20 Unique Diy Toilet Paper Holder Ideas To Make

Why DIY Your Toilet Paper Holder?

While crafting a DIY toilet paper holder may seem like a trivial task, it actually embodies the essence of creativity, thriftiness, and spatial awareness. Here’s why you should consider giving it a shot:

Customization is key, as DIY projects allow you to tailor the design, size, and color to perfectly align with your bathroom’s theme. Whether you’re into rustic, modern, or minimalist vibes, you can create a holder that harmonizes with your decor.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, opting for a DIY approach can be significantly cheaper than buying something from a store. You can repurpose materials you already have on hand, further reducing the financial burden.

For smaller bathrooms, a custom DIY holder offers a space-saving solution that optimizes wall space and keeps essentials within reach without cluttering the area. Recessed holders or ones with shelves are great examples of this.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, there’s also a sense of personal satisfaction that comes from completing a DIY project. You get to enjoy a functional piece of decor that you made with your own two hands.

And let’s not forget about the eco-friendly aspect: by repurposing materials like scrap wood, old toys, or unused vases, you’re giving new life to items that might otherwise end up in a landfill. It’s a creative way to reduce waste and be more environmentally conscious.

In conclusion, DIYing your toilet paper holder offers numerous benefits that go beyond just aesthetics. It’s a practical, enjoyable, and eco-friendly project suitable for DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels.

How to Make a Toilet Paper Holder

Creating a DIY toilet paper holder is an accessible and enjoyable endeavor for beginners, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits in the bathroom. With a few basic materials and tools at your disposal, this straightforward project can be completed with ease, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted addition to your space.

Supplies You’ll Need:

The materials needed to complete this project include a 1x6x6 foot piece of common board or pine, which serves as the base material. Additionally, you’ll require toilet paper rolls for sizing purposes. A 5/8 inch diameter dowel rod will be used to create the feet of the candle holder, while candle cups measuring 1-3/8 by 1-9/16 inches will serve as these feet. To ensure accurate measurements and markings, a pencil and ruler are necessary. For smoothing out the wood surface, an orbital sander with 80 grit sandpaper is required. A drill with a hole saw attachment and small drill bits will be used to create holes for the screws. The project also calls for 1-5/8 inch wood screws, water-based wood stain (if desired), and super glue for attaching the feet. If you plan on staining your candle holder, be prepared with nitrile gloves and a staining cloth.

Steps to Make the TP Holder:

To begin crafting your unique toilet paper holder, start by preparing the wood for your project. Begin by cutting two pieces from your board to a length of 24 inches each, which will serve as the sides of your holder. Next, measure and cut two additional pieces to 6.5 inches in length, which will be used as the top and bottom of your holder. Use toilet paper rolls to determine the width of your holder and guide your measurements.Once you have all your pieces cut, move on to sanding them using an orbital sander to prevent splinters and ensure a smooth finish.Next, drill holes in the side pieces for your dowel rod, which will hold the toilet paper. Measure and mark the drill points carefully, ensuring they are centered. Use a hole saw to drill through and then sand the edges of these holes to smooth them out.To assemble your holder, start by drilling pilot holes to guide the screws that will connect the sides, top, and bottom. Using 1-5/8 inch wood screws, attach the sides to the top piece first, followed by the bottom. Make sure the structure is square and tight as you go.Once you have the main structure assembled, move on to preparing the dowel rod. Measure the distance between the side holes and cut the dowel accordingly, leaving a bit of extra length for easy removal and replacement. Sand the cut ends to smooth them out.If desired, add some color to your holder by applying a water-based wood stain to all the pieces. Follow the product instructions for drying time.Finally, add some feet to your holder by attaching candle cups to the bottom using super glue. This is both decorative and functional, raising the holder slightly off the ground.Once everything has dried, insert the dowel rod through the side holes and your DIY toilet paper holder is complete.

Maintenance and Care:

To maintain the integrity of the holder, it’s essential to perform regular checks to guarantee its stability and screw tightness. A simple yet effective way to achieve this is by wiping it down with a dry cloth to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated. Additionally, if you notice any stains, it’s crucial to avoid using harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the wood finish or strip away its protective coating. Instead, opt for gentle cleaning methods that prioritize the preservation of the holder’s original condition.

Video Tutorial

To enhance your understanding of the project, we recommend watching our step-by-step video tutorial on YouTube. This visual guide not only reinforces the written instructions but also offers additional insights and practical demonstrations of the techniques involved, allowing you to more effectively execute the project. As a bonus, this DIY project offers a unique opportunity to get started with beginner woodworking, creating a piece that serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

DIY Toilet Paper Holder FAQs

Embarking on a DIY toilet paper holder project can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. To ensure a successful start, here’s a compilation of frequently asked questions, offering valuable insights to guide your creative journey.

What materials can I use to make a DIY toilet paper holder?

When it comes to crafting unique planters, the type of material you choose can greatly impact the overall aesthetic. For those looking to add a touch of rustic charm, wood is an excellent option, whether sourced from scrap materials or newly purchased pieces. Alternatively, metal pipes offer a great way to achieve an industrial look and can be easily found at local hardware stores.

For a more budget-friendly and eco-conscious approach, cardboard proves to be a surprisingly effective choice for temporary or lightweight holders. On the other hand, leather brings a touch of sophistication and elegance, making it perfect for modern designs.

Finally, for those seeking something truly one-of-a-kind, glass vases can serve as both an elegant storage solution and a unique addition to any room.

How can I attach a DIY toilet paper holder to the wall?

When it comes to securing heavy materials like wood or metal, it’s essential to use the right combination of screws and anchors that are suitable for your wall type – whether it’s drywall, plaster, or brick. This will ensure a sturdy hold and prevent any potential damage or collapse.On the other hand, if you’re dealing with lighter materials or need a temporary solution, strong adhesive strips can be a reliable alternative. These strips provide a secure bond without the need for drilling, making them ideal for projects that require flexibility or ease of removal.Finally, some designs may allow for hanging over existing fixtures or cabinetry without the need for drilling at all – thanks to clever no-drill clips that eliminate the risk of damage or error.

Can I make a toilet paper holder that also provides extra storage?

Innovative storage solutions are an integral part of many DIY projects. One such example is incorporating a shelf above the holder to store smaller items like mobile devices, fragrances, or other personal accessories. Moreover, consider designing a holder with a built-in magazine rack or a compartment for storing spare rolls, pens, or any other small essentials you want to keep within easy reach.

Is it possible to make a toilet paper holder without drilling into the wall?

When it comes to storing your belongings without committing to wall installations, there are several options you can explore. For instance, you can use freestanding furniture with floor-standing holders, opt for adhesive-based solutions, or get creative by repurposing items like baskets and freestanding poles that don’t require any drilling or installation on walls.

How do I make a toilet paper holder for a small bathroom?

To optimize your home decor while minimizing visual clutter, consider incorporating innovative space-saving designs. One such approach involves recessed holders, which are cleverly installed into walls to reclaim valuable floor and counter space. Another tactic is to think vertically – literally. By utilizing height instead of width on the wall, vertical holders enable you to showcase items without sacrificing precious square footage. For those with limited wall space, corner holders offer a creative solution. These clever fixtures fit snugly into corners, making the most of what would otherwise be unused real estate.

Can I repurpose items to make a toilet paper holder?

When it comes to crafting a one-of-a-kind DIY toilet paper holder, think outside the box (or plumbing pipe) by repurposing everyday items. Wooden dowels, vintage plumbing pipes, or even upcycled furniture pieces like small drawers or boxes can be transformed into functional and quirky holders. Just make sure the chosen item is sturdy enough to securely hold a roll of toilet paper and can be easily attached or placed in your desired location.

Are there any eco-friendly options for DIY toilet paper holders?

By opting for DIY, you’re simultaneously promoting sustainability. This eco-friendly approach involves leveraging existing materials like scrap wood, cardboard, or repurposed objects instead of buying new ones. Not only does this strategy conserve resources and reduce waste, but it also helps minimize your environmental footprint.

20 Unique DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas to Make

Elevate the functionality and style of your bathroom with these 20 innovative DIY toilet paper holder projects. Ranging from rustic charm to sleek modernity, this collection offers a wealth of creative solutions to inspire your next handmade endeavor.

Easy Scrap Wood Toilet Paper Holder

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Discover the art of upcycling with Walker’s Woodworks DIY Scrap Wood Toilet Paper Holder, a comprehensive guide that transforms discarded wood into a functional masterpiece. From selecting the ideal boards to applying a professional finish, this project is designed to be easy to follow and rewarding to complete. Not only does it breathe new life into unwanted wood, but it also addresses the often-overlooked need for extra toilet paper storage in the bathroom. As you bring your creation to life, you’ll not only hone your woodworking skills but also add a unique touch of homemade charm to your home.

DIY Rustic Toilet Paper Holder in Less Than 5 Minutes

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Transforming your bathroom into a cozy retreat is just a few minutes away. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a rustic toilet paper holder using accessible pipe fittings. This unique project adds industrial charm without breaking the bank. We’ve broken down each step from gathering materials to assembly, making it easy for anyone to follow along. If you’re looking for more DIY inspiration and a detailed walkthrough of this project, head over to Mountain Modern Life. With this simple and budget-friendly idea, you can add personality and functionality to your space in no time.

How to Make a Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

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Transforming small bathrooms requires clever DIY solutions that maximize space while boosting visual appeal. One such innovation is the recessed toilet paper holder, a simple yet effective way to repurpose unused wall space. By following our step-by-step guide, you can create a stylish and functional addition that not only saves precious inches but also adds to your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. From planning to execution, this project is designed for the novice DIY enthusiast, requiring minimal materials and expertise. Whether you’re looking to elevate your bathroom’s functionality or simply add some visual interest, this practical solution will have you wondering how you ever managed without it. For more creative home improvement ideas and detailed instructions, visit A Pretty Happy Home. Start transforming your small bathroom today and discover the joy of a space that truly feels yours.

DIY Toilet Paper Holder Cloud

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Transform the functionality and aesthetic of your boy’s bathroom with a DIY Industrial Toilet Paper Holder that seamlessly blends rustic charm with practicality. No more tedious re-stocking of empty rolls, thanks to this sturdy dual-roll holder designed for busy households like yours. Constructed from galvanized steel and mounted on repurposed wood, this unique fixture not only adds visual appeal but also boasts portability, making it an ideal choice for when you’re ready to relocate. The easy assembly process ensures a seamless installation, cleverly covering any unsightly holes left by previous fixtures. Ready to elevate your bathroom’s practicality? For a step-by-step guide on how to create this eye-catching improvement, visit Jennifer Allwood Home and bid farewell to the frustration of empty rolls for good!

Simple Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

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Transform your bathroom into a sleek oasis by creating a space-saving recessed toilet paper holder DIY project. Say goodbye to the frustration of rolls tumbling to the floor! This budget-friendly endeavor requires minimal materials, including scrap wood and a $2 toilet paper tube. With these step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to build and install this essential accessory that seamlessly blends utility with style, enhancing your bathroom’s aesthetic while solving a common annoyance in tight spaces.

Make Your Own Toilet Paper Holder

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Revitalize your compact bathroom by introducing a game-changing innovation: recessed toilet paper holders. Turtles and Tails’ DIY guide provides an ingenious solution for small ensuites, cleverly utilizing space while incorporating a built-in design that exudes sleekness. By following their step-by-step tutorial, you’ll create a custom holder capable of accommodating various roll sizes, seamlessly integrating with your bathroom’s aesthetic. This project is perfect for those seeking to maintain a clutter-free and organized bathroom without compromising on style.

Making a Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

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Elevate the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by transforming a humble toilet paper holder into a versatile and stylish shelf. This practical DIY project, outlined in detail at DIY Showoff, enables you to create a space-saving solution that seamlessly blends form and function. By combining a piece of stained wood with an oil-rubbed bronze holder, you can prevent the chaos of misplaced items or showcase small decorative pieces, ultimately enhancing your bathroom’s ambiance and overall feel. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts seeking to add a touch of creativity and ease to their space.

Unique Toilet Paper Holder at Home

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Transforming your bathroom into an oasis is just a branch away. With our simple, yet effective DIY guide, you can create a one-of-a-kind rustic toilet paper holder that will be the talk of the town. This easy-to-follow project requires no prior crafting experience and can be completed in no time. Say goodbye to boring bathroom decor and hello to the charm of natural elegance. By following our step-by-step tutorial, you’ll bring the outdoors in and add a touch of rustic sophistication to your space. So, get ready to craft something truly unique and elevate your bathroom decor with this creative DIY project!

DIY Toilet Paper Holder

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Transform your bathroom’s ambiance with a dash of creativity and woodworking skills by crafting the Tic Tac Toilet Paper Holder. This engaging DIY project not only provides a functional storage solution for toilet paper, but also offers an opportunity to master half- lap joints, a fundamental technique in woodworking. With clear instructions, this guide is perfect for those new to woodworking or looking to refine their basic skills. By following the step-by-step process, you’ll develop your precision cutting and joining techniques while adding a whimsical touch to your bathroom.

Wood Dowel Toilet Paper Holder Idea

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Transform your bathroom into a serene oasis with a minimalist touch by creating a sleek Wood Dowel Toilet Paper Holder. This DIY project combines simplicity and modern design to produce a stunning addition to any restroom. With minimal tools and materials required – including dowels, a maple board, saw, drill, and wood glue – you can bring this functional piece to life yourself. Our step-by-step guide ensures a seamless project experience from start to finish. Alternatively, if DIY isn’t your cup of tea, the same design is available for purchase in our Etsy shop. For detailed instructions and inspiration, visit The Merrythought, where creativity knows no bounds.

Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper Holder Tutorial

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Bring a dash of playfulness to your bathroom by crafting an inventive Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper Holder. This creative DIY project not only adds a unique touch to your decor but also provides a functional solution for keeping spare rolls within easy reach. With its simple construction and clever design, this holder is sure to delight both kids and adults alike. For a step-by-step guide on how to create your own Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper Holder, look no further than Instructables.

Homemade Rustic Toilet Paper Holder

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Elevate the rustic charm in your bathroom by creating a unique toilet paper holder that’s not only budget-friendly but also long-lasting. This DIY project is perfect for outdoor or off-grid settings, where durability and simplicity are key. With just basic pipe fittings and a few simple steps, you can assemble this sturdy holder in under five minutes. For the complete list of materials and easy-to-follow instructions, head to ExploreTexas.blog. This practical yet stylish solution will add a touch of rustic charm to your space.

Handmade Toilet Paper Holder

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Elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom by embracing a modern twist on traditional decor. A simple yet effective DIY toilet paper holder project can be achieved with basic materials like leather and wood, seamlessly merging functionality with stylish design. This budget-friendly and customizable endeavor is perfect for those who value adding a personal touch to their home. With minimal supplies required, you’ll quickly create a charming addition that transforms your bathroom into a haven of elegance. For a step-by-step guide, visit The Merrythought and experience the transformative power of this chic and practical project.

Make a Kid’s Bathroom Toilet Paper Roll Holder

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Transform an old toy into a one-of-a-kind toilet paper holder for your child’s bathroom with this ingenious DIY project. This fun and budget-friendly guide utilizes items you likely already have at home to create a functional and adorable decor piece. By repurposing wooden toy parts, you can add a playful and personalized touch to your kid’s bathroom. For a step-by-step tutorial that’s both easy to follow and engaging, head over to Hambels Get Real. Remember, safety is paramount when it comes to DIY projects – take necessary precautions and follow instructions carefully to ensure a successful outcome.

Making Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

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Elevate your bathroom’s functionality and style by embracing a space-saving solution! Our DIY recessed toilet paper holder guide walks you through the process of transforming a mundane necessity into a custom, built-in feature that adds a touch of elegance to your lavatory. By following our step-by-step instructions, you’ll not only declutter your bathroom but also enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective upgrade that’s as practical as it is visually appealing. From identifying wall studs to painting and installation, every detail is covered for a seamless DIY experience.

DIY Toilet Paper Storage Using a Glass Vase

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Take the humble glass vase to new heights by transforming it into an elegant DIY toilet paper storage solution. Combine the simplicity of a tall glass cylinder with the sophistication of copper foil tape for a bathroom decor that’s both functional and stylish. This clever project shows how a necessity can become a decorative piece, keeping extra toilet paper rolls within reach while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. Perfect for any bathroom, this innovative solution marries form and function, ensuring your essentials are both concealed and easily accessible.

Copper Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

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Elevate your bathroom’s ambiance with Kristi Murphy’s latest DIY masterpiece. Inspired by copper’s unique allure, this stylish Toilet Paper Holder crafted from pipes will undoubtedly impress. Perfect for homeowners seeking to inject a touch of sophistication into their space, this project promises to be both straightforward and engaging. Follow the step-by-step guide today to unlock an effortless DIY transformation that will leave your friends envious.

Industrial Toilet Paper Holder Idea

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Transform your bathroom’s décor with an unconventional, industrial-style toilet paper holder that makes a statement. This DIY project eschews drilling into new vanities, making it perfect for spaces embracing the industrial aesthetic. By following simple, step-by-step instructions, you can create a functional and stylish piece that elevates your bathroom’s ambiance. For a comprehensive guide to this unique project, visit Kristi Murphy’s DIY blog at Kristi Murphy.

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Holder Using Cardboard

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Give your bathroom a creative makeover with this easy DIY project that upcycles cardboard into a functional toilet paper roll holder. Not only does it breathe new life into discarded materials, but it also adds a personal touch to the space. This compact organizer is particularly well-suited for small bathrooms, offering an affordable and straightforward solution for keeping essentials within arm’s reach. For a step-by-step guide on how to bring this eco-friendly project to life, head to Simple Living – Arts+DIY to watch the full tutorial.

DIY Timber Toilet Roll Holder

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Indulge in a hands-on adventure with a sleek timber toilet roll holder DIY project, expertly led by Natasha Dickins. As you follow her guidance, pay close attention to the critical role played by dowels in constructing this functional piece of art. For added longevity and stability, ensure you apply marine-grade varnish and secure it firmly to a wall stud. This unassuming project not only serves as a practical solution but also showcases the understated elegance of minimalist design in everyday objects. Begin your creative journey today by watching the step-by-step video tutorial.


Our DIY toilet paper holder journey has concluded, showcasing 20 distinctive ideas that enable anyone to infuse their bathrooms with a personal touch. This comprehensive guide caters to diverse skill levels and style preferences, making the process of creating a custom toilet paper holder both rewarding and accessible. With a wealth of information on material usage and mounting techniques – including tips on drilling-free installations – this resource empowers you to tackle the project with confidence. Not only will your handmade creation impress, but it will also function flawlessly, ensuring a seamless bathroom experience. So, grab your materials, get ready to take on the challenge, and bring one of these unique ideas to life in your bathroom today!

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