35 Fun Bird Crafts For Kids, Preschoolers And Toddlers

Easy Bird Crafts for Kids, Preschoolers and Toddlers

While creating bird-themed crafts with kids can be a blast, it’s also amazing to see how they can be thrilled by the simplest of things. This excitement is contagious, and you might find yourself having just as much fun as they do! The 35 easy bird crafts featured in this collection are designed for toddlers and preschoolers, but older kids can enjoy making them too. Plus, many of these projects can be used to create adorable room decor items.What’s great about these bird crafts is that you likely already have the necessary supplies at home. From paper plates and tissue rolls to colorful feathers, paints, and craft sticks, you’re probably just a few minutes away from getting started. You’ll also discover some surprising uses for everyday items like pom poms, beads, threads, and wooden sticks.One of the highlights of this collection is the ability to create 3D effects with yarn sparrows. And who would have thought that sticky notes could be used to make such cute little birds? As winter approaches, don’t throw away those empty citrus containers just yet – you can turn them into adorable bird decorations instead! So why not dive in and explore these fun bird crafts with your kids? The results are sure to be delightful!

Easy and Fun DIY Paper Bird

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As summer arrives, it’s the perfect opportunity to engage children in creative activities that foster learning and development. One such activity is DIY Papercrafting, which allows kids to explore their artistic side while acquiring new skills. A great example of this is creating paper birds. This project not only provides an outlet for creativity but also helps youngsters develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and attention span.

DIY Paper Plate Bird

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While it’s true that every child has a creative streak, providing them with art supplies can unlock an incredible range of artistic expression. Take, for instance, this charming bird crafted from a humble paper plate. By breaking down the process into manageable steps and utilizing basic materials, you can empower kids to unleash their inner artist and create something truly unique. With minimal guidance, they’ll learn to think outside the box and explore the world of art in a fun and interactive way.

Easy Baby Blue Bird With Template

Children’s creativity knows no bounds, and one way to unleash it is through simple yet endearing art projects. From art classes to home activities, kids adore making their own masterpieces. The paper blue baby bird craft is a perfect example of this, as it allows them to express themselves and create something truly special.

Make Painted Rocks Bird Craft for Kids

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What’s not to love about a little decorative flair? A simple yet charming painted stone in the shape of a baby bird can bring joy to any space. Consider placing it in your child’s bedroom, surrounded by their favorite toys or books, or outdoors amidst the beauty of nature – perhaps near some vibrant flowers, by a serene poolside area, or even nestled among lush greenery. All you need is a basic toolkit and a dash of creativity to bring this delightful decor piece to life.

DIY Cardboard Roll Bird

In addition to formal education, children can acquire valuable life skills at home through creative activities like crafting. For instance, making a DIY bird using rolled cardboard paper is an engaging way for kids to develop their artistic abilities. This simple project not only enhances their fine motor skills but also fosters creativity and imagination.

DIY Craft Stick Bird Puppets

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Children often develop a fascination for collecting small items, such as buttons, coins, and bottle caps, which can be useful in various creative endeavors. For instance, these small treasures come in handy when crafting unique art projects, like creating a DIY Bird puppet face. This process requires imagination and creativity, making it an engaging activity for kids to participate in.

Make Whirly Twirly Flying Birds

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Unleashing creativity is a fundamental aspect of artistic expression, and what better way to nurture it than through hands-on activities with your kids? The DIY Whirly Twirly flying bird made using a gas balloon is an excellent project that can help bring out their inner artist. By incorporating a feather element, you can give the final product a touch of realism, allowing them to learn and appreciate the process of bringing an idea to life.

Create Peacock Using Popsicle Sticks

The majestic peacock’s stunning display of colorful feathers is a wonder to behold. Similarly, with the right guidance, you and your little ones can craft your own beautiful bird-inspired creations using simple DIY techniques. This tutorial serves as a starting point for unleashing your creativity and nurturing your child’s artistic side. By following these easy steps, you’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind peacock feather masterpiece that will surely delight and inspire your kids.

DIY Owl Inspired Bird Feeder

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Transforming an ordinary milk carton into an extraordinary bird feeder, inspired by the majestic features of owls, is a creative endeavor worth exploring. With its oversized eyes and feathered details, this upcycled craft not only provides a unique feeding solution for your backyard birds but also adds a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space. Whether you choose to hang it from your patio wall or place it on your balcony, this one-of-a-kind bird feeder is sure to delight both birds and humans alike, as they gather to dine throughout the day.

How to Make Toilet Roll Baby Bird

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Children’s creativity often shines through in the simplest of crafts. A discarded tissue paper roll can be transformed into a delightful DIY baby bird. By attaching a feather to its ‘head’, kids can bring this humble material to life, creating a charming and unique piece that celebrates their imagination and resourcefulness.

Bird and Nest Craft for Preschoolers

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While adults may find joy in watching birds soar through the sky or listening to their melodic chirps in the morning, children have a unique perspective on these feathered friends. For them, observing birds can be a fun and educational experience that sets the tone for the day ahead. One way to encourage this sense of wonder is by engaging in DIY projects like bird and nest crafts. Not only do such activities foster creativity and problem-solving skills, but they also provide an opportunity for kids to learn about these fascinating creatures before heading off to school.

Easy Feathered Bird for Kids

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From the majestic to the minute, birds exhibit an incredible array of sizes, shapes, and hues. While some species boast vibrant plumage, others feature impressive feathered majesty. This engaging DIY bird craft tutorial is a perfect project for kids to unleash their creativity during downtime.

Spring Baby Bird Craft

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As the last wisps of winter dissipate, spring bursts forth in all its glory. It’s a season of rebirth and renewal, when the sweet songs of birds fill the air and trees regain their vibrancy. Amidst this picturesque backdrop, it’s the perfect time for children to nurture their creativity by crafting their own DIY Spring baby bird creations.

Cute Toilet Paper Tube Bird Craft

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For mothers who delight in repurposing everyday items, this creative endeavor is sure to resonate. By transforming toilet paper tubes into charming birds with the help of some sewing essentials, you’ll not only be introducing your children to the world of crafting but also teaching them about creativity and resourcefulness. So, gather the necessary supplies and get ready to unleash your inner crafty mom as you bring this delightful DIY project to life!

Quick DIY Craft Stick Bird

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Transforming Popsicle sticks into a creative masterpiece is a delightful experience! When linked together, these humble sticks form an ideal foundation for a unique DIY craft – the stick bird. Assembling the base requires nothing more than glue and a bit of patience. Once set, you can add a pop of color to your creation by bending pipe cleaners into vibrant wings, bringing your stick bird to life.

How to Make Origami Paper Bird

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Recalling fond memories of art classes can be as easy as creating a paper origami bird. While these birds may seem challenging, they’re actually quite accessible, especially with the right supplies. By adding some simple winged elements to its sides, kids can create their own perfect paper origami bird, bringing back nostalgic moments from art class.

Pom Pom Bird Craft

Wanting to give your child’s bedroom a fresh makeover? Look no further! With this easy DIY Pom Pom bird craft tutorial, you can bring a touch of whimsy and wonder into their space. Take it up a notch by incorporating rustic decor elements, such as hanging these charming pompom birds from a wooden branch or even a reclaimed pallet. The result is a unique and captivating display that will add a personal touch to your child’s room.

DIY Sticky Notes Decorated Birds

When it comes to remembering important tasks, sticky notes are a trusty sidekick. But why stop there? With a little creativity, they can also be transformed into adorable DIY projects that will delight both you and your kids. For instance, have you ever tried creating a charming bird using nothing but sticky notes? This tutorial is sure to captivate and inspire you to create the most delightful birds for your little ones.

DIY Curled Paper Birds

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With a little creativity, paper art and craft can be an endless source of fun for kids. One example is creating a beautiful paper bird with a curled shape, which requires minimal effort but yields amazing results. To make one, simply follow this easy-to-follow guide and add your personal touch to bring out the magic in your creation.

Cute DIY Yarn Bird

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The notion that crochet-making is exclusively a winter activity may be an oversimplification. In reality, this creative pursuit can be enjoyed year-round. One such example is the DIY Cute Yarn Bird project, which requires only a few basic sewing essentials and some lovely yarn fabric. With its ease of execution, this project is perfect for crafters of all skill levels to try their hand at.

How to Create Paper Plate Love Birds

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When planning a picnic, paper plates are often an afterthought – but they can also be a creative canvas! With a little imagination and some basic crafting skills, you can transform plain plates into adorable love birds. Simply paint the plates with vibrant watercolors to add a pop of color and personality. This DIY project is perfect for kids who love arts and crafts, as it encourages creativity and self-expression.

DIY Birds Using Popsicle Sticks

When working on DIY bird crafts with kids, having the right materials can make all the difference. One versatile tool that’s often overlooked is the humble Popsicle stick. Not only are they easy to come by, but they’re also perfect for crafting with youngsters who love to get creative. In fact, you can use them to create a fun and feathery bird craft by attaching them together with some additional embellishments. Simply add a few feathers to create the illusion of wings or a headpiece, and you’ll have a charming little bird that’s sure to delight both kids and adults alike.

Easy DIY Paper Plate Bird

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Many modern schools assign various art projects to students as part of their homework assignments. One such engaging activity is crafting a DIY paper plate bird. This project requires minimal effort and has the added benefit of being budget-friendly. By devoting just a small amount of time, parents can help their kids develop their creative skills and bring home a unique piece of artwork.

Make Your Own Citrus Birds

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Citrus fruits offer a unique charm that transcends their taste and nutritional value. Among them, one orange-ishly hued fruit stands out as a versatile canvas for creative expression. Not only is it a crowd-pleaser, but its versatility also makes it an ideal material for crafting innovative projects with kids. For instance, the DIY Citrus Bird project exemplifies this potential, showcasing the limitless possibilities that arise when combining art and nature.

DIY Blue Bird With Cupcake Liner Nests

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Within each person lies an inherent talent for crafting, waiting to be unlocked. With this deceptively simple blue paper bird craft, you can create a stunning DIY masterpiece all by yourself. For added charm, incorporate cupcake liners into the design to evoke the cozy atmosphere of a bird’s nest. The end result will be a unique and captivating piece that showcases your artistic potential.

Simple DIY Spring Bird for Kids

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As the last wisps of winter’s chill dissipate, the sweet melodies of various bird species fill the air, rejoicing in the arrival of spring. To help little ones join in the celebration, why not create some delightful spring-inspired bird crafts that will allow them to welcome the season with their own unique flair?

DIY Cupcake Wrapper Birds Craft for Kids

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Transform plain cupcakes into adorable birds with a creative twist! Using colorful cupcake wrappers with pre-existing wavy structures, you can effortlessly turn them into cute bird-shaped treats for your kids. To take it to the next level, add some fluffy feathers on the sides of the wrapper, giving the impression that these cupcakes have taken flight.

Paper Plate Bird Using Torn Crepe Paper

As young children love to express their creativity through art, this delightful DIY bird craft is sure to captivate their imagination. The process of tearing crepe paper into strips and carefully arranging them around the edges of a paper plate to create a feathered effect not only develops their fine motor skills but also fosters an appreciation for the intricacies involved in bringing a creation to life. This engaging activity makes it an ideal project for preschoolers to explore, learn, and have fun with.

How to Make Paper Rosette Birds

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Creating paper rosette birds is an entertaining activity that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. This craft project is particularly well-suited to the spring season, as it allows children to express their creativity and connect with nature. While this project may require a bit of patience and skill, the end result is well worth the effort. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to create beautiful paper rosette birds with your kids in no time.

Cute Baby Bird Craft for Kids

In the world of childhood creativity, little ones often delight in crafting small yet charming artworks, captivated by intricate textures and patterns. One such delightful project is the DIY Cute Baby Birds kids craft idea, which allows youngsters to bring their imagination to life with minimal art supplies. By following this simple and fun activity, children can create adorable baby birds that are sure to charm, and in the process, develop their fine motor skills and creativity.

Adorable DIY Whimsical Birds

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Imagine strolling outside on a crisp winter morning, surrounded by the sweet songs of birds busily building their cozy nests to weather the chilly seasons ahead. The whimsy of this DIY bird craft for kids is especially delightful, as it cleverly captures the essence of winter’s arrival. With its rustic charm and wintry vibes, this project is sure to delight both children and adults alike.

How to Make Paper Songbirds

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As the morning sun rises, the melodic chirping of birds is a soothing soundtrack that sets the tone for a relaxing day. You can recreate this serene atmosphere for your little ones by crafting DIY Paper singing birds together. This tutorial requires just a few basic supplies and an art paper, making it an ideal activity to bond with your kids.

DIY Eccentric Paper Cup Birds

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Indulge in the simplicity of crafting a stunning paper bird cup, perfect for holding your pens and stationery essentials on your workspace. With just a few easy steps, you can create this delightful pen holder that adds a touch of whimsy to your day-to-day routine.

DIY Shape Bird – Educational Craft

When it comes to art, creativity knows no bounds. While adults may have developed their artistic style over time, children’s creative minds are still in full bloom. For young ones, the process of creating is just as important as the final product. With that in mind, this DIY bird craft project is designed specifically for preschoolers to explore and express themselves through art.

Paper Plate Birdhouse Craft for Kids

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For children, creating art is an excellent way to express themselves and interpret the world around them. The end result is often a delightful and meaningful piece that reflects their imagination and creativity. Take, for example, a typical paper plate craft project. When done correctly, it can be transformed into a charming and symbolic representation of something like a birdhouse with a bird flying through it, showcasing the child’s ability to think creatively and associate meaning with their artwork.


As you embark on these delightful DIY projects, not only will you cultivate a sense of accomplishment and creativity, but you’ll also have the unique opportunity to bond with your children over a fun and engaging experience. Together, you can craft stunning decorations for birthdays or spring-themed celebrations, such as an angry birds theme, and discover the joy of making something with your own hands.

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