20 Free Dog Bed Patterns (Easy Sewing Pattern)

Why Create a DIY Dog Bed for Your Furry Friend?

Creating a DIY dog bed is an engaging project that demonstrates your affection and dedication to your furry friend. Beyond the emotional value, this hands-on endeavor offers numerous advantages compared to buying one from the market. Here’s why making a dog bed at home is a worthwhile endeavor:

For instance, a homemade dog bed allows you to tailor it to your pet’s unique preferences and needs. You can choose the materials, shape, and size that best suit their comfort and relaxation. This personalized approach ensures your canine companion has a cozy retreat tailored just for them.

Personalized Comfort for Your Dog

When it comes to creating a DIY dog bed, you’re uniquely qualified to understand your dog’s habits and size. This allows for a tailored fit that perfectly accommodates their preferred sleeping style, whether they like to stretch out or curl up comfortably. For dogs with special needs, such as those dealing with arthritis, you can thoughtfully select materials that provide extra support and comfort, catering to their specific requirements.

Cost-Effective Solution

One way to make a high-quality dog bed more affordable is to create one yourself using materials you may already have at home. This not only saves you money but also provides an opportunity for creative upcycling. Old pillows, blankets, or furniture padding that might otherwise be discarded can be repurposed into a cozy and comfortable dog bed that your furry friend will love.

Stylish Home Decor

By designing a homemade dog bed that matches your home’s aesthetics, you can create a cohesive look that extends throughout your living space. Instead of settling for generic store-bought designs, opt for a unique creation that not only reflects your personal style but also your furry friend’s personality. This approach allows you to add a touch of individuality to your decor while providing a comfortable and inviting space for your dog to rest.

Easy Maintenance

When designing a dog bed, it’s essential to consider the practicalities of maintenance. To keep the bed clean and fresh, opt for materials that are easy to wipe down or machine wash. This not only maintains hygiene but also eliminates unpleasant odors. Additionally, incorporating removable covers allows you to simply swap out the cover when it becomes soiled, rather than having to purchase an entirely new bed. This design feature offers a cost-effective solution and ensures your dog’s bedding remains in top condition.

Bonding Experience

Creating a cozy bed for your furry friend is an excellent way to foster a deeper connection with them, while simultaneously bringing the family closer together. By making it a collaborative effort, every member of the household can participate in showing love and care for the family pet.

Eco-Friendly Choice

By adopting sustainable practices, such as selecting eco-friendly materials or repurposing existing ones, you can significantly reduce waste and conserve resources for future generations. This environmentally conscious approach also extends to choosing natural fabrics that are safe for your pet and free from harmful chemicals often found in mass-produced products. When it comes to sewing a dog bed yourself, the journey is not just about creating a cozy resting place for your furry friend, but also about crafting a sanctuary that meets their specific needs and reflects the love and care you have for them. With the 20 free dog bed patterns provided, you’ll have the resources and guidance needed to embark on this meaningful DIY adventure.

Beginner’s Guide to Make a Dog Bed

To create a haven for your canine companion, embark on a simple DIY journey to craft a cozy dog bed that’s tailored to the needs of smaller breeds like dachshunds. The process begins with a series of straightforward steps that require minimal materials and expertise.

Materials Needed:

To create a plush and comfortable pillow, one starts by selecting a soft and luxurious minky fabric. This gentle material provides an inviting texture that will make it difficult for anyone to resist giving in to its cozy allure. But a pillow is more than just its outer layer – a sturdy pillow insert is also essential for maintaining the pillow’s shape and providing adequate support for the head and neck. Finally, having some basic sewing supplies on hand, such as thread, needles, and scissors, will enable you to bring your project together with ease, ensuring that every stitch is precise and every seam is secure.


As you embark on creating a custom dog bed, begin by measuring and cutting the minky fabric to fit snugly around your pillow insert, leaving a few inches of extra material for seam allowance. This will ensure a secure and comfortable fit for your pet.Next, place the fabric pieces right sides together and sew along the edges, carefully leaving an opening through which you can insert the pillow. If you prefer a quicker process, utilize a sewing machine; alternatively, hand-sew the seams for a more personal touch.Once the bed is complete, turn it right side out and carefully insert the pillow into its new cover. To finish the project, sew the opening shut using either your sewing machine or a needle and thread.Finally, add any additional embellishments you like – buttons, embroidery, or other creative flourishes that reflect your pet’s unique personality. Remember, the true essence of a DIY project lies in the love and effort invested, not perfection. By embracing the process and putting your own spin on things, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind haven for your furry friend to snooze and relax.

Customizable Dog Bed for Every Pup’s Needs

When it comes to our furry family members, we all want to ensure they’re as comfortable and happy as possible. A dog bed is more than just a place to sleep – it’s a sanctuary where they can unwind and feel secure. With these simple yet versatile DIY patterns, you can create a customized dog bed that caters specifically to your pup’s preferences and requirements.To start, choose the right material for your dog. If they’re burrowers who love to nest, opt for soft materials like plush fleece or Minky fabric. For dogs that tend to chew, select durable materials like heavy-duty canvas or denim. And for older dogs, consider orthopedic foam for extra support and comfort.Before you begin your DIY project, it’s essential to measure your dog to ensure the bed is the right size. Observe and measure them when they’re lying down in their favorite sleeping position, then add a few inches for extra wiggle room. If you have a puppy, remember they’ll grow, so plan accordingly or consider an adjustable design.To make it even more personalized, choose a color scheme that matches your home decor or your dog’s personality. Add their name with fabric paint or iron-on letters to give the bed a special touch. You can also sew a small pouch or pocket on the side of the bed to keep their favorite toys and treats close by.When it comes to care and maintenance, consider making a bed with a removable cover for easy washing. A waterproof lining between the cover and the filling will protect the bed’s integrity if your dog has accidents. Finally, regularly fluff the bed to keep it comfortable and maintain its shape.In conclusion, making a custom dog bed for your beloved pet doesn’t have to be complicated. With these free sewing patterns and a touch of creativity, you can create a bed that suits your dog’s individual needs and enhances their comfort.

FAQs About DIY Dog Bed Patterns

Uncover the most common inquiries regarding DIY dog bed patterns and get the clarification you require to craft a snug haven tailored specifically to your beloved pet’s needs.

What materials do I need to make a DIY dog bed?

To create a personalized dog bed at home, gather the following essentials: Fabric – choose from versatile options like fleece, faux fur, or canvas. For added comfort and support, you’ll need Stuffing materials such as foam, batting, or even repurposed pillows. Don’t forget Sewing supplies – scissors, thread, and a sewing machine will come in handy. A pattern or dimensions for cutting the fabric to the desired shape is also crucial. While not necessary, consider adding some flair with optional items like zippers, buttons, or decorative trims.

Can I make a dog bed without a sewing machine?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to create a dog bed without sewing, there are several no-sew options available. One popular approach involves using fabric scraps and a few simple folds to secure them around a cushion or foam insert. This method requires just two basic tools: your chosen fabric and a pair of scissors. The lack of sewing involved makes it an ideal solution for those who don’t have the time, skill, or inclination to get out their needles and threads.

How do I choose the right fabric for my dog’s bed?

When selecting a fabric for your dog’s bedding, prioritize durability, washability, and comfort. Options like fleece offer softness and warmth, while canvas provides sturdiness. For an added touch of coziness, consider faux fur. To ensure the best results, always prewash fabrics before use to prevent shrinkage once the bed is complete.

How can I ensure the dog bed I make is easy to clean?

When designing your outdoor furniture, consider incorporating removable covers with zippers or ties to simplify the process of washing them. This feature allows for easy removal and thorough cleaning. Additionally, opting for machine-washable fabrics can further reduce maintenance efforts. By combining these two features, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space with minimal hassle.

What size should I make my dog bed?

When selecting a bed for your furry friend, start by measuring your dog from nose to tail while they’re in a peaceful slumber. Consider adding a few inches to ensure the bed is spacious enough for your dog to stretch out comfortably. Alternatively, you can base your decision on the size of your dog’s crate if it will be used indoors. This approach ensures the bed is proportionate to their sleeping space and provides ample room for them to curl up or sprawl out.

Is it possible to make an orthopedic dog bed at home?

When it comes to choosing a bed for your canine companion, consider using memory foam as the foundation to offer enhanced support. This is particularly beneficial for older dogs or those with joint issues, as it can help alleviate any discomfort or pain they may experience.

How can I make a dog bed more attractive and match my home decor?

Transform your bed into a statement piece by selecting fabrics that harmonize with your interior design style. To further personalize it, incorporate decorative elements like trims, buttons, or opt for a unique shape that reflects your distinctive taste.

Are there any dog bed designs suitable for small dogs or cats?

For many small pet owners, finding the perfect bed can be a challenge. One key consideration is the design of the bed itself. Smaller pets often thrive in environments with high sides or burrow-like features, which provide them with a sense of security and comfort. By incorporating these elements into the bed’s design, you can create a cozy retreat that your small dog or cat will love. To accommodate different sizes of pets, the materials used and the dimensions of the bed can be adjusted accordingly.

Can I add a waterproof layer to the dog bed?

To safeguard your furniture’s filling from unforeseen mishaps, you can create a water-repellent lining utilizing materials such as waterproof canvas or nylon. This added layer of protection will shield the stuffing from accidental splashes and spills, ensuring your piece remains intact and functional.

Where can I find patterns for DIY dog beds?

At DIYCraftsy, we’re proud to provide a wealth of free resources for crafty pet lovers, including downloadable patterns and step-by-step guidance to help you create customized designs tailored to your furry friend’s unique measurements.

Free Dog Bed Patterns

Create a haven for your furry companion by learning to craft 20 simple, complimentary, and entirely free dog bed patterns that you can easily execute on your sewing machine.

How to Make a Fabric Burrow Dog Bed

For devoted pet owners, designing a haven for their beloved companions is paramount. A DIY burrow dog bed project offers an exciting opportunity to create a cozy retreat tailored to your dog’s personality and needs. With the aid of a straightforward photo tutorial and downloadable patterns, individuals with moderate sewing skills can successfully embark on this creative venture.

Select materials like faux shearling fur for warmth and medium-weight canvas for durability. Don’t forget to prewash your canvas before construction to prevent shrinkage after future washes. The addition of a zipper will render cleaning effortless, while the choice of fabric can infuse a personalized touch into your pet’s new favorite spot. By engaging in this rewarding crafting experience, you’ll be providing your dog with a bed that is as unique as they are. For inspiration and guidance, turn to Lia Griffith for all the information you need to get started.

Easy DIY Dog Bed With Blanket Burrow

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Transforming a soft fleece throw into a comfortable and washable DIY dog bed is an innovative way to provide a cozy haven for your pet. The built-in burrow blanket design caters specifically to dogs that enjoy snuggling under covers, offering a budget-friendly solution that’s easy on the wallet. With basic supplies like an old pillow, scissors, sewing machine, and the fleece throw itself, you can create a snugly spot perfect for your furry friend. The process involves straightforward steps: cutting the fleece to size, sewing edges to achieve a polished look, and assembling the layers to form the burrow. By following these easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll craft a charming and functional dog bed that your pet will adore. This homemade pet bed project seamlessly combines comfort and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal DIY endeavor for any animal lover.

Free Dog Bed Sewing Pattern

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Transform your home into a haven for your furry companion by crafting a custom dog bed using Kimberly Coffin’s free sewing pattern from Sweet Red Poppy. This versatile design accommodates pets of varying sizes, offering five distinct dimensions to fit snugly within crates or stand alone as a plush addition to your living space. To prioritize comfort, the guide recommends utilizing soft, durable fabrics such as fleece, Minky, or faux fur, which can be easily machine washed for hassle-free maintenance. By following the detailed instructions and accompanying video tutorial, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind pet bed that harmonizes with your home’s décor. With a printable PDF pattern in hand, get ready to elevate your pet’s relaxation experience by crafting a handcrafted bed that promises sweet dreams. Visit Sweet Red Poppy for the complete creative guide.

Quick and Easy DIY No Sew Dog Bed

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To create a cozy and washable bed for your furry friend without sewing, follow this simple no-sew dog bed tutorial using fleece fabric. You’ll need a soft pillow, two pieces of fleece, and fabric scissors. Measure the fleece to be 4 inches larger than the pillow on all sides, then use the fleece to create a removable cover by tying it together. This results in a comfortable and easy-to-maintain bed for your pet. For an added visual guide, watch the tutorial video, or visit A Fresh- Squeezed Life for more DIY projects and inspiration.

How to Sew a Dog Bed at Home

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Create a comfortable haven for your canine companion with this straightforward DIY dog bed tutorial. With minimal materials required – including fabric for the base and sides, plush material for the top, filling, matching thread, and essential sewing tools – you’ll have a cozy retreat for small to medium-sized dogs in no time. Simply follow the steps to cut the fabric, assemble the pieces, fill the bed with softness, and seal it up tight. Give your furry friend the gift of a snug new bed with this effortless sewing project.

Make Your Own Fleece Dog Bed

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Transform a simple piece of fleece into a plush haven for your furry companion with this step-by-step guide. With just 1 1/4 yards of fleece, you can create a snug retreat that will cradle their body. Begin by cutting out two circular pieces measuring 26 inches in diameter and two rectangular strips, each 9 inches high and 44 inches long. Seam the longer strips together to form a single piece, then attach the circles to either end. Once the sewing is complete, turn the bed right side out, fill it with two plush pillows, and carefully hand-stitch the opening shut. This delightful DIY project is sure to earn you top marks from your loyal pet.

Beginner-Friendly DIY Dog Bed With Sides

Transform your home with a DIY dog bed featuring custom fabric and effortless sewing techniques. This comprehensive tutorial will walk you through designing the fabric, constructing the bed using repurposed pillows as stuffing, and adding an easy-to-install zipper for stress-free cleaning. The best part? You can personalize the design to make it a fun and engaging project for kids. With clear step-by-step instructions and precise cutting measurements, this project is accessible to sewers of all skill levels. Not only will you create a cozy haven for your furry friend, but you’ll also be bonding with your family over a creative activity. For more innovative crafting ideas, visit Swoodson Says.

Handmade Dog Bed – Free Sewing Pattern

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Transform an ordinary pet bed into a cozy sanctuary with this straightforward DIY sewing project. By combining durable fabric, thread, lining material, stuffing, and buttons, you’ll produce a practical yet stylish resting place for your furry companion. To get started, gather your trusty sewing machine, scissors, pins, ruler, measuring tape, and hand-sewing needle. Measure the desired size of the bed and then cut out the top, bottom, and side panel components. Seam the pieces together, filling the bed with plush stuffing to create a snug and inviting haven for your pet.

How to Make a Dog Bed – Step by Step

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Transform an ordinary space into a cozy retreat for your furry companion by creating a custom dog bed from scratch. Even if you’re new to sewing, this straightforward guide will walk you through the process of crafting a plush and inviting dog bed using common household materials. From selecting the perfect fabric to attaching a zipper, every step is carefully explained to ensure success. This DIY project is suitable for dogs of all sizes, whether they’re medium- or large-breed, and is a thoughtful way to give your pet a comfortable place to rest.

DIY Triangle Jitters Quilted Dog Bed

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Discover the joy of upcycling with Suzy Quilts’ Triangle Jitters Quilted Dog Bed tutorial. This comprehensive guide takes you on a step-by-step journey from fabric selection to pillow insertion, ensuring your furry companion enjoys a cozy retreat tailored to their size. With detailed cutting directions and fabric requirements, you’ll be empowered to customize the bed’s bolsters and quilt top to suit your pet’s unique needs. Assemble the quilt top, stuff the bolsters, and create a plush pillow insert with ease, thanks to Suzy Quilts’ expert instructions.

Inexpensive Homemade Dog Bed

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For pet parents seeking to craft a comfortable and supportive resting space for their beloved furry companions, this DIY dog bed tutorial is an ideal starting point. Specifically designed with larger dogs or those requiring additional joint support in mind, this orthopedic foam bed combines ample cushioning with the therapeutic benefits of memory foam. The accompanying step-by-step guide, coupled with detailed visuals, enables users to effortlessly create a durable cover using their chosen fabric selection. The inclusion of a zipper ensures effortless cleaning and maintenance, allowing pet parents to prioritize both functional practicality and stylish flair in their customized dog bed design.

How to Sew an Insulated Pet Bed

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Immerse yourself in a soothing craft experience by following a comprehensive guide from WhatTheCraft on how to create an insulated pet bed for your beloved companions. This step-by-step tutorial delves into the world of soft, insulating materials, providing the perfect haven for felines or canines alike. With the flexibility to customize the design according to the size and needs of your pet, you’ll be spoilt for choice.Combining the comfort of fleece with the added warmth of optional Insul-Bright, this project is a breeze to complete. Simply follow the easy-to-follow guide on how to cut, stitch, and assemble the bed, and you’ll be rewarded with a cozy sanctuary that your pet will adore. By emphasizing clarity and simplicity, WhatTheCraft’s tutorial ensures that even novice crafters can confidently tackle the project and bestow upon their furry friends a treasured handmade haven.

Affordable DIY Small Dog Bed

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Want to create a unique gift for your feline or canine companion? Look no further than this straightforward sewing project, which requires only two fat quarters, batting, thread, a sewing machine, and basic sewing essentials. No pattern needed! This comprehensive tutorial guides you through the process of crafting a plush bed that will provide comfort and warmth for your pet. By repurposing fabric and tailoring the design to your pet’s preferences, you’ll be creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that’s sure to delight both you and your furry friend.

Beginner’s Guide to Make a Dog Bed

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Transform your home into a haven for your beloved pet with the Doggie Donut DIY Dog Bed from Pattiewack. This handmade masterpiece is specifically designed for small breeds, such as dachshunds, providing a plush and comfortable retreat where they can snuggle up. The donut shape features a built-in blanket area, allowing your dog to burrow into their personal comfort zone. With a soft minky fabric, sturdy pillow insert, and minimal sewing requirements, you’ll be guided through the easy-to-follow instructions to create a custom bed that guarantees your pet’s safety and pampering. Prepare to treat your furry companion to the ultimate relaxation spot they’ll cherish!

Sew Your Own Dog Bed Tutorial

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Transforming a space into a cozy haven for your furry companion is a rewarding DIY adventure. At its core lies a thoughtful tutorial on sewing a dog bed, courtesy of Melly Sews. This comprehensive guide caters to pet owners who wish to craft a unique retreat for their canine friends. With step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn to create a custom pattern based on the desired cushion size and discover tips for selecting the ideal materials, such as plush fleece or sturdy canvas, ensuring both comfort and aesthetic harmony with your home decor. The tutorial also includes guidance on constructing a waterproof inner cover, lending a practical touch to the bed’s design. With clarity guiding every stitch, this project becomes an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Easy Peasy DIY Cushion Style Dog Bed

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Transform your home into a haven for your canine companion with a comfortable DIY dog bed, crafted using this complimentary sewing pattern available in five sizes to accommodate small to large breeds. The comprehensive tutorial, tailored to beginners and seasoned sewists alike, guides you through each step of the process, making it accessible to all skill levels. What’s more, the design allows for creative customization, enabling you to select fabrics and trims that harmonize with your home decor. As an added convenience, the bed is designed to be machine washable, ensuring effortless maintenance. This budget-friendly DIY endeavor not only provides a cozy retreat for your furry friend but also offers a personalized touch. Download the free pattern now and embark on this enjoyable project, perfect for those seeking a fun and practical way to pamper their pets.

Making a Dog Bed With Step by Step Instructions

Transform your home into a haven for your pets by creating a plush bed using this DIY guide. This comprehensive tutorial provides a free pattern for two sizes, allowing you to customize the perfect fit for your furry companion. The large size measures 15.5 inches in width, 14.5 inches in height, and 4 inches in depth, while the small size boasts dimensions of 12.5 inches wide, 11 inches tall, and 4 inches deep. With minimal materials and straightforward sewing techniques, this project is perfect for beginners looking to create a cozy retreat for their pets. By following our step-by-step guide and utilizing the included free pattern, you’ll be able to craft a comfortable bed that your pet will adore.

How to Sew an Amazing Dog Bed

For pet owners who enjoy sewing, creating a comfortable and durable dog bed can be a rewarding DIY project. The S79 Sewing Studio’s YouTube tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on crafting a customized pet bed that caters to any size of pet. This step-by-step video is ideal for those looking to create a cozy resting spot for their furry friend, covering everything from drafting a pattern to suit your dog’s dimensions to selecting suitable fabrics for comfort and durability. You’ll learn how to craft a plush base and sturdy sides to ensure the bed is both inviting and long-lasting. By sewing a pet bed at home, you can customize fabric choice and bed size to perfectly match your pet’s needs and your home decor. This cost-effective alternative to store-bought options allows for personalization and a thoughtful gift for your loyal companion.

Simple DIY Dog Lover’s Dog Bed Tutorial

Immerse yourself in Debbie Shore’s comprehensive DIY tutorial on Create and Craft as she walks you through the process of crafting a plush and cozy bed for your cherished canine companion. This hands-on project empowers you to create a haven where your furry friend can rest and rejuvenate, tailored to their unique size and shape. With Debbie’s clear guidance, you’ll master techniques like sewing a zippered back panel, attaching side panels, and adding plush filling for supreme comfort. As you bring this handmade masterpiece to life, you’ll not only gain valuable sewing skills but also gift your pet with a one-of-a-kind retreat, imbued with love and care.

Homemade No-Sew Dog Bed

Transform your home into a haven for your furry friend with a DIY No Sew Dog Bed, inspired by Paige Hemmis on the Home & Family channel. This innovative project is ideal for pet owners who want to provide a cozy retreat for their canine companions without needing advanced sewing skills. By combining simple materials like memory foam and a fleece blanket, you can create a customized bed that suits your dog’s size and complements your home decor. The process involves cutting the foam to the desired dimensions and then securing it with fabric using a no-sew method. This approach not only saves time but also allows for easy disassembly and cleaning. For step-by-step instructions and additional creative home improvement ideas, visit the Home & Family website, where you can discover a wide range of how-to guides that enhance both your living space and your pet’s overall wellbeing.


With these 20 free DIY dog bed patterns, you can create a cozy retreat for your furry friend that’s both budget-friendly and personalized. By sewing a custom bed that suits their size and sleeping style, you’re not only showing your pooch how much you care, but also providing them with a sense of security and comfort. A handmade dog bed is more than just a gift – it’s a symbol of love and affection, wrapped up in a warm hug for your beloved pet. Start crafting today and watch as your dog’s tail wags with joy at their new, cozy abode.

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