25 Easy Diy Harry Potter Crafts For Kids

How to Make Harry Potter XL Clothespins

Elevate your home or office decor with a dash of magic using these delightful Harry Potter XL clothespins! While no prior knowledge of the wizarding world is required to appreciate their charm, these adorably painted pins can be used in various creative ways such as displaying pictures or serving as menu cards for parties. Their whimsical presence on your desk alone is sure to bring a smile to your face. The best part? Crafting them is an effortless endeavor that only requires a few basic supplies, making it accessible to anyone looking to add a touch of personality to their space. Whether you keep them for yourself or gift them to fellow fans, these enchanting Harry Potter XL clothespins are sure to spread joy and whimsy wherever they’re placed.

DIY Harry Potter Magic Pillowcase

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Transform your bedroom into a wizarding wonderland with this enchanting DIY project. With only a few simple materials – fabric, a Harry Potter-inspired glasses pattern, gold thread, and fusible interfacing – you can conjure up a one-of-a-kind pillowcase that seems plucked straight from the halls of Hogwarts. Despite being perfect for beginners, the process is surprisingly swift, leaving you feeling like a master wizard with a spellbinding result.

Making a Harry Potter Snitch Cake

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Transform your Harry Potter gathering into a memorable experience by crafting an extraordinary centerpiece – a show-stopping Snitch Cake! This step-by-step guide will lead you through the process of creating a whimsical treat that’s sure to delight. To get started, gather these essential components: 2 half-ball pancakes, 1 filler cake or cheesecake, a ganache recipe, fondant, a fondant extruder, fondant mat and rolling pin, 18 gauged covered wires, shortening, and wafer paper. Take it to the next level by adding a touch of luxury with gold dust and food-grade alcohol. Your guests will be talking about this spectacular Snitch Cake for years to come!

Painted Rocks Harry Potter Craft

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Step into the enchanting world of Harry Potter and craft your own magical escape with DIY projects inspired by beloved characters, settings, and symbols. Transport yourself to a wizarding realm by transforming ordinary rocks into extraordinary creations. Simply gather flat, washed, dried rocks, basic craft paint colors such as white, black, gold, and silver, and adhesive vinyl in black and white. To add the perfect finishing touch, utilize transfer paper to bring your design to life. As an added bonus, grab the free SVG cut files featuring iconic Harry Potter spells, allowing you to take your creations to the next level. Finally, seal it all with either spray or Mod Podge for a durable, long-lasting finish. Your little wizards-in-training will delight in crafting these easy-painted rock masterpieces, showcasing their inner magic and creativity.

How to Make a Harry Potter Throw Pillow

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Transform your living space into a wizarding world by creating a DIY Harry Potter throw pillow that’s perfect for beginners. To make this enchanting project, you’ll need just a few simple materials: a 14-inch luxury pillow from Fairfield World, Kunin felt in black, red, yellow, cashmere tan, and brown; a sewing machine; thread; and black embroidery floss. The best part? This soft and snuggly pillow is made of siliconized micro denier gel fiber, giving it a plush feel reminiscent of down. Get cozy with this magical Harry Potter throw pillow that’s sure to cast a spell on your home.

Adorable DIY Monster Book of Monsters Book Cover

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Transform your Harry Potter movie night or party into an unforgetting experience by crafting a one-of-a-kind DIY monster book cover. With just a few simple supplies like a hardcover sketchbook, craft felt in various colors (red, pale yellow/off-white, and brown), large wiggle eyes, and a glue gun, you’ll be well on your way to creating a unique masterpiece. To take it to the next level, you’ll also need access to a computer, printer, and the free downloadable monster book patterns available online. Once printed, simply attach the design to your sketchbook using the glue gun, and voila! You’ve got a truly personalized party activity that will leave everyone in awe.

Simple Harry Potter Bookmarks Craft

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Create enchanting Harry Potter bookmarks using just four strips of paper, a little glue, and house badges. This easy DIY project makes for the perfect gift for any magical fan. With only a few simple steps, you can craft beautiful house bookmarks that showcase your Hogwarts pride. Using minimal supplies, you’ll have an elegant bookmark that will surely impress fellow Muggles and wizards alike. Get creative with this project and express your love of all things wizardly.

Homemade Harry Potter Wands

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Transform your crafting skills into pure magic with this DIY Harry Potter wand project. Start by gathering materials, including bamboo cooking chopsticks, a variety of brown acrylic paints, foam brushes for painting, a hot glue gun and glue sticks to assemble the wand, and glossy spray sealant to give it a radiant finish. With these simple yet effective tools, you’ll be able to craft an extraordinary Harry Potter-inspired wand that will leave everyone in awe of your creative wizardry.

Harry Potter Paper Bows With Free Printable

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Transform your little witches and wizards into Harry Potter enthusiasts by crafting enchanting projects like miniature Hogwarts castles, bewitchingly beautiful paintings, and thrilling treasure hunts. Want to add a dash of magic to your party? Try these free printable DIY paper bows that are sure to sort you in no time! With just one sheet of sturdy paper, some glue, and a printer, you can create bows that can be worn as costume accessories, used as decorations, or even adorn gift-wrapped treasures. Unleash your creativity and infuse your party with the whimsy it deserves by crafting these easy-to-make DIY paper bows today!

DIY Harry Potter Sorting Hat Candles

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Transform the world of your favorite Harry Potter fan with a unique DIY gift: Sorting Hat Candles! This easy-to-create craft lets you uncover which Hogwarts house you truly belong to. Gather the necessary materials, including heat-resistant glass jars, candle wicks and holders, soy wax flakes, colorants in red, dark blue, green, and yellow, fragrance oil, and a silicone mold. Don’t forget sorting hat labels to complete this enchanting project! With these supplies, you’ll be able to craft magical candles that reveal an exciting surprise when lit. Start creating something special today by getting your supplies now and unlocking the magic of Hogwarts!

Handmade Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters

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Unleash your creativity and conjure up some spellbinding handmade gifts or party favors inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter. Within our bewitching collection, you’ll discover a treasure trove of crafts that will transport you to Hogwarts. With just a few simple materials like faux fur, Sargent art tacky glue, mini composition books, 30mm googly eyes, and white felt, you can bring the magic into your own home. Follow our easy-to-follow tutorial and unleash your inner wizard by customizing your creations. The possibilities are endless!

Adorable DIY Harry Potter Mandrake Roots

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Transform your home into a wizarding world with these enchanting DIY mandrake roots. Using Sculpey natural multi-pack polymer clay, you can create your very own grumpy little potted plants reminiscent of the magical film’s iconic mandrakes. This versatile pack contains an array of colors allowing you to not only recreate this whimsical craft but also explore other creative projects. Whether a devoted Harry Potter fan or simply a lover of all things artsy, crafting these DIY mandrake roots is sure to infuse your life with a touch of magic and charm.

Paper Roll Harry Potter Craft for Kids

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Transform a regular paper roll into a magical Harry Potter-inspired craft that will captivate your kids’ imagination. This simple and quick activity requires minimal time and budget, making it an excellent solution to combat boredom. All you need is the paper roll, colored craft papers in black, yellow, beige, and brown (perfect for creating Harry’s iconic look), and a free printable template. With just 15 minutes of effort, you’ll have a unique toy that will help your little ones develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills while having fun. This DIY project is an excellent way to spend quality time with your kids, fostering creativity and imagination.

Harry Potter Onesie With Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Transform a onesie into a magical Harry Potter costume using heat transfer vinyl. This project may seem intimidating at first, but with the step-by-step tutorial, you’ll be done in just 15-20 minutes. To get started, gather the following supplies: a 0-3 month cotton onesie, black and cardinal heat transfer vinyl (HTV), a Silhouette Portrait Cutter machine, Silhouette Hook Tool, an SVG or DXF design file for your cutting software, iron, ironing board, and a piece of cotton fabric. With these materials, you’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone in your life.

Screen Printed Harry Potter Quilt

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Unleash your inner wizard with this enchanting Harry Potter-themed quilt tutorial! By following our step-by-step guide, you’ll transform vintage sheets and quilting cotton into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Start by creating a base of white quilting cotton using screen printing techniques, then customize it with fabric pieces from your favorite vintage sheets or other fabrics. Add layers of batting between the squares, secure them with binding, and embellish with embroidery and machine thread for added texture. To bring the magic to life, use fabric paint to add intricate details. Best part? This project is perfect for beginners, making it an affordable and achievable endeavor that will yield a truly unique creation.

His and Hers Harry Potter Mugs

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Unleash the magic of Harry Potter at home with a range of creative activities and crafts, perfect for kids to get stuck into. From making magical bookmarks and creature masks to crafting their own wands, there’s something for every young wizard to enjoy.

But why stop there? Take your love for the series to the next level by creating custom His & Hers Harry Potter mugs using a Silhouette Cameo. With just a few simple supplies, you can transform blank coffee mugs into one-of-a-kind masterpieces featuring beloved characters from the movies. Simply choose and cut out adhesive vinyl decals, apply transfer tape, then press them onto your mugs – it’s a process that’s almost as easy as waving a wand!

How To Make a Harry Potter Sorting Hat

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Unleash the magic of Harry Potter in the real world with enchanting crafts that will transport you back to Hogwarts. From decorative house flags to DIY wands, these creative endeavors are sure to delight fans of all ages.

Take your crafting skills to new heights by transforming a humble paper mâché hat into the iconic Sorting Hat from Harry Potter’s wizarding world. With just a few simple supplies like newspaper, hot glue, modeling paste, and paint, you’ll be well on your way to creating a one-of-a-kind DIY masterpiece.

Follow our easy-to-follow instructions and bring your creation to life, perfect for adding a touch of magic to your next Harry Potter-themed party or simply showcasing your handiwork. Whether it’s for fun or decoration, don’t miss this opportunity to channel your inner wizard and make your own Sorting Hat!

DIY Harry Potter Potion Bottles

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Transport your guests to the magical realm of Hogwarts with these bewitching potion bottles that are surprisingly easy to create. Simply gather craft bottles, mod podge, twine, a hole punch, and free printable Harry Potter potion labels. Fill each bottle with water and a few drops of food coloring, then secure the label using twine through a punched-out hole. This enchanting activity allows your guests to showcase their potions or present them as party favors – an unforgettable experience for any wizarding world enthusiast!

Make a Harry Potter Wall Art

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Transform any room into a whimsical haven with this enchanting Harry Potter-themed wall art DIY project. Combining the versatility of canvas, the structure of wood dowels, and the creativity of craft paint and stencils, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a masterpiece worthy of Hogwarts’ grand halls. To complete the look, add some twine for hanging and let your imagination run wild! Feel free to customize the colors or incorporate meaningful quotes that reflect your personality – just like the unique characteristics that define each Hogwarts house. So why not channel your inner Dumbledore and create a piece of art that will transport you back to the magical world of Harry Potter? Get inspired, get creative, and bring a touch of magic into your home today!

DIY Harry Potter Always Graphic Tee

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Revel in the magic of Harry Potter by showcasing your love for the Boy Who Lived with this ‘always’ graphic tee. To bring this design to life or create any other, simply fire up Silhouette Studio and download the file provided for this shirt. A crucial tip: reverse the image before cutting on a TV for a flawless finish that’s sure to turn heads! Share your enthusiasm for your favorite wizard with friends and family by wearing this stylish tee, crafted from premium fabric specifically designed for Harry Potter enthusiasts. Treat yourself to one today and let your magical persona shine!

Cute Harry Potter Flower Pot

Bring the magic of Harry Potter to life with kid-friendly crafts that’ll transport little witches and wizards to Hogwarts. From DIY spellbooks to enchanting potions and Quidditch-inspired games, there’s something for every young wizard.

Looking for a whimsical way to showcase your love for Harry Potter and gardening? Create your own one-of-a-kind flower pot, tailored to your personal style. Simply grab a vessel, acrylic paint, and let your creativity run wild. You can design the Hogwarts crest, a beloved character, or an entirely new creation that reflects your unique flair.

Your handmade Harry Potter flower pot will be a charming conversation starter and an adorable addition to any garden or plant collection. So pick up those brushes and get ready to unleash your inner artist!

Make Your Own Harry Potter Wands

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Step into the captivating realm of Harry Potter-themed activities, where magic comes alive. Immerse yourself in Quidditch tournaments, spell-casting workshops, and interactive scavenger hunts that transport you to a world of wizards. And, get ready to unleash your inner wizard with our DIY wand-making project! This enchanting activity is perfect for all ages, as you craft your own light-up wand using a simple yet mesmerizing process. With just a few materials – including dowel or twig, styrofoam, hot glue gun and glue sticks, small piece of cardboard or foam core, 3 volt 1.8mm LED bulbs, holders with switch, and hook-up wire – you’ll be conjuring up spells in no time. So, let your creativity shine, unleash your inner wizard, and get crafting!

Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Ring

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For any Harry Potter enthusiast, this iconic lightning bolt ring is a must-have addition to their collection. With simple jewelry-making tools like round-nose pliers, regular pliers, and scissors or plier cutters, you can effortlessly craft this stylish accessory in no time. Whether worn as a statement piece or given as a thoughtful gift to fellow Potterheads, this ring is sure to spark conversations and showcase your passion for the magical world.

DIY Harry Potter Mandrake

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Transform into a magical Harry Potter enthusiast by crafting your own adorable Mandrake with this straightforward DIY project. All you need is a baby doll, a flower pot, brown Rustoleum paint, a knife, fake leaves (both loose and attached to stems), and some soil. In just a few simple steps, you’ll bring the wizarding world of Harry Potter to life, perfect for showcasing in your home or gifting to fellow fans. Get creative today and bewitch anyone with your unique Mandrake masterpiece!

Harry Potter Shirt With Free SVG File

Step into the enchanting world of Harry Potter with our array of activities that bring the magic to life. From thrilling wand dueling matches to character-inspired cooking lessons and Hogwarts-imbued DIY crafts, there’s something for every Potter enthusiast. To take your crafting experience to the next level, download our free Hermione Granger quote SVG file, perfect for creating a personalized gift using a Cricut maker, iron-on, Easy Press, and blank t-shirt. As you work with the design, let the wise words of wisdom guide you in crafting something truly special that will be cherished long after completion.


As you conclude your exploration of Harry Potter crafts, remember that the possibilities are truly endless. From DIY magic pillowcases to painted rocks, homemade wands, and themed decorations for parties, the wizarding world offers a treasure trove of creative ideas for bonding and having fun with family and friends. Both kids and adults can indulge in easy and imaginative projects, creating unique and memorable experiences that showcase their love for the series. With your wand at the ready, get set to embark on a magical adventure through the realm of Harry Potter crafts! The journey is sure to delight and inspire, offering a chance to tap into your inner wizard.

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