25 Homemade Diy Scarecrow Ideas For Your Garden

Cheap and Easy DIY Scarecrow

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Transform your autumn ambiance with a creative scarecrow makeover! This straightforward DIY guide reveals how a budget-friendly, craft-store scarecrow can be elevated into the star attraction of your neighborhood. Begin by acquiring a basic stick scarecrow and then collect inexpensive or second-hand clothing, including a straw hat if you stumble upon one. To add character to your scarecrow, fill its arms and legs with straw neatly contained within plastic bags. Securely attach your chosen attire using staples and top it off with straw embellishments at the hands and feet for an authentic scarecrow look. No scarecrow is complete without its perch, so plant it firmly in place and watch as it brings vibrancy to your fall decor. This easy and entertaining DIY project adds a striking touch to your outdoor space this season. Give it a try today!

Make a Scarecrow Using Plaid Shirt and Jeans

Bring the cozy essence of fall into your home with a delightful DIY project: creating charming, non-threatening scarecrows! Gather an old plaid shirt, jeans, dowels, string, and more to craft a beloved figure that embodies the arrival of autumn. This engaging activity is perfect for bonding with friends, family, or neighbors, as you work together to create a personalized scarecrow that will elevate your porch decor and perhaps even usher in some crisp, autumnal weather. Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions to make this project accessible and enjoyable for all. As you craft, imagine the warmth and camaraderie that will fill your space, and let the joy of creating something together with others be a memorable way to welcome the season.

Homemade Scarecrow for Fall Decorating

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Kickstart the autumn season with a sophisticated DIY scarecrow that embodies the essence of French Country charm. This effortless project, infused with elegance, effortlessly elevates your fall decor. To craft this masterpiece, gather a child-sized pair of overalls, a T-shirt, lace ribbon, Mod Podge, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, flowers for adornment, and some scrap wood for the structure’s foundation. The ingenious design cleverly utilizes the overalls’ texture, securing them with lace and applying an exterior layer of Mod Podge to shield against the elements. A simple wooden skeleton supports the scarecrow’s attire, eliminating the need for traditional stuffing materials. Embellish this rustic beauty with baby’s breath in the pocket, dried orange slices, and pumpkins, capturing the autumn season’s essence creatively and uniquely. With a budget-friendly cost of $13, this DIY project effortlessly adds an undeniable flair to your fall decoration.

DIY Scarecrow Using Items You Already Have

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Craft a one-of-a-kind fall decoration by upcycling household items into a unique DIY scarecrow. Gather a variety of materials such as clothes, safety pins, rope, burlap, markers, yarn or straw, gloves, leaves or straw, wire hangers, T-posts, scrap lumber, and wire or twine. Begin by arranging your clothes and securing them with safety pins and rope, then create a face on the burlap sack using markers and add hair made from yarn or straw. Stuff your scarecrow with fabric scraps and use a wire hanger for support before attaching it to a T-post using scrap lumber. Secure the legs inside high-top shoes and top off your creation with a hat. Your customized scarecrow is now ready to bring a touch of whimsy to your fall decor. With limitless possibilities, from astronaut-inspired scarecrows to haunted wedding scenes, the only limit is your imagination.

Make a Scarecrow Using PVC Pipe

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Crafting a scarecrow is an engaging DIY endeavor that not only adds charm to your garden but also serves as an effective deterrent for birds and other pests. This guide will walk you through the process of creating a scarecrow using PVC pipes, elbow connectors, and T-connectors. With essential tools like a saw, safety goggles, and tape measure at hand, you’ll be well-equipped to bring Sally, your new scarecrow companion, to life. As a human-like figure, Sally can be dressed in attire of your choice, offering endless possibilities for customization. The importance of a sturdy structure is evident both in the construction of a scarecrow and in life – providing a sense of security and stability. By giving your garden a personal touch with this easy and enjoyable project, you’ll not only protect your plants but also create a unique and welcoming space that reflects your personality.

How to Make a Wood Scrap Scarecrow

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Elevate your garden’s ambiance with a charming DIY wood scrap scarecrow, a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and creative flair. With minimal tools and some repurposed lumber, you can craft this whimsical outdoor accent that injects warmth into your outdoor space. The scarecrow takes shape around a sturdy garden stake, its frame constructed from scraps of lumber. Personality is added with a thrifted shirt, flowery dress, and a delicate straw bonnet. Adjustable joints, courtesy of wing nuts at the scarecrow’s shoulders and elbows, allow it to strike a pose and hold garden items in place, adding an engaging dynamic to its appeal. After some trial placements amidst the Hydrangeas and near the driveway, this enchanting garden maiden finally found her perfect spot by the arbor in the shade garden, ready to warmly greet visitors. Bring this unique DIY touch to your garden today and witness it transform with the vitality and charm of your very own garden maiden!

Make a Scarecrow in Simple Steps

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Transform your garden into a charming haven by creating a unique DIY scarecrow. This engaging project requires minimal materials, such as hangers, yarn, a hoodie, and a mask, making it an accessible and creative endeavor. By reimagining the traditional scarecrow, you’ll create a functional yet ornamental piece that not only deters birds and other pests but also showcases your personal style and DIY skills. This eco-friendly solution for crop protection doubles as a fun activity to involve your family in, fostering quality time while creating something truly special.

DIY Scarecrow Using Recycled Cans

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Bring the warmth and coziness of fall into your space with a unique DIY project that not only adds a touch of autumn charm but also helps reduce waste. By transforming recycled cans into an adorable scarecrow, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind decoration that’s sure to delight. To get started, gather three cans of varying sizes, some hot glue, a drill, nautical rope, wooden bobbins, scissors, raffia, and your favorite Rust-oleum spray paint and acrylic colors. Begin by giving the cans a good clean and then add a pop of color using your chosen hues. Next, drill holes to attach the bobbins as limbs and secure them with the rope. The addition of raffia adds a rustic flair to the scarecrow’s hairdo, while a can hat brings everything together. Finish off your masterpiece by painting a charming face, and you’ll have a delightful fall-themed decoration ready to greet the season.

Make Your Own Scarecrow

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Bring the warmth and charm of fall to your garden or yard with a homemade scarecrow that exudes authenticity and seasonal spirit. This traditional symbol of harvest time is made using simple materials like clothing, twine, hay bales, jute, and canvas for the face. To create this nostalgic character, start by measuring and cutting twine to fit the shirt and pants of your scarecrow. Then, secure the twine to form the body and arms of the scarecrow, and fill it with hay to give it shape. Use clothing to dress the frame, and craft a canvas face with a charming expression. Once the head is stuffed and attached, add personalized touches like gloves, boots, or a rope belt to bring your scarecrow to life. The result will be a unique and pleasant presence in your outdoor space this season.

Make a Garden Scarecrow With Rustic Junk

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Transform your outdoor space into a charming oasis by crafting a unique DIY scarecrow from recycled materials. This guide showcases an easy and budget-friendly project that combines creativity with functionality, keeping critters at bay while adding personality to your garden. Start by repurposing an 8ft landscape tie, a wooden tomato stake, and items from your craft stash to create a one-of-a-kind rustic decoration. Take it to the next level by crafting a headpiece from a clay pot and an old hat, adorned with a faux Forsythia necklace for a touch of whimsy. Top it off with a denim shirt for the ultimate rustic charm, all while letting your creativity bloom in your garden without breaking the bank.

Make a Scarecrow to Frighten Away Birds

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To safeguard your vegetable crops from pesky birds, create a DIY scarecrow using simple materials like bamboo canes, old clothes, tights, string, and straw or leaves. Start by crafting a sturdy frame for your scarecrow’s body using the bamboo canes and some basic knot-tying skills. Then, bring it to life with a head crafted from an old pair of pants, a hat, and some creative facial features – you can even add a funny or scary face to keep those birds at bay. Don’t forget to dress your scarecrow uniquely in the clothes of your choice, and consider giving it a personality by designing it as a favorite book or film character. With this DIY project, not only will you be protecting your garden from unwanted visitors, but you’ll also be adding a touch of creativity and whimsy to your outdoor space.

Best DIY Scarecrow for Halloween

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Transform your Halloween decorations with DIY scarecrows that breathe life into your yard. By repurposing old costumes and combining them with basic materials like pressure-treated boards, screws, hay, and wire, you can create a 6-foot-tall scarecrow that will delight trick-or-treaters and visitors alike.

With this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to construct the T-shaped frame, craft a scarecrow head form, stuff your creation with ease, and display it proudly in your yard. The possibilities are endless, from Peter Pan to Harry Potter, as you turn your outdoor space into a spellbinding Halloween wonderland. This fun, family-friendly project combines creativity, recycling, and holiday spirit, making it the perfect way to celebrate the spooky season.

How to Make Scarecrow With Kids

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Bring the magic of autumn to life by creating an eco-friendly DIY scarecrow with your kids. This delightful project utilizes everyday items like rubber bands, old clothing, safety pins, a hat, and straws or plastic bags for stuffing. As you work together, you’ll assemble the shirt and pants, shape the scarecrow by filling them with materials, craft a straw-filled head, and add a personalized touch with paint or glue. Don’t worry if your finished project can’t stand upright – this fun and creative activity captures the essence of fall without requiring any special standing skills.

How to Make Your Own Scarecrow

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Unlock the secrets to thriving cornfields by harmonizing with nature’s rhythms and employing clever pest deterrents. Discover the benefits of planting multiple corn varieties simultaneously, timing it according to sugar maple leaf size, which ensures optimal growth despite unpredictable weather conditions. By doing so, you’ll not only combat potential threats but also set your crop up for success.

One such threat is sweet-obsessed crows, notorious for decimating early sprouts. However, with a simple yet effective solution in hand – repurposing old garden hose pieces as decoy snakes – you can safeguard your harvest from these feathered pests. By periodically relocating the ‘snakes’ and combining them with a DIY noise-making scarecrow, you’ll create an impenetrable barrier that keeps crows at bay until your corn reaches a height resistant to their attacks.

This dual-pronged approach not only protects your crop but also fosters a healthy environment for your plants to flourish, paving the way for a bountiful harvest.

Easy Steps to Make Scarecrow

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Bring the charm of fall to your backyard with a delightful DIY scarecrow project that’s perfect for the whole family. Not only will this homemade creation add a rustic touch to your yard, but it’ll also create cherished memories that you can treasure for years to come.

The best part? This project is incredibly cost-effective – all you need are some basic materials and a little creativity. You can expect to spend around just $2 on the entire project, making it an affordable way to add some personality to your outdoor space.

What’s truly special about this scarecrow is that it’s not just a decorative piece – it’s also a conversation starter. Imagine standing back and admiring your handiwork as it stands proudly among the pumpkins and mums in your yard, illuminated by a spotlight at night. It’s a truly magical experience.

As winter approaches, you can easily store your scarecrow away until it’s time to bring out another colorful fall season. So why not give it a try? With this fun-filled project, you’ll be adding a touch of creativity and whimsy to your yard in no time.

Quick and Easy DIY Mini Scarecrow

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Embrace the charm of autumn by crafting a DIY mini scarecrow, a whimsical symbol of the harvest season. This accessible project is perfect for kids and requires minimal tools. Using hay as the structural foundation, the scarecrow can be customized with doll clothes, yarn hair, and other decorative elements to reflect your personal style.

Gather materials including hay, rubber bands, burlap, doll clothes, yarn, scissors, craft wire, a drop cloth, and scarecrow accessories like hats, buttons, or permanent markers. Assemble the scarecrow’s body, legs, and arms using hay and rubber bands, attach clothing for a unique look, then create a burlap head and secure it with yarn hair.

Add a personal touch to your scarecrow’s face by incorporating chosen embellishments. Display this delightful autumnal decoration outdoors to spread festive cheer or create an entire family of scarecrows for added fun! This creative project not only celebrates the season but also fosters artistic expression and imagination.

How to Make a Friendly Scarecrow

Transforming your front doorstep into a warm and inviting space is as easy as crafting a charismatic scarecrow! This DIY project not only provides endless hours of fun for the whole family but also serves as a delightful home decoration. With a few simple materials like old clothes, two sticks, straw or newspaper for stuffing, and an old pillowcase for the head, you can create a one-of-a-kind scarecrow that exudes personality. Old overalls are particularly effective in keeping the scarecrow intact, although a shirt and pants combination with suspenders or DIY twine can also yield impressive results. The best part? Your scarecrow can even be designed to resemble a beloved family member! With a dash of creativity and humor, your entrance will be sure to put a smile on everyone who steps foot inside your home.

DIY Scarecrow for Garden

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This fall season, elevate your outdoor space with a charming DIY scarecrow that doubles as a functional and affordable guardian for your vegetable patch. Constructed from basic materials such as longboards, old clothing, straw, and twine, this rustic creation not only keeps unwanted creatures at bay but also adds a touch of autumnal charm to your backyard decor.

To bring your scarecrow to life, start by building its frame using the boards and nails. Then, give it a stylish makeover with old jeans and a shirt, filling any gaps with straw for a full-bodied appearance. Use felt and burlap to craft a face that’s both whimsical and endearing, topped off with an old hat for the quintessential scarecrow look.

Beyond its practical purpose of scaring away critters, this homemade scarecrow will undoubtedly enhance your garden’s autumnal ambiance. So gather your supplies and kick-start this fun project today!

Build a Scarecrow Using Wooden Garden Stakes

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Transform your garden or backyard with a captivating scarecrow, using readily available items like wooden stakes, old attire, and creativity. This DIY project serves a dual purpose – it adds a festive charm to your yard during fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, while effectively keeping unwanted critters at bay. By following simple steps, you can construct a visually appealing scarecrow frame, create the top and bottom halves, and add finishing touches. You won’t need elaborate materials; just wooden stakes, a hammer, old clothes, shoes, twine, straw or dried grass, and an old pillowcase will suffice. Breathe new life into your old clothes and shoes by turning them into a unique garden accessory, enjoying the added benefit of keeping garden pests at bay. Elevate your garden’s appeal with this easy, fun, and resourceful project today!

Easy DIY Fabric Strip Scarecrow

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Guarding your garden with a touch of whimsy? A DIY scarecrow project is an excellent way to achieve both functionality and visual appeal. This fun activity is perfect for bonding with kids while keeping those pesky crows at bay. Start by collecting some second-hand clothing from thrift stores, a hat to top it off, and a few pieces of lumber. Construct the framework by nailing two wooden planks together, ensuring the clothes are securely fastened to withstand any wind. Don’t forget to cut out holes in the outfit to accommodate the wooden frame’s shape. Finally, place your creation in the garden, adding some flair with accessories like a hat or bunting for an extra boost of movement. For optimal results, consider moving it around every now and then!

How to Make a Wooden Stakes Scarecrow

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Unleash your creative spirit and bring a playful touch to your vegetable patch with a DIY scarecrow project that’s perfect for a relaxing weekend afternoon. Inspired by the innovative gardening enthusiast Bonnie-Marie, this delightful endeavor combines artistry and practicality in a unique way. With an array of materials including wooden stakes, rope, hessian fabric, old clothing, straw, and a sewing machine at your disposal, you’ll be crafting a charming garden companion in no time. The process is surprisingly straightforward, with the most demanding aspect being the sewing of the hessian for the head – but don’t worry, alternative solutions are offered to ensure a successful outcome. Not only will this endearing scarecrow protect your garden from unwanted birds, but it will also inject a whimsical charm into your outdoor space. So why not start building your garden buddy today and relive fond childhood memories while enriching your green oasis?

DIY Scarecrow With Little Veggie Patch

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Transform your garden with this engaging DIY project, where you’ll create a one-of-a-kind scarecrow that’s both functional and full of personality. Using readily available materials like discarded clothing, boots, and wooden stakes, you’ll bring this unique piece to life. The process involves building a robust frame, dressing it up in a way that reflects your style, and giving it a face that’s either eerie or endearing, depending on your preference. The outcome? A garden guardian that not only deters wildlife but also adds charm to your vegetable patch. Take on the role of artist and builder, and enjoy the creative and practical journey of crafting your own scarecrow today!

Make Your Own Giant Scarecrow

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Transform your home into a spellbinding haven this Halloween with an enchanting DIY project that brings giant scarecrows to life. Begin by crafting the PVC framework, securing various pipe sections together using screws and a 4-way connector. As you build the foundation, infuse your creation with character by draping burlap over the arms and base, adding branch ‘hands,’ and securing the base with rope. To add a touch of traditional whimsy, sprinkle straw over the arms and base, then illuminate the night with LED lanterns. Finally, top off your masterpiece with a glowing pumpkin head for an otherworldly glow. This giant scarecrow is sure to cast a spell of fun and fright this Halloween season.

Handmade Garden Scarecrow

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Transform your outdoor space into a whimsical haven with a handmade scarecrow, an activity that’s as delightful for families as it is for school holiday projects. By upcycling old clothes, wooden stakes, straw, and other eco-friendly materials, you’ll not only create a charming addition to your garden but also contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. A nine-step guide will walk you through the process of crafting this ghoulish guardian, from constructing its frame to adding personality with accessories like hats, sunglasses, and scarves. As an added bonus, your scarecrow may just send some curious neighbors running – and it’ll do wonders for keeping pesky birds at bay. Whatever the occasion, your handmade scarecrow is sure to be a showstopper in any garden.

DIY Life-sized Scarecrow With Stand

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Transform your outdoor space into a vibrant hub of creativity by crafting a life-sized DIY scarecrow with a stand. This innovative project takes advantage of lightweight, waterproof PVC and packing materials, outshining conventional store-bought versions. To bring this vision to life, you’ll need PVC tubes, caps, and glue, as well as old clothes, a straw hat, raffia, and other household items. A step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of cutting and assembling PVC for the frame, creating the body and head, and adding the finishing touches – including a raffia ‘hair’ and customized face. By taking on this eco-friendly and engaging project, you’ll not only save money but also elevate your space with a one-of-a-kind charm that’s sure to captivate onlookers.


With the DIY scarecrow-making experience, you can breathe new life into your garden or seasonal celebrations by unleashing your creativity. By embracing a range of materials such as vintage clothing, repurposed plumbing supplies, or discarded tin cans, you’re not only creating a functional guardian for your plants but also crafting a unique and personalized masterpiece that reflects your personality. As you venture into the world of DIY scarecrow-making, you’ll discover endless possibilities to elevate your outdoor space with whimsy and charm.

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