25 Diy Plate Racks That Will Organize Kitchen Walls

Unique DIY Shiplap Plate Rack

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Transforming an ordinary kitchen wall into a stunning focal point, this DIY shiplap plate rack project is the ultimate solution for those seeking creative home decor inspiration. By repurposing an awkward space, this design combines functionality with aesthetics, filling the area with a stylish and practical plate rack. The process begins by installing trim on both sides of the desired rack space, followed by the addition of vertical shiplap to create visual contrast against the kitchen’s horizontal lines. Once the patching, caulking, and painting are complete, custom-cut shelves are introduced, adding a functional element to the design while maintaining its stylish appeal. Crossbars are then crafted and installed, providing an ideal spot for showcasing cutting boards, serving platters, or cookbooks. The finishing touch is a coat of Sherwin-Williams’ Iron Ore paint, boasting a matte finish that effortlessly hides imperfections and offers easy cleanup. The result is a beautifully crafted shiplap plate rack that adds warmth and charm to the kitchen while providing additional storage space.

Wooden Wall Plate Rack Design

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Create a stunning and functional DIY wall plate rack with a comprehensive, step-by-step plan that showcases your cherished china set or other decorative plates while optimizing space usage. The project requires basic carpentry tools like a miter saw, orbital sander, drill, and some affordable materials such as wood, screws, and glue.The finished rack seamlessly combines aesthetics and practicality, adding a personalized touch to your home decor while providing an organized storage solution for your china. This project is particularly well-suited for small kitchen spaces, offering an elegant display option without taking up excessive room. Join the movement of transforming homes with unique, handmade wooden creations by following this easy-to-follow guide to building your wall plate rack.

Free Cottage Plate Rack Plans

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Transform your kitchen into a cozy haven by crafting a unique DIY plate rack that reflects your personal touch. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of building an English cottage-inspired plate rack, from conceptualization to assembly. By combining functionality and charm, this project enables you to declutter your space, showcase your favorite ceramics, and infuse your home with a warm, rustic ambiance. The design boasts thoughtful features such as pegs for mugs and a top shelf for displaying vintage kitchen treasures. With accessible materials like lumber, dowels, and shaker pegs, the creation process is both enjoyable and straightforward. Embrace the beauty of imperfection and let the handmade essence make this rack truly one-of-a-kind.

Handmade Plate Rack for Wall

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Transform underutilized wall space into a practical and visually appealing DIY plate rack wall, ideal for smaller homes seeking to optimize storage and aesthetic appeal. This space-saving design accommodates platters, cutting boards, and decorative items, injecting unique charm into any room.

Crafted from basic materials such as four eight-foot 1-inch by 4-inch MDF boards, an eight-foot 1-inch by 3-inch board, screen molding, and paint, this project allows for personalization to suit your style and storage needs. The end result is a floor-to-ceiling plate rack wall that harmonizes functionality with beauty, satisfying the desire for organization and charm in one’s home.

How to Make Wall Mounted Plate Rack

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Transform a neglected corner of your kitchen into a stunning display of your favorite plates with this unique DIY plate rack project! By following these steps, you can turn an ordinary wall into an extraordinary focal point that adds charm and functionality to your kitchen. Here’s how: Start by crafting a frame using 2×1 wood pieces, then add intricate moldings for a touch of elegance. Next, secure the structure with screen moldings to hold your plates in place. Finally, give it all a finishing coat of ivory paint to seamlessly integrate the rack into any kitchen decor. The result is a show-stopping centerpiece that’s sure to delight. But this project is more than just a pretty face – it’s also a reminder to recognize the potential in forgotten things and let them shine. By doing so, you’ll be creating a beautiful display that not only adds aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, but also speaks to the importance of finding value in overlooked opportunities.

Make Your Own Plate Rack

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Elevate your home’s storage and style with this DIY plate rack, a clever and functional design that can be completed in no time. This afternoon project is perfect for enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetic and capacity while showcasing your creativity. To build it, you’ll need materials like 1×6, 1×2, and 1×4 planks, dowels, and pocket hole screws, finished with Danish oil walnut and DAP rapid fuse glue.

This unique design serves two purposes – providing a thoughtful storage solution for your dishes and adding a stylish focal point to your kitchen decor. Beyond its practicality, this project offers a fulfilling experience that lets you flex your creative muscles and display your skill. Dive into the step-by-step process and craft your customized plate rack today.

How to Build a Plate Rack

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Transform your kitchen into a haven of functionality and visual appeal by crafting a DIY open plate rack. This versatile project not only clears up counter space but also showcases your dinnerware in an artful manner, making it effortlessly accessible and pleasing to the eye.

Built with sturdy poplar or equivalent lumber for the sides and shelves, beadboard for the back, and hardwood dowels, this moderately challenging project is designed to provide durability and style. With a cost of approximately $120 for materials, this rack boasts an affordable price tag.

To mount the rack on your wall, you’ll employ French cleats crafted from wood or purchased in metal. By following this step-by-step guide, you can tailor the design to accommodate your dinnerware by adjusting the depth of the sides between shelves. Get ready to give your dishes a place to shine and elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic with this open plate rack.

Wall Plate Rack – Step-by-Step Instructions

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Transform your kitchen’s visual appeal with a simple DIY plate rack wall that perfectly showcases your cherished china collection without requiring significant space or storage. This ingenious solution leverages readily accessible materials such as wood, dowels, cup hooks, and screws, totaling around $57 in cost. The comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of measuring, cutting, and assembling the wood and dowels to create this functional rack, ideal for displaying your treasured dishes like Vera Wang Lace by Wedgewood. To complete the project, you’ll need to apply wood filler, sand, and paint the final product, resulting in a unique addition that adds a personal touch to your kitchen while keeping your fine china readily accessible.

Easy Plate Rack Building Plans

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Transform your kitchen space with this innovative DIY plate rack project, which boasts a unique design featuring rounded edges, curved elements, and an optional clever little drawer at the bottom. By utilizing scrap wood, you’ll not only create a functional storage solution but also make it an affordable venture. With tools and materials including a saw, nails, screws, and scrap wood, preparation and construction are straightforward and accessible for anyone undertaking this project.

This plate rack serves as a stylish storage solution for your plates while adding an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. The cleverly incorporated drawer at the bottom provides additional storage space for smaller items. Give your kitchen a well-deserved update by starting this DIY project today.

DIY Industrial Pipe Plate Rack

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Transform your home with a striking DIY industrial plate rack that adds a touch of urban flair to any room. This versatile piece not only fills vacant wall spaces but also provides a stylish display area for your dishes, platters, and other kitchen essentials.

To achieve this trendy design typically found in upscale stores like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, you’ll need just a few affordable materials: a Purebond plywood sheet, wooden planks, galvanized floor flanges, and street elbows. With a budget-friendly total of $225, you can create a statement-making piece that stands over 6ft tall.

This industrial plate rack serves not only as a functional storage solution but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space by blending modern design with a unique industrial twist. So why settle for ordinary when you can inject some character into your home? Get started today and bring a piece of urban chic into your life.

DIY Plate Rack Under $40

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Transform your kitchen with a one-of-a-kind DIY plate rack, tailored to your unique space needs. This beginner-friendly project lets you dictate the size and aesthetic of the rack, effortlessly fitting any wall or room. By leveraging cost-effective materials and simple tools – or having them expertly cut at the store – you’ll be amazed by how this creative organization solution can elevate your pantry or kitchen. With its practical yet stylish appeal, this DIY masterpiece is poised to make a significant impact on your daily routine, allowing you to proudly display your treasured platters and infuse your space with innovative flair.

How to Build a Wall-Mounted Plate Rack

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Transform your kitchen’s visual appeal with a DIY wall-mounted plate rack that showcases your plate collection in a creative and functional way. This innovative display allows for the layering of plates, guaranteeing a perfect fit for any space.To create this modern kitchen feature, you’ll need a few basic materials: 1x4s for shelves and frames, quarter-round molding, screen molding, wooden dowels, and standard tools. Feel free to get creative and adapt the structure to your unique requirements, adding decorative molding to elevate its visual appeal.The end result is a rack that can hold up to three plates per shelf or a large serving platter, allowing you to proudly display your century-old china or seasonal dishes. Start making this modern kitchen staple today and enjoy the benefits of having your treasured plate collection on full display.

Make a Plate Rack in the Kitchen

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Transform your kitchen into a cozy haven by creating a one-of-a-kind plate rack using simple materials like 1×3 and 1×4 boards, wood screws, glue, and imagination. With minimal effort, you can turn an empty wall into a warm and inviting space filled with your cherished dishware. Simply adjust the shelf spacing to accommodate your serving dishes, add a front trim for stability, and voilà! Your kitchen is now a reflection of your personal style. Plus, why not take it up a notch by incorporating cup hooks for additional mug storage? This quick and easy DIY project is perfect for revamping your kitchen with a dash of creativity.

Rustic DIY Farmhouse Plate Rack

Embrace the warmth of Fall by creating a cozy and affordable DIY plate rack that brings a touch of farmhouse charm to your kitchen. This budget-friendly project requires minimal materials, including scrap wood, wood glue, nails, a table saw, and a simple board. By replicating an Etsy-style piece tailored to your taste, you’ll achieve a unique and personalized decor piece without breaking the bank.

What sets this project apart is the added personal touch – rounded edges give it a quaint cottage feel, while hanging hardware ensures seamless installation. And the best part? This stunning plate rack can be yours for just $12. It’s a testament to the power of creativity and DIY ingenuity. By transforming your kitchen with this project, you’ll not only save money but also experience a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

DIY Small Plate Rack for Under $10

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Transform your kitchen into a charming space with this easy-to-create DIY plate rack. Using just a few simple materials – a 2x12x8′ board, six carriage bolts, and Gorilla super glue gel – you can craft a stunning display for your favorite dishes. To give it a personalized touch, trim the board to your desired length and finish it with your preferred wood stain (Early American from Varathane was used in this project). Take it up a notch by distressing the edges and corners, adding an element of rustic charm. This thoughtful addition not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides a practical storage solution for your plates, keeping them neatly organized and easily accessible. And the best part? It’s an affordable project that won’t break the bank, coming in at under $10 per rack – perfect for those who enjoy getting creative with their hands and appreciate functional design.

DIY Wooden Plate Rack

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Transforming your kitchen space into a warm and inviting haven is as easy as crafting a customized DIY wooden plate rack. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of creating a functional and visually appealing rack that’s a far cry from traditional plastic alternatives. Constructed from 5mm plywood board and 2cm wide Dowling, this handcrafted masterpiece offers unparalleled strength and beauty. To bring your vision to life, all you need are some basic tools like a jigsaw cutter, sander, and paint. The step-by-step instructions are designed to be easy to follow, allowing you to adjust the size to accommodate your unique plate and bowl collection. With a little patience and creativity, you can bid farewell to cluttered cupboards and inject a pop of color into your kitchen with this one-of-a-kind wooden plate rack project.

How to Make a Plate Rack Under $95

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Transform your dining space with a unique DIY plate rack, boasting an impressive height of eight feet and spanning seven feet in length. Crafted from just $95 worth of lumber, this storage masterpiece offers ample space across four shelves, perfect for showcasing your favorite dinnerware or storing cookbooks.For those eager to take on their first DIY furniture project, this endeavor is a great starting point. With materials including 2×12 and 2×3 boards, pocket hole screws, matte black spray paint, and Dark Walnut stain, you’ll be able to achieve a professional-looking finish with minimal effort.The comprehensive plans, step-by-step guide, and dash of determination are all you need to bring this modern plate rack to life in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to stylish storage solutions that elevate your dining space. Turn an underutilized area into a functional and attractive feature with this innovative project today!

Make Your Own Full-Length Plate Rack

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Transform your empty wall into a functional masterpiece with this straightforward DIY plate rack project. This clever solution caters to limited cabinet space, offering ample display opportunities for not just plates but also cutting boards, serving trays, decorative items, books, and more.

Standing at approximately 5 feet 2 inches tall and 3 feet wide, the rack seamlessly integrates into most interiors. To get started, you’ll need 1×4 and 1×2 lumber, brad nails, wood glue, and optional alternative fasteners. Follow along with detailed instructions, which include a comprehensive cut list and step-by-step assembly and finishing guidance.

This project allows you to optimize your wall space and infuse your room decor with an innovative touch. The harmonious blend of utility and style makes this plate rack a standout addition to any home.

Building a Plate Rack at Home

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Embark on a creative adventure to transform your kitchen space into an organized oasis by crafting custom DIY plate racks from readily available materials like 1″x 2″ and 0.25″ dowels, wood glue, and BEHR Chalk Decorative Aerosol paint. This project’s simplicity belies its impact: it streamlines cabinet clutter with precision-cut and carefully assembled dowel structures, then adds a stylish touch with a coat of paint. The racks are designed to fit snugly within your cupboards’ dimensions and accommodate the tallest plates, ensuring seamless integration. With an estimated cost of just $10-$15, this versatile project is both budget-friendly and practical, making it perfect for any kitchen. Start building your utilitarian plate racks today and enjoy the satisfaction of showcasing your favorite dishes with ease.

Easy DIY Antique Plate Rack

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Evoke the warmth of nostalgia with this charming homemade antique plate rack. By breathing new life into old ideas with a touch of creativity, you can create something truly special. This rustic wooden rack is an ideal accent piece for showcasing your treasured plates or platters. Constructed from sturdy 1″ x 1″ wood and ⅜” dowels, it’s a versatile design that can be tailored to suit your unique style. Embrace the beauty of imperfection – the subtle flaws only add character to this one-of-a-kind piece. So why not get hands-on, gather your tools, and join me on a journey of crafting something truly remarkable?

Homemade Plate Rack

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Transform the often-neglected space beside your fridge into a stylish plate storage solution with this ingenious DIY project. This minimalist design not only provides ample storage but also adds a touch of charm to your tiny kitchen. With just a few simple materials – 1 x 2 pine, screws, paint, and some trim for added safety – you can create a ladder-like structure with shelves that securely hold your plates. Simply attach the trim at the front, add a splash of color with your preferred shade of paint, and voilà! Your DIY addition will seamlessly integrate into your kitchen decor. This handy rack not only caters to your storage needs but also serves as a delightful display for your cherished plates. So, take advantage of this easy and innovative project today and utilize every inch of your kitchen space.

Simple DIY Ledge Plate Shelf

Transform your living spaces with a straightforward and budget-friendly DIY project that requires minimal effort and basic tools. Create elegant wooden display shelves for under $20 and in under 30 minutes, perfect for first-time DIYers or those looking to add a personal touch to their home decor. Customize the dimensions to fit your desired location, then bring life to a blank wall by dressing these shelves seasonally with cheerful spring colors, festive holiday decor, or any theme that suits your style. This pocket-friendly project is a practical way to beautify your home without breaking the bank.

DIY Built-in Plate Rack

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Transform your living space into a haven of creative expression by constructing a DIY grown-up plate rack that seamlessly blends functionality with visual appeal. This project’s harmonious fusion will undoubtedly captivate any visitor, showcasing your personal touch and flair.

The process begins with the construction of a simple pine frame affixed to your chosen wall, followed by the addition of decorative molding to each shelf. To provide stability for larger plates, two rows of screen molding are strategically added, bringing the project’s assembly to a close. The resulting plate rack can be effortlessly transformed into a recipe wall or a monochromatic display, catering to your unique creative vision.

Embrace your adulthood and indulge in this engaging DIY endeavor, infusing your home with personality, uniqueness, and a tangible sense of accomplishment that will leave you feeling proud and fulfilled.

DIY Inside Cabinet Plate Rack

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Transform your kitchen into a haven of organization and charm with a bespoke DIY plate rack. This practical yet elegant solution will keep your kitchenware in check, starting with the simple task of cutting dowels to fit your cabinet’s unique dimensions, leaving just enough room for adjustment. Next, carefully mark and drill holes on the square dowels for the round ones to secure snugly. Don’t forget to dry fit all components before securing them with glue at each round dowel’s end. The key is patience, as this step requires attention to detail. To accommodate your cabinet’s face frame, assemble the rack in parts within the cabinet itself, ensuring precise alignment behind the frame before marking screw locations. A finishing touch involves sanding, priming, and painting the rack to match your desired aesthetic. Finally, add your plates and revel in your handiwork – a stylish and functional addition to your kitchen that’s sure to delight.

How to Make Your Own Floating Plate Rack

Elevate your kitchen’s visual appeal and optimize its functionality with a custom-made DIY floating plate rack. This creative solution seamlessly combines style and practicality, transforming your walls into a stunning display of plates. By incorporating this space-saving design, you can effortlessly add a touch of modern flair to even the most compact areas, making it an ideal choice for small kitchens. The process of building this innovative rack is surprisingly straightforward, requiring only basic materials like wood and screws. Even those new to DIY projects will find the method easy to follow, making it an excellent starting point for beginners. This practical solution not only keeps your dishes organized but also adds a contemporary twist to your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. By incorporating this unique project into your home decor, you’ll be able to infuse your space with a personal touch that sets it apart from the rest.


Embracing the creative spirit, DIY plate racks present an accessible means to bring order to your kitchen while showcasing your cherished dishware. The abundance of customizable designs – from modern shiplap styles to rustic farmhouse aesthetics – ensures there’s a perfect fit for every taste and skill level. By taking on this DIY endeavor, you’ll have the flexibility to craft wall-mounted, shelf- or cabinet-based plate racks that seamlessly integrate with your space and personal flair. As a result, adding a touch of uniqueness to your kitchen is as simple as embarking on a DIY plate rack project today.

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