25 Diy Outdoor Serving Stations / Table / Cart / Bar

DIY Butcher Block Rolling Grill Cart:

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Create an impressive outdoor grill station with a sturdy, tiered shelving system. To achieve this, start by constructing three thick and robust wooden shelves that can be combined to form a frame in a stacked configuration. The wooden shelves will be nestled within angle iron lengths, providing a strong and long-lasting base for your grill cart. A bold red finish will add a pop of color to the frame, while the wood tones of the shelves provide a natural contrast. To complete the project, simply install rolling casters and you’ll have a functional and stylish outdoor cooking station that can withstand the elements for years to come. For a step-by-step guide, visit jenwoodhouse.

Adorable DIY Outdoor Rolling Console & Giveaway:

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Craft a show-stopping outdoor serving station that boasts a roomy design and features two built-in shelves, perfectly suited for storing utensils, food, and refreshments. To begin, construct the frame using custom-cut and sturdy wooden lengths. Next, create a visually appealing display by arranging wooden planks in a cross-hatched pattern across each level. This magnificent outdoor serving station is sure to elevate your gatherings to the next level! For a comprehensive guide on how to bring this project to life, visit jaimecostiglio.

How To Make Pipe Bar Cart:

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When it comes to crafting a robust outdoor serving station, pairing wood and metal can yield exceptional results. One innovative approach is using a metal plumbing pipe frame, which can be tailored to fit your unique design preferences. To bring this vision to life, begin by resizing the pipes and connecting them with custom joints and connectors. Once the framework is established, secure wooden shelving levels onto appointed metal supports. With this clever combination, you’ll have a functional and stylish bar cart that’s sure to impress. For a comprehensive guide on how to execute this project, look no further than alifedesigned for step-by-step visual instructions.

Build Your Own a Murphy Bar:

Imagine the joy of discovering a unique, handmade outdoor serving station that effortlessly combines functionality with style. This one-of-a-kind piece is crafted by skilled hands, boasting storage compartments that seamlessly integrate into the wall. As you unfold it, the Murphy bar transforms into a beautiful tabletop or desk, perfect for preparing and serving drinks, food, and memories to your guests. The clever design allows you to stash essential items like food, drink bottles, and more in the wall compartments, keeping everything within easy reach. If you’re looking for another innovative DIY project to bring joy to your outdoor spaces, this handmade serving station is sure to inspire you. For a comprehensive guide on how to create one of these masterpieces, be sure to check out Hunker’s tutorial.

DIY Outdoor Serving Station:

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Transform your outdoor or garden space by creating a one-of-a-kind serving station inspired by the Murphy bar. This handcrafted serving station boasts a unique feature – a folding down flat surface supported by metal chains, offering ample room for food preparation and display. The pine boards used in its construction provide a sturdy base, while the built-in box unit mounted on the wall offers clever storage compartments. A hinged lid folds down to reveal a flat working surface, perfect for mealtime or entertaining purposes. To add a personal touch, the serving station is finished in a charming dark pink and white color scheme, with vinyl lettering used as stencils adding a whimsical flair to the folding down surface. For step-by-step guidance on building this remarkable project, visit Classy Clutter for the complete tutorial.

Easy DIY Outdoor Entertainment Table:

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To create a versatile outdoor serving station that’s both easy to make and functional, consider repurposing a 20-gallon planter, PVC pipe, and a round wooden plywood disc. Begin by using the PVC pipe as a pole and attaching the plywood round to it. Secure the bottom of the PVC pipe in the planter using cement. Next, fill the planter with ice cubes and let your beverage bottles chill before serving them from the upper round top. This unique serving station is perfect for outdoor gatherings and events.

DIY Rolling Grill Cart and BBQ Prep Station:

Inspired by traditional butcher blocks, this stunning and resilient grill cart is a testament to the beauty of DIY craftsmanship. To create this masterpiece, you’ll need to construct three sturdy wooden shelves using flat-packed planks arranged in slatted patterns. Once the shelving levels are built, simply attach them to four equal lengths of metal angle iron using screws. Finally, add some custom hardware wheels to complete your hand-built industrial-style grill cart. With proper care, this magnificent piece is expected to last for a decade or more. To get started, check out the full project tutorial and instructions at manmadediy.

How To Build Grill Cart or Bar Cart:

Imagine a grill cart that does it all – not only does it provide ample space for your cooking essentials, but also doubles as a beverage cooler. This innovative design features two built-in shelves, perfect for storing utensils, custom food items, and other must-haves. But that’s not all; the cart also comes equipped with metallic copper side hooks and a towel rack, making it incredibly functional. And to top it all off, this impressive grill cart is complete with wheels, allowing for easy movement around your outdoor space. Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or simply looking for a convenient way to store your grilling gear, this dual-functional model has got you covered.

Awesome DIY Outdoor Serving Station:

For those seeking a space-efficient outdoor serving station that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, this ingenious creation is sure to impress. Inspired by traditional Murphy bars, this project features a wall-mounted storage unit paired with a folding flat surface, perfect for hosting gatherings or casual get-togethers. The pièce de résistance lies in the clever use of pine boards to construct a custom storage box with compartmentalized storage. Meanwhile, two project panels have been utilized to create the fold-down surface and back panel of the storage unit. If you’re ready to bring this serving station to life, grab the comprehensive free tutorial and instructions from Apartment Therapy.

How To Turn A Sewing Table Into A Drink Station:

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Looking for a creative way to repurpose old sewing tables as functional outdoor serving stations? Look no further! By upcycling these tables, you can create unique spaces perfect for food and drink preparation. Take the example of this DIY drink station that features an ice box to keep your beverages at the perfect temperature. The table’s edged surface also provides ample space for preparing and serving food and drinks. With a little creativity and some basic materials, you can transform old sewing tables into functional outdoor serving stations that will elevate your gatherings and parties. Check out the complete tutorial here for more inspiration and guidance.

Make Your Own Grilling Cart:

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Imagine a grilling cart that not only provides ample storage but also exudes an industrial-chic vibe. That’s exactly what this fantastic outdoor serving station offers, featuring three levels of shelves made from plumbing metal pipes. To add to its functionality, two additional boxes are attached to either side of the top level, perfect for storing utensils or condiments. The frame’s sturdy foundation is completed by a towel rack, making it easy to keep your workspace tidy. The wooden shelving levels have been painted in a light pink hue, adding a touch of whimsy to the overall design. To ensure seamless movement, caster wheels are also included. With its unique blend of form and function, this DIY project is sure to impress. You can replicate the look by following the free instructions and tutorial available at decorandthedog.

How To Build A Grill Cart:

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This industrial-grade serving station stands out for its innovative features. The top level is designed not only for food preparation but also for simultaneous service, ensuring a seamless experience. A wooden compartment at the bottom accommodates a plastic Igloo cooler, keeping beverage bottles chilled for extended periods. The sturdy square or rectangular frame is constructed from angle iron lengths, with extra wood used to fill in the surfaces. For a comprehensive guide on building this unique serving station, please visit creatingreallyawesomefunthings.

Make Your Own Outdoor Serving Center:

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Inspired by outdoor serving stations, this impressive design combines functionality and style. The sliding top effortlessly glides open to reveal a cleverly hidden beverage cooler section, while also providing a spacious surface for crafting and serving refreshing drinks. Constructed with sturdy legs and rails as the foundation, the frame is then augmented with additional wood slats for added durability. This exceptional serving station is built to last and is sure to spark creativity and inspire outdoor gatherings. For a comprehensive guide on how to build this masterpiece, head over to buildsomething.

Build Potting Bench & Outdoor Buffet Table:

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Transform old furniture into functional outdoor serving stations without breaking the bank! Take, for instance, an upcycled potting bench that’s been repurposed as a buffet table. This clever design features a built-in shelf for storing essentials and metal hooks to hang items with style. And, to complete the look, some plumbing scraps have been ingeniously used to create a side towel rack. To recreate this unique serving station, grab the comprehensive free tutorial and instructions from attagirlsays.

DIY Outdoor Entertainment Table:

Transform your outdoor gatherings with creative uses for tin buckets. Start by designing a unique serving station or entertainment table using metal pipes and custom connectors. Place a larger bucket in the center, filled with ice to serve as a beverage cooler, and hang smaller buckets from the upper supports of the pipe frame. Fill each bucket with a variety of refreshments and items, such as snacks, drinks, and decorative elements. For inspiration, check out our sample entertainment table design and tutorial, available here: lilluna

DIY Sewing Table Turned Party Cooler & Drink Table:

One creative outdoor serving station hack that’s sure to impress is the transformation of an old sewing table into a vibrant party cooler and drink table. The result is nothing short of fantastic, with the turquoise finish adding a pop of color and visual appeal. Imagine being able to serve refreshing drinks and snacks in style, all thanks to a clever upcycle. And the best part? You can replicate this look by downloading the full free guide and visual tutorial from sweetcsdesigns.

How To Make Outdoor Serving Station:

Let your creativity soar by drawing inspiration from this stunning outdoor serving station, expertly crafted to impress. Notice how the combination of pine wood boards and a project panel brings this Murphy bar to life? The versatility of the design lies in its ability to be customized with different dividers, creating multiple storage compartments within a wooden box. Imagine installing it against an outdoor wall, finishing it with a folding lid or table surface that can be securely supported by metal chains. For added inspiration, take note of the sample wall hanging serving station, beautifully painted white. To bring this idea to life, head over to livelaughrowe for the complete free tutorial and instructions.

Build Your Own Stock Cabinet Cart:

Another standout feature of this outdoor serving station is its ability to seamlessly combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. The cabinet cart boasts a stylish edge-top design, perfect for presenting refreshments in a visually appealing manner. Crafted from a blend of MDF, poplar boards, and birch plywood, the unit’s rustic charm is undeniable. With ample storage space at your disposal, this outdoor serving station is sure to impress guests and friends alike. So why not get ready to entertain with confidence? Simply download the accompanying full guide and visual instructions from Lowe’s and start building your very own masterpiece today!

DIY Dual Purpose Party+Potting Table:

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Imagine the versatility of an outdoor serving station shaped like a table. Its dual functionality is truly remarkable, allowing you to transform it into a party table or planter box with ease. All you need is a wooden table base with drilled holes in the top to accommodate ice boxes or planters. Fill the containers with ice cubes and you have a functional party table, while filling them with potting soil allows for a beautiful planter box. This innovative idea is easy to replicate and can add a unique touch to any outdoor gathering.

DIY Pallet Outdoor Drinking Station:

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When it comes to creating rustic outdoor entertainment tables at home, don’t overlook the potential of rustic pallets. Take inspiration from this innovative drinking station that repurposes old pallets into a unique ice box. The sink-turned-ice-box is a clever touch, and the hinged top lid adds an extra layer of functionality. But what really makes this piece stand out are the personal touches – like the arrow sign and custom letter decal – which add a dash of personality to the overall design. If you’re looking for another outdoor serving station idea to try at home, be sure to check out the tutorial and instructions on how to create your own rustic pallet masterpiece!

How To Build Drink Station:

Transform an old side table into a stunning outdoor drink station with minimal investment. By drilling a larger hole in the top of the table, you can fit an ice bucket and create a visually appealing party setup that’s perfect for outdoor gatherings. The best part? This upcycled creation is essentially free! If you’re eager to replicate this hack, head over to Ishouldbemoppingthefloor for the complete guide and step-by-step visual instructions.

DIY Rolling Outdoor Island:

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For seasoned woodworkers with a wealth of experience, building professional-grade outdoor kitchen designs, buffet tables, or serving stations at home is a feasible and exciting project. One such inspiration-stimulating design is the modern rolling outdoor island, which combines a grill station with separate compartments for storing essentials and treats. This versatile creation will undoubtedly captivate your imagination. To replicate this innovative design, follow the comprehensive tutorial and instructions available from Pneumatic Addict.

DIY Upcycled Beverage Station:

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Transforming discarded materials from your home into a stunning beverage station is an innovative way to upcycle and create something truly unique. Take, for instance, an old door, porch spindles, and custom scrap boards. By repurposing these items, you can build a visually appealing beverage station that’s both functional and eye-catching. The key to this project’s success lies in the clever use of materials – the well-sanded and painted old door provides a handsome backdrop, while the spindles support the front shelf and serve as legs. Shelf brackets have been installed to add levels to the shelves, giving your beverage station a polished finish.

Simple DIY Vintage Chair Drink Stand:

Transforming an old vintage chair into a functional drink stand is a brilliant way to give waste a new purpose. With no cost involved, this eco-friendly hack requires minimal effort but yields maximum results. To create this clever stand, all you need to do is drill a larger hole in the seat of the chair to accommodate a bigger ice bucket. This innovative solution comes with a rope handle for easy lifting, making it convenient to carry and store. Once completed, embellish your drink stand with custom details and get ready to impress your friends at your next gathering. For a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this unique project, visit ohmy-creative for the full instructions.

How to Build Grilling Cart:

For woodworkers who enjoy crafting unique pieces, building this grilling cart can be a fun and rewarding project. Additionally, it makes for an excellent gift for outdoor party enthusiasts. To create this impressive serving station, start by constructing custom wooden shelves or slats using high-quality planks. Next, attach them to angle iron lengths with screws, resulting in a visually appealing cart that will withstand the test of time. This particular model features a grand-edge top and two built-in shelving levels, giving it a stunning appearance. You can find the full instructions and tutorial on HomeDepot.

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