30 Cheap Diy Spice Rack Ideas | Best Way To Organize Spices

Wall Mounted Spice Rack With Free Plan

Transform your kitchen’s rustic charm by crafting a unique wall-mounted DIY spice rack. A simple yet elegant project, Saws on Skates’ free plans offer a charming wood cabinet adorned with an attractive chicken wire door and adjustable shelves that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Perfect for organizing your spices, this endeavour is accessible to DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels, allowing you to effortlessly create a functional and stylish addition to your culinary space.

Not only will it keep your spices neatly arranged, but this rustic spice rack also brings a touch of country elegance to your kitchen’s décor. With clear instructions and the option to customize through painting or staining, you can imbue your creation with your personal style. As you bring your project to life, get ready to elevate your cooking experience with an item that is not only a joy to use but also a testament to your creativity.

DIY Magnetic Countertop Spice Rack

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Transform your kitchen’s rustic charm by crafting a magnetic countertop spice rack using distressed wood. Follow HGTV’s simple DIY guide to create a personalized and convenient spice storage solution that suits your kitchen’s aesthetic. Start by preparing the wood for painting, then assemble the frame and add a magnetic tray. Attach labeled spice jars with magnets, and you’ll have an engaging and instructive guide that ensures easy access to your spices, enhancing your cooking experience and kitchen decor.

Wood Countertop Spice Rack Using Butcher Block

Transform your kitchen with a chic and functional wood countertop spice rack, crafted using the durability and aesthetic appeal of butcher block. This DIY guide from Sarah Hayes will walk you through creating a two-tiered spice organizer that seamlessly integrates into your existing decor. The tutorial covers measuring, cutting, and assembling the rack with ease, while also offering personalized touches through stain and paint choices. Not only does this project provide practical storage for your spices, but it also elevates your cooking space without sacrificing style. With this homemade spice rack, you’ll be able to keep your essentials within arm’s reach, making cooking a breeze.

How to Make a Pallet Spice Rack

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Give your kitchen a homemade makeover by crafting a DIY pallet spice rack, inspired by the creativity of Sara from Make It & Love It. This comprehensive guide takes you through a straightforward process to create a charming, functional storage solution that clears up cupboard clutter and adds warmth to your cooking space. With basic materials like pallet wood, nails, and your preferred stain or paint color, you can personalize a rack that meets all your seasoning requirements. Perfect for hanging on a pantry door or kitchen wall, this project offers a budget-friendly and delightful way to boost kitchen organization and accessibility. Follow Sara’s clear, easy-to-follow instructions and enjoy a more spacious, efficient, and inviting cooking area.

Wall Spice Rack With Thrifted Plate Rack

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Elevate the functionality of your kitchen with a clever DIY Wall Spice Rack crafted from a salvaged plate rack. This project, as featured in Savvy Apron’s guide, offers a simple yet effective solution for organizing spices, transforming your cooking space into a harmonious blend of form and function. With an arsenal of basic supplies, including wood dowels, spray paint, and glue, you can create a sturdy and visually appealing rack that keeps your spices at your fingertips. This budget-friendly and eco-friendly project is perfect for home chefs seeking to streamline their culinary routine, providing a creative outlet to breathe new life into thrift store finds. As you prepare to spice up your kitchen decor and meal prep experience, this innovative storage hack is sure to inspire a world of possibilities.

How to Build a Hanging Spice Rack

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Transform your kitchen into a culinary haven with a DIY hanging spice rack from Grillo Designs. This step-by-step guide is designed to help you create a practical and rewarding solution for organizing your spices, effortlessly banishing clutter and chaos. With a comprehensive materials list, expertly curated tool recommendations, and crystal-clear instructions for assembly, you’ll be well on your way to a tidier countertop and a more enjoyable cooking experience.

Elevate your cooking space with this custom spice storage solution, and don’t miss the opportunity to win a RYOBI power tool to fuel your next DIY adventure. With this easy-to-follow project, you’ll be motivated to get started today and reap the rewards of a well-organized kitchen.

Homemade Under Cabinet Spice Rack

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Transforming your kitchen space into a warm and inviting haven is now easier than ever, thanks to a clever DIY undermount spice rack solution. By repurposing the often-wasted space beneath kitchen cabinets, you can create a stylish storage system that perfectly complements your unique kitchen layout. The key to this project’s success lies in its adaptability, as measurements can be easily tailored to fit any cabinet size. To get started, begin by cutting birch plywood to create the structure, then secure it together using wood glue and a nail gun. A final touch of trim adds a polished sheen to your handiwork. Once constructed, give your spice rack a fresh coat of paint before installing the shelves with precision to ensure they’re perfectly level. Top off this budget-friendly DIY project by filling glass jars with your favorite spices and adding charming chalkboard labels for easy identification. The end result is not only a functional upgrade to your kitchen but also a thoughtful touch that reflects your personal style, all without breaking the bank or sacrificing too much time.

DIY 3-Tier Spice Rack at Home

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Crafting a DIY spice rack not only streamlines your kitchen’s essentials but also infuses personal charm into the space. With Dunn DIY’s comprehensive guide, you can construct a three-tiered spice staircase that effortlessly accommodates all your favorite seasonings. By leveraging simple tools and materials, you’ll build a customized spice organizer tailored to the unique dimensions of your kitchen and the size of your containers. The project is meticulously divided into manageable steps, ensuring clarity throughout the process. Not only will you gain a functional storage solution for your spices, but you’ll also bask in the satisfaction of having created something with your own hands. Furthermore, this budget-friendly and adaptable project allows for customization to suit your style and needs, making it a rewarding experience.

Make a Tiered Spice Rack In Cabinet

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For many home cooks, a cluttered spice cabinet can be a frustrating experience. But fear not! Joyful Derivatives has created a clever solution in the form of a DIY Tiered Spice Rack tutorial. This comprehensive guide takes you by the hand and walks you through the process of transforming your kitchen’s most chaotic space into an organized haven. With only simple tools, leftover materials, and a few hours of your time, you can create a visually pleasing storage system that will make cooking with spices a breeze. Say goodbye to the stress of searching for your favorite spice blends and hello to a tidy kitchen that’s ready for any culinary adventure.

DIY Wooden Criss Cross Spice Rack

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Transform your kitchen or any room with a functional and stylish wooden criss-cross spice rack, capable of holding up to 40 containers. This versatile DIY project, inspired by Anika Gandhi’s tutorial on Anika’s DIY Life, is perfect for organizing countertops, walls, or even as a decorative storage solution for craft supplies like paints, threads, and more. Crafted from readily available 1×4 boards, you can use scrap wood to create an economical version of this project. The straightforward design makes it accessible to DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels. Accompanied by a step-by-step guide and video tutorial, this project is ideal for adding a personal touch while keeping your spices neatly arranged and within easy reach.

Make Your Own Concrete Spice Rack

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Transform your kitchen space with a one-of-a-kind Concrete Spice Rack using Instructables’ step-by-step guide. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, this tutorial provides clear instructions to craft a durable and stylish spice storage solution that not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a modern touch to your home decor. With Instructables, you can turn your culinary area into a unique space that reflects your personal style.

DIY Spice Rack – Step by Step Instructions

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Transform your kitchen drawer into a tidy haven for your spice collection by crafting a bespoke DIY spice rack. Start by measuring the dimensions of your drawer and spice jars to plan the layout, then cut and smooth a piece of pine wood to fit your design. Secure the rack with glue and screws, followed by a coat of varnish for added protection. The end result is a functional and personalized space that streamlines kitchen workflow and injects a touch of creativity into your cooking routine.

Mason Jar Spinning Spice Rack Ideas

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Transform your kitchen’s style and functionality by creating a unique DIY Mason Jar Spinning Spice Rack, where rustic charm meets practicality. Angela England from Untrained Housewife shares a step-by-step guide to crafting a personalized spice organizer using mason jars and a Lazy Susan, perfect for storing your homegrown herbs. The result is a soothingly colored rack that not only keeps spices organized but also adds an attractive touch to any kitchen. With the help of this insightful tutorial, you’ll discover how to create a space-saving and stylish spice rack that reflects your personal style.

How to Make Your Own Copper Spice Rack

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Embark on a DIY adventure with a contemporary spin using The House of Wood’s comprehensive guide to crafting a copper spice rack. This step-by-step tutorial, led by Jen, seamlessly integrates the use of a Bernzomatic Welding Torch kit, debunking the mystique surrounding metal brazing and empowering you to create a sleek, functional kitchen accessory. With practical safety guidelines and a clear materials list, this project is ideal for those eager to explore the world of metalwork and develop a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, learn how to properly dispose of empty cylinders through Bernzomatic’s CylinderSafe initiative, adding an environmentally responsible layer to your creative endeavor. As you’re inspired to get started, remember to grab your torch and let your imagination run wild!

Handmade Pantry Door Spice Rack

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Elevate your pantry door’s functionality by transforming it into a custom spice storage area using our comprehensive DIY guide. This project is perfect for those with limited cabinet space, offering a budget-friendly and practical solution to optimize your kitchen’s layout. With step-by-step instructions and a list of necessary materials, you’ll be able to create unique spice racks that not only streamline your cooking process but also add a touch of personality to your kitchen. As you follow our easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll gain the confidence to produce professional-looking results at home. Get ready to revolutionize your kitchen’s organization with your handmade spice storage solution.

Building Your Own Spice Rack

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Transform your pantry door into a functional spice storage system with ease by crafting a homemade spice rack. Using minimal tools and a clear guide, you can create a sturdy and attractive solution for storing up to 108 spice jars, keeping your kitchen clutter-free and visually appealing. This DIY project is perfect for home chefs looking to streamline their cooking space, and the best part is that it’s both practical and stylish.

Simple DIY Pantry Door Spice Rack

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Transform your kitchen’s culinary haven into a space that’s both functional and stylish by creating a DIY pantry door organizer. This custom storage solution will turn clutter into a sleek display, making it easy to maximize your pantry’s potential. With the guidance of Maria Louise Design’s step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to craft this project using simple tools and your own creativity. From start to finish, the process is designed to be easy to follow, with detailed instructions and practical tips to ensure a successful outcome. Say goodbye to disorganization and hello to confidence as you reclaim your pantry and elevate your kitchen’s organization game.

Free Wood Spice Shelf Plan

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Transform your kitchen’s ambiance by creating a charming wood spice shelf, reminiscent of vintage times. Saws on Skates offers a detailed tutorial that guides you through the entire process, from selecting the ideal wood to the final installation of your handmade masterpiece. This project features three spacious shelves and ornate curved details that will add a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen. The included templates simplify the creation of those intricate curves, while Scott’s expert tips ensure a polished, antique-inspired finish. With this engaging DIY endeavor, you’ll not only organize your spices but also elevate your kitchen’s décor.

DIY Minimal Wood Spice Rack

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Create a modern and minimalist wooden spice rack with ease using this straightforward DIY guide from Curbly. The tutorial, led by Stephanie Lee, is tailored to be approachable for those new to woodworking, allowing you to craft a functional and visually appealing storage solution for your spices. To get started, gather some basic wood, a hand saw, and a few essential tools. With these simple materials at the ready, follow the step-by-step instructions and soon you’ll have a handmade spice rack that not only adds a touch of modern design to your kitchen but also keeps your cooking essentials organized and within reach.

How to Make a Rustic Spice Rack

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Transform your pantry’s rustic charm by repurposing Ikea Bekvam shelves into a wall-mounted spice rack. This DIY project is surprisingly quick and simple, adding farmhouse flair to your kitchen storage solutions. With basic materials like black spray paint, metal hardware cloth, a staple gun, and wood-burning skills, you can create a customized spice and oil rack that harmonizes with your space’s unique aesthetic. By following The Inspired Hive’s step-by-step guide, you’ll effortlessly bring functionality and style to your home through this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Best DIY Pallet Spice Rack

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Elevate the functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen by transforming an upcycled pallet into a one-of-a-kind spice rack, courtesy of Instructables. The perpetual problem of spices scattered throughout the kitchen can be a thing of the past with a DIY solution that provides visual organization and easy access. By repurposing a pallet into a spice rack, you’ll not only add a touch of rustic charm to your cooking space but also create a practical and eco-friendly storage system for your essential ingredients. This clever project offers a unique way to streamline your culinary process, making it easier than ever to find the perfect spice for your next recipe.

Wall Spice Rack With Details Instructions

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Transform your kitchen space with a creative DIY Wall Spice Rack project from Angela Marie Made. This practical and stylish solution is ideal for individuals seeking to organize their spices in a neat and personalized manner, while also enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of their cooking area. With a clear and comprehensive step-by-step guide, you’ll gain the skills necessary to cut wood, drill pocket holes, assemble shelves, and finish your custom spice rack with either paint or stain. This handmade creation not only provides an efficient storage solution but also adds a touch of uniqueness to your kitchen. By following Angela Marie Made’s expert guidance, you’ll be able to craft a wall-mounted spice rack that balances functionality with visual appeal, giving you the satisfaction of creating something truly unique and functional in your own kitchen.

Dollar Tree Industrial Spice Rack

Transform your kitchen with a functional and stylish DIY spice rack using just $5 worth of materials. This easy-to-execute project is perfect for those seeking to maintain their cooking space’s organization and keep spices within reach. By combining two Dollar Tree rectangle boxes, S-shaped metal garden hooks, and some acrylic paint, you can create a personalized storage solution that adds an industrial touch to your home decor. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to assemble and customize your spice rack, ensuring a hassle-free experience that yields a practical and charming addition to your kitchen. For more inspiring home decor crafts that cater to your creative flair, visit Dollar Crafter.

DIY Tiered Spice Drawer Insert

Transform the way you cook with a custom DIY tiered spice drawer insert inspired by Kristi Linauer’s creative genius on Addicted 2 Decorating. If daily cooking is your thing, this simple yet effective project will revolutionize your kitchen organization in just a few hours. By following Kristi’s straightforward guide, you’ll create a tailor-made insert that caters to your unique spice bottle collection, streamlining your cooking process and making meal prep a breeze. No more tedious searching for oregano or struggling to find the perfect blend – with this clever DIY hack, all your spices will be neatly organized and within arm’s reach, bringing you one step closer to a clutter-free kitchen that sparks joy.

Built in Spice Rack Using Plywood

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Transforming your pantry storage just got a whole lot easier! With Shanty 2 Chic’s DIY Built-in Spice Rack tutorial, you can create a custom spice rack that seamlessly fits between wall studs, maximizing your kitchen space. Ashley Turner takes the lead, guiding you through a straightforward process that includes cutting drywall, measuring with precision, and constructing a sturdy rack using dowel rods for your spices. The best part? You’ll have access to free plans and a step-by-step walkthrough to ensure your project turns out just right. This project is ideal for anyone looking to elevate their kitchen organization with a touch of DIY flair. Simply follow the tutorial, gather your tools, and get ready to build a spice rack that will make your pantry both functional and visually stunning.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Spice Rack

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Transform your kitchen with a charming spice rack featuring reclaimed barn wood and sleek aluminum for a stylish fusion of rustic charm and modern functionality. This step-by-step guide walks you through the process of breathing new life into weathered wood, turning it into a practical and visually appealing spice organizer that seamlessly integrates with stainless steel appliances. Perfect for adding a touch of vintage whimsy to your kitchen, this DIY project is surprisingly straightforward and incredibly rewarding. By combining materials like barn wood, plywood, and angled aluminum, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind piece that not only keeps your spices tidy but also elevates the overall aesthetic of your kitchen space. Get ready to elevate your cooking experience with a functional and visually stunning spice rack that’s sure to become a conversation starter.

How to Create a Test Tube Spice Holder

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Transform your kitchen into a culinary hub with a DIY test tube spice rack, expertly crafted to showcase your essential seasonings in style. Building on The Handyman’s Daughter’s comprehensive guide, complete with free plans, you’ll create a stunning walnut frame that elegantly adorns your countertop. This project is perfect for DIY enthusiasts seeking to declutter and simplify their cooking routine. With a detailed, step-by-step tutorial, you’ll drill, sand, and assemble this functional piece with ease, emphasizing safety and precision every step of the way. The result? A beautiful spice rack that’s both practical and visually stunning, perfectly reflecting your personal touch.

Easy DIY Wood Spice Rack

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With a keen eye on maximizing kitchen storage, homeowners can transform simple materials into a functional and stylish addition to their cabinet doors by crafting a wood spice rack. By following a step-by-step guide from Jenna Burger Design LLC, DIY enthusiasts can create a custom spice holder that keeps seasonings neatly organized and easily accessible. The process is surprisingly straightforward, making it accessible even for those new to woodworking. To add a personal touch, simply paint the finished product in your chosen color and secure it with a strong adhesive. For more kitchen organization ideas and the full tutorial on creating this unique storage solution, visit Jenna Burger Design LLC.

Making a Spice Rack Out of Wine Barrel

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Transform a wine barrel into a one-of-a-kind spice rack inspired by the rustic charm of ‘When Calls the Heart’ on the Hallmark Channel. This DIY project is a creative way to upcycle wine barrel staves, turning them into a functional piece for your kitchen. Start by gathering materials like metal spice containers, aluminum flat bars, and strong magnets. Next, sand the staves to smooth out any rough edges, then secure them with mending plates to maintain their natural curve. Add decorative bands for visual interest before drilling holes to embed the magnets that will hold your spices in place. Finish the project by attaching D-ring hangers and wire for easy mounting. Once hung securely, fill your jars with a variety of spices and enjoy the unique charm it adds to your kitchen. With simple, step-by-step instructions, this DIY project is perfect for those who want to add a touch of rustic elegance to their cooking space.

How to Do You Make a Chalkboard Spice Cabinet

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Get the kitchen chaos under control with a personalized DIY spice rack from The House of Wood! Our step-by-step guide takes you through measuring, drilling, and assembly to create a functional and stylish storage solution for your spices. Say goodbye to messy countertops and hello to easy meal prep with this practical addition to your cooking space. Perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of personality and organization to their kitchen, this DIY project ensures your spices are always within reach, making cooking and baking a true delight.

Cheap DIY Spice Holder for Under $1

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Say goodbye to spice storage woes with an innovative DIY solution from The Stonybrook House. This clever hack transforms dollar-store cooling racks into practical spice racks, banishing cluttered shelves and the frustration of searching for that elusive seasoning. With a simple bending technique and common household tools, you’ll create a streamlined organization system that makes cooking a joy. Get ready to tame your kitchen chaos with this easy-to-follow, budget-friendly project that keeps your spices neatly in order and at your fingertips.


Stay organized in your kitchen with these effortless spice rack ideas, perfect for those who value efficiency and functionality. By incorporating a few clever design concepts, you’ll be able to effortlessly access the spices you need to whip up a culinary masterpiece. And with quick access to your entire spice collection, you’ll never have to worry about being stuck without a crucial ingredient again.

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