the magic of the winter season into your home by bringing this snowman wreath to life! With its unique charm and versatility, it’s sure to become a festive focal point in your home.

Homemade Pool Noodle Bumblebee

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Transform an ordinary pool noodle into a charming DIY bumblebee with minimal materials and a dash of creativity! Start by selecting a 3-4 inch segment of yellow pool noodle, then gather craft foam, googly eyes, and some glue. This engaging project is ideal for kids, fostering their imagination and fine motor skills as they assemble the wings, antennae, and facial features. Repurposing an item commonly found in most homes during summer, this eco-friendly craft offers a fun and economical way to celebrate a children’s party or enjoy a leisurely afternoon activity. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be buzzing with excitement to create your own delightful bumblebee! Grab that pool noodle and let the creativity take flight!

How to Make Pool Noodle Caterpillar

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Transform an ordinary pool noodle into an extraordinary caterpillar decoration with a fun and easy DIY project. This creative upcycle is perfect for breathing new life into old materials and sparking imagination in kids. All you need are some basic supplies, including a pool noodle, serrated knife, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, scissors, craft glue or hot glue gun, and wooden craft sticks – all of which can be easily sourced at a dollar store.

To get started, simply cut the pool noodle into segments, then bring your caterpillar to life by crafting its face, attaching antennae made from pipe cleaners, and gluing the segments together. For an added touch, you can attach wooden craft sticks to the back of your caterpillar to position it in a flower pot.

This charming DIY project is not only a budget-friendly activity but also a great way to encourage creativity and add a pop of color to your outdoor space – whether that’s a garden, yard, or even just a windowsill. It’s the perfect way to inspire imagination and make the most of what you already have at home.

Quick DIY Pool Noodle Pom Pom Shooter

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Create a unique and entertaining DIY pool noodle pompom shooter for young ones with this straightforward guide, requiring just a few basic supplies. By combining a pool noodle, duct tape, a party balloon, and scissors, you’ll craft a safe and engaging shooter perfect for tiny tots and preschoolers.

The compact size and smooth texture of this shooter make it an excellent alternative to traditional plastic cup versions, providing a sturdy option for little hands. Unlike marshmallow shooters, this design avoids clogging issues, ensuring uninterrupted fun. Moreover, this project helps develop your child’s hand muscles and gross motor skills as they enthusiastically chase after launched pompoms.

This homemade shooter is an ideal gift or party favor for indoor play at your next celebration, offering endless hours of entertainment.

Cute Turkey Pool Noodle Craft

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Get into the holiday spirit with an engaging DIY project that’s perfect for family bonding – crafting adorable turkeys using pool noodles! With just a few simple materials, including an orange pool noodle, googly eyes, colorful craft feathers, and craft foam, you and your little ones can create these charming birds in under 30 minutes. Once complete, they’ll be sturdy enough to decorate shelves or bookcases, making them the perfect addition to your home’s holiday decor. As a bonus, this activity is an excellent way to help develop younger kids’ scissor skills, color recognition, and fine motor abilities, while older children can enjoy the creative process and exercise their imagination. And if you don’t have a hot glue gun handy, don’t worry – tacky craft glue is a suitable alternative, although it may require a bit more drying time. Follow this step-by-step guide to start making your very own pool noodle turkeys today!

Making Pool Noodle Monsters

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Bring the fun of summer into your home with this creative DIY project that breathes new life into old pool noodles. By combining basic materials like pool noodles, googly eyes, pom poms, bendy straws, pipe cleaners, and ribbon, you can craft a delightful troop of monster friends. With scissors and a hot glue gun at the ready, let your creativity shine by experimenting with different accessories for your monsters. Consider adding buttons, foil, or even paper straws to give them an extra touch of personality. This project not only provides a fun and engaging activity for kids but also fosters a sense of resourcefulness and sustainability, encouraging young minds to think outside the box and find new uses for everyday items.

Cheap DIY Pool Noodle Car Ramp

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Unleash the power of creativity and imagination with these vibrant pool noodle crafts that bring endless fun to both kids and adults. One such project is the DIY pool noodle car ramp, an ingenious idea that transforms everyday items like pool noodles, a serrated knife, masking tape, and toy cars into an exciting racetrack. By cutting a pool noodle in half, you’ll create perfect ramps for an engaging building experience that develops engineering skills and encourages creativity. Take it to the next level by placing the ramps on stairs for added height, taping two together for an extended racecourse, or bending them for thrilling curve-offs. This affordable and easy-to-make activity promises a car-filled afternoon of thrills and spills, turning unused pool noodles into a dynamic playground that will leave you wanting more.

Pool Noodle Planes Stem Activity for Kids

Transform ordinary pool noodles into extraordinary DIY planes that defy gravity with an adventure in creative problem-solving and introductory STEM concepts. This innovative project allows kids to unleash their imagination by designing unique aircraft or following simple instructions, experimenting with different materials and techniques. With affordable materials like a pool noodle, cardboard from a cereal box, craft foam, scissors, hot glue, duct tape, and a few coins for added weight, your little ones will embark on an exciting journey of discovery, learning about aerodynamics, balance, and stability principles while creating a fun toy to enjoy with friends and family. This project is not only an entertaining activity but also an opportunity for kids to develop critical thinking skills, fostering a lifelong passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax Pool Noodle Craft for Kids

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Imagination knows no bounds when it comes to pool noodle crafts! Who would have thought that these humble, lightweight objects could be transformed into a whimsical world of Truffula Trees inspired by Dr. Seuss’s beloved character, the Lorax? With just a few simple supplies like yellow foam, googly eyes, and glue, you can turn ordinary orange pool noodles into an extraordinary mustachioed Lorax that will delight kids and adults alike. Start by cutting a section of the noodle to create the iconic mustache from foam, securing it with glue for a sturdy hold. The final touch? Add some googly eyes to give your Lorax its unmistakable charm. This fun and engaging craft makes for a fantastic addition to any themed party or creative reading incentive in the classroom. So why not take the plunge and dive into this project, bringing Dr. Seuss’s imaginative realm to life with your very own Lorax? It’s a survival strategy that’s sure to inspire creativity and joy!

DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Nunchucks

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Create an unforgettable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed birthday party for your kids by crafting DIY nunchucks that are easy to make, budget-friendly, and incredibly engaging. To get started, gather a few simple supplies like pool noodles, duct tape, foil tape, and scissors, which can be easily sourced from any dollar store. With these materials, you’ll create authentic Ninja Turtle accessories through a fun and straightforward process involving cutting, taping, and twisting the pool noodles. The resulting nunchucks not only provide an exciting play experience but also add to the overall excitement of any TMNT-inspired event. By unleashing your creativity, saving money, and keeping the kids thoroughly engaged, you’ll be sure to make this party a memorable one – all it takes is a dash of enthusiasm!

Easy DIY Pool Noodle Luminaries

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Transform your outdoor space into a whimsical oasis with these enchanting DIY pool noodle luminaries. By repurposing humble pool noodles, you can create vibrant floating candles that add a touch of magic to your backyard gatherings and nighttime swims. With just a few simple materials – LED tea lights, scissors, and pool noodles – you can bring a playful twist to your outdoor decor.

One of the best aspects of these luminaries is their ability to withstand water damage, thanks to the pool noodles keeping the candles safely above the surface. Simply place the tea light in the center of the noodle, and watch as the foam expands to encase the candle, creating a beautiful and unique centerpiece.

These charming pool noodle lights also reflect beautifully on water, making them perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your outdoor gatherings or parties. So why not get creative and bring some playful flair to your summer celebrations? With these luminaries, you’ll be the talk of the party!


When it comes to repurposing pool noodles, the possibilities are endless. With 25 unique ideas that span from spooky Halloween decorations to innovative DIY games like racquetball, there’s a wealth of inspiration waiting to be unleashed for both kids and adults. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, these creative projects offer an accessible and enjoyable way to create eye-catching décor, engaging toys, or even hands-on STEM activities. So why not get creative with pool noodles and see what inventive DIY masterpieces you can come up with? With their versatility and affordability, the only limit is your imagination.

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