15 Diy Nerf Gun Storage Ideas (How To Store Nerf Guns)

Crafting a personalized solution for storing your Nerf guns is an exciting adventure that combines creativity with practicality. With 15 innovative DIY concepts at your disposal, finding the ideal approach to keep your collection organized and within reach is crucial. This comprehensive guide not only offers expert advice but also provides a unique opportunity to express your personality and style through your storage setup. As you embark on this creative journey, it’s essential to consider not just the aesthetic appeal of your storage solution but also its functionality, ensuring that your Nerf guns are safely stowed away while adding a touch of flair to your surroundings. By understanding your specific storage needs, selecting the most suitable materials, and bringing your vision to life, you’ll be able to design a customized system that not only tames the chaos in your space but also reflects your individuality. Whether you’re looking to proudly display your Nerf guns or keep them discreetly stowed away, this guide will walk you through each step of the process, guaranteeing a storage solution that is both safe and stylish. Ready to uncover the perfect approach for storing your Nerf guns? Let’s dive into the next section for some inspiring ideas.

Why Store Nerf Guns Properly?

Storing Nerf guns in an organized manner has multiple benefits. Firstly, proper storage safeguards them from environmental factors like dust, moisture, and direct sunlight, which can cause wear and tear. This ensures your blasters remain in top condition, ready to engage in battles at a moment’s notice.

Secondly, efficient storage solutions make the most of vertical space, freeing up floor area and reducing clutter. Nerf guns can be bulky, taking up valuable space in homes with limited room. By utilizing custom racks or pegboards, you can minimize their footprint and maintain a tidy environment.

Thirdly, storing Nerf guns correctly promotes safety, particularly in households with young children. This is achieved by keeping blasters out of reach when not in use, reducing the risk of accidents and creating a safe environment for everyone.

Furthermore, having a dedicated storage space encourages responsibility among users, teaching them to put things back where they belong after use. This habit-forming aspect is beneficial for both children and adults, instilling a sense of accountability for one’s belongings.

Additionally, an organized storage system enables quick access to your Nerf guns when needed. Whether it’s for an impromptu battle or a planned skirmish, you’ll know exactly where each blaster is stored, allowing for seamless retrieval.

Lastly, a well-thought-out storage solution can also serve as a display for your collection, showcasing your arsenal in style and turning it into the room’s focal point. The key to effective Nerf gun storage lies not just in tidiness but also in maintaining the quality and longevity of your blasters. By considering these reasons, you can choose a storage solution that suits your needs.

How to Get Started with DIY Nerf Gun Storage

Transforming a chaotic space into a vibrant play zone can be achieved by organizing a collection of Nerf guns and accessories. This DIY project not only enhances the fun factor but also prioritizes safety. To get started, follow this easy-to-follow guide and turn your blasters into a display-worthy collection that’s always ready for action.

Understand Your Needs

To craft an efficient storage solution for your Nerf gun collection, start by evaluating your requirements. Think about the number and size of your guns, the available space, and who will be using them. This assessment will guide your decision on the most suitable type of storage, which might include a wall-mounted pegboard, a rack, or even an innovative approach that suits your unique needs.

Choose Your Storage Type

When it comes to storing a collection of items, there are several options to consider, each with its own unique advantages. For those looking to maximize floor space, wall-mounted storage is an excellent choice. This type of setup allows for easy display and retrieval of items, making it ideal for showcasing a prized collection. Pegboards are particularly popular due to their versatility and customizability.For larger collections or outdoor storage needs, a standing rack may be the way to go. Made from materials like PVC pipes or wooden racks, these structures provide ample space for storing a wide range of items. This type of setup is particularly well-suited for outdoor use, as it can withstand various weather conditions.In tight spaces or when looking to store smaller blasters and accessories, over-the-door organizers are an excellent option. These compact storage solutions are perfect for maximizing the use of available space, making them a great choice for those with limited room.

Gather Materials

To bring your storage solution to life, start by assembling the essential materials. If you’ve chosen a pegboard, you’ll need the board itself, along with pegs, a drill, and potentially some paint to give it a personalized touch. For a PVC rack, gather the necessary PVC pipes, joints, and glue. Additionally, consider having screwdrivers, drills, and possibly saws on hand, as their use may depend on the specific details of your project.

Installation and Assembly

When it comes to organizing your Nerf arsenal, three popular options are pegboards, racks, and over-the-door storage. To set up a pegboard, start by marking the wall where you’ll hang the board, ensuring it’s level before securing it with screws. Next, attach pegs and arrange your Nerf guns and accessories in a way that makes sense for your playing style. For a rack, begin by cutting your materials to size according to your design, then assemble using glue or screws. Be sure to test the stability of the rack before adding your Nerf blasters. If you opt for over-the-door storage, simply hang the organizer over the door and start placing your Nerf guns in the pockets. As needed, adjust or modify the pockets to fit larger items like scopes or stockpiles of darts.

Customize and Organize

Tailor-made storage solutions can elevate the overall experience of storing your Nerf arsenal. Get creative and give your pegboard or rack a personalized touch by painting it to match your unique style. Labels can also be added for categorizing different types of guns, while specific areas can be designated for accessories. Once you’ve set up and customized your storage space, take it to the next level by organizing your Nerf guns by size, type, or frequency of use. This thoughtful approach will help keep your collection tidy, easy to maintain, and a joy to interact with.

Safety and Maintenance

When it comes to storing toys that can potentially harm children, such as airsoft guns, soft-tip pellets, and darts, safety should be your top priority. To mitigate any risks, ensure all projectiles are stored separately from the devices they’re designed for, and keep them in a secure location that’s out of reach for little ones. Regularly inspect your storage system to guarantee its stability and make adjustments as your collection evolves or grows.


Starting a DIY Nerf gun storage project is an exciting endeavor that combines functionality with self-expression. By embracing the process, you can create a unique display that showcases your passion for Nerf guns while maintaining accessibility. This undertaking encourages creativity, organization, and a sense of pride as you bring your collection to life. The joy of sharing your experience and results with fellow enthusiasts adds an extra layer of fulfillment.

FAQs on DIY Nerf Gun Storage Solutions

When it comes to keeping your DIY Nerf guns in top condition, a well-organized storage solution is crucial. This section tackles the most frequently asked questions about creating and sustaining effective storage systems, ensuring your blasters remain easily accessible and battle-ready at all times.

How can I store Nerf guns without taking up too much space?

When it comes to maximizing storage capacity in a compact area, it’s essential to think vertically. Consider installing pegboards or wall-mounted racks that make the most of your available wall space. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep your floor clear and maintain a clutter-free environment.

What materials do I need for a DIY Nerf gun storage project?

The materials required to create your storage solution depend on the specific type of setup you’re aiming to build. For instance, a pegboard demands a board itself, alongside pegs, and potentially some decorative flair with paint or stickers. On the other hand, constructing a PVC rack necessitates gathering PVC pipes, joints, and suitable adhesive for assembly. Additionally, having basic tools like a drill, screwdrivers, and a saw handy will be helpful in cutting materials to precise sizes.

Can I customize my Nerf gun storage?

Customizing storage solutions for firearms can be a fun and creative process. Rather than opting for plain and uninteresting designs, consider adding pops of color through paint or vibrant hues. Add some personality to your storage by labeling different compartments for specific gun types, allowing you to easily identify what’s inside at a glance. For an extra touch, decorate with stickers and decals that complement the aesthetic of your room, making it a unique and personalized space.

How do I ensure my Nerf gun storage is safe?

In the context of family life, safety is paramount. When it comes to homes with children, it’s essential to prioritize secure storage solutions for potentially hazardous items like firearms and darts. A good starting point is to ensure that all guns are stored unloaded, while darts should be kept in a separate location to prevent accidental discovery or misuse. Furthermore, it’s crucial to verify the stability of any freestanding racks or standing storage units regularly to mitigate the risk of accidents.

Is it possible to make a Nerf gun storage solution on a budget?

Affordable DIY storage solutions often start with repurposing everyday items or sourcing affordable materials from hardware stores. Pegboards, for instance, are an economical option that can be easily installed in many spaces. Additionally, PVC pipes and other recycled materials can also be leveraged to create functional storage without breaking the bank.

How do I maintain my Nerf gun storage system?

When it comes to maintaining your storage solutions, a crucial aspect is ensuring the stability of your mounted storage. This involves double-checking that the storage remains securely fastened to the wall, taking into account any changes in the size or weight of your collection over time. Additionally, for racks and freestanding storage units, regular inspections are necessary to identify and address signs of wear and tear, making timely repairs as needed to prevent damage or instability.

How can I display my Nerf gun collection stylishly?

To elevate your Nerf gun collection, consider designing a feature wall with a pegboard or custom shelving that showcases your weapons in an artistic manner. Strategically utilize lighting to draw attention to unique pieces and organize them by type, color, or usage frequency for a visually stunning display. By doing so, you’ll be able to create a storage solution that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By addressing these common questions, we aim to guide you in crafting a storage system that meets your practical, stylish, and specific needs, whether you’re an experienced collector or just starting your Nerf blaster journey.

15 DIY Nerf Gun Storage Ideas (How to Store Nerf Guns)

Unleash the power of creativity by transforming your space into a sleek and organized haven for your Nerf gun collection. Explore innovative solutions that merge functionality with style, as we delve into 15 ingenious DIY storage ideas that will keep your arsenal in top shape.

How to Make Nerf Gun Storage

Are cluttered play areas getting in the way of fun? Create a DIY Nerf Gun Storage with a wall-mounted shelf to declutter and showcase your collection. This comprehensive guide takes you through every step, from gathering materials to securing the mount. With this solution, you’ll reclaim your playroom and have your Nerf arsenal neatly organized. Bid farewell to messy spaces and hello to a harmonious blend of fun and functionality.

DIY Nerf Gun Storage Wall

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Transforming the playroom into a haven for Nerf enthusiasts has never been easier. By crafting a DIY Nerf Gun Storage Wall, you can effortlessly keep your arsenal of toys and accessories in check. Not only will this project eliminate clutter, but it’ll also add a stylish touch to any space. Perfect for families battling with disorganization, this simple guide will walk you through the process of creating a dedicated area for your Nerf collection. With affordable materials like pegboards, wooden planks, and pegs, you’ll be able to customize your storage solution to suit both kids and adults alike. As you bid farewell to chaos and hello to a meticulously organized play zone, you’ll be amazed at how this clever DIY project can bring order and harmony to your home.

Nerf Wall Pegboard Storage Ideas

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Transform an often-overlooked area behind a door into a functional storage spot with our step-by-step guide on Nerf Wall Pegboard Storage. By following this easy DIY project, you’ll learn how to install a pegboard and securely hang peg hooks for your Nerf Blasters and attachments. With materials readily available at home, say goodbye to the chaos of scattered blasters and hello to a stylishly organized space showcasing your collection.

Simple DIY Nerf Gun Storage Solution

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Transform the chaos surrounding your Nerf gun collection with an effortless and effective DIY solution that will leave you wondering how you ever tolerated disorganization. By utilizing pegboards to create a customized storage system, you’ll be able to hang your blasters and darts in a neat and accessible manner. This low-cost method is perfect for parents tired of tripping over stray foam projectiles or constantly searching for a specific toy. With each piece having its designated spot, the clean-up process becomes as easy as loading up your next attack. For those seeking a step-by-step guide to achieving this tidy tactical corner, visit Thrifty Decor Chick for inspiration.

Making a Pegboard NERF Gun Storage

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Transform the chaos of scattered NERF guns and darts into a fun and organized space with a DIY Pegboard NERF Gun Storage solution. For just $55 and 20 minutes of your time, you can create a customized hanging storage system that not only keeps your gear tidy but also adds a unique decorative touch to any room. By leveraging basic materials like pegboard, drywall screws, vinyl spacers, and various pegboard accessories, you can say goodbye to clutter and hello to an organized space that both kids and adults will love. And with the added bonus of learning more about this easy project at Moments With Mandi, you’ll be well on your way to creating a functional and stylish storage solution that’s sure to bring joy and organization to your home.

DIY Nerf Gun Storage Pegboard

Simplify your living space by transforming it with a clever DIY Nerf Gun Storage Solution that’s both functional and visually appealing. By incorporating pegboards and hooks, you can create a neat display for Nerf guns and accessories, eliminating the frustration of scattered toys and cluttered rooms.

Take it to the next level by adding a splash of color with a painted border and injecting some personality with creative vinyl quotes. This project is perfect for parents seeking an organized and enjoyable way to store their children’s Nerf collections.

Not only will this idea enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, but it also ensures that everything stays in one place, leading to a happier, mess-free home.

Make Peg Board Nerf Gun Storage

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Exasperated by the constant tripping over scattered Nerf guns? Look no further for a brilliant solution to tame the chaos in your home and ensure seamless transitions between playtime and tidying up! By incorporating a peg board, some vibrant paint, and hooks into a DIY storage wall project, you’ll not only banish clutter but also inject a dash of personality into any room. This functional yet stylish creation will have you bidding adieu to messy floors and embracing the joy of organized fun.

DIY Peg Board Nerf Gun Wall Storage

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Transform any room into an ultimate destination for fun with a DIY Nerf Gun Wall that’s not only functional but also budget-friendly! With a project cost under $50, you can create a customized space that brings joy and order to your home. The best part? It’s surprisingly simple to make. All you need is a sheet of pegboard, some spray paint, mounting screws, washers, spacers, and a variety of hooks or baskets. Our step-by-step guide on Thriftyniftymommy will walk you through the process, ensuring your space becomes the go-to spot for play and excitement.

Nerf Gun Storage Using Peg Board

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Transforming a chaotic playroom into a haven of organization is as easy as a few simple steps. By following this DIY guide, you can create a customized pegboard wall specifically designed for storing Nerf guns and accessories. This practical solution will not only declutter your space but also add a fun touch to your child’s play area. Say goodbye to the frustration of stepping on stray Nerf bullets and hello to a more organized, stress-free playtime experience.

Turn Door Shoe Rack Into Nerf Storage

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Transforming toy chaos into a sense of serenity is just a clever hack away. Consider repurposing an over-the-door shoe rack to store smaller items like Nerf guns, keeping them tidy and easily accessible. By allocating the higher pockets for less frequently used toys, you’ll maintain a clutter-free zone that’s perfect for playtime. For more ingenious solutions to tame toy chaos, head to Moore Magnets and discover how to turn disarray into order.

DIY Wire Rack Nerf Storage

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Transforming your room into a vibrant showcase of your passion doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a DIY Nerf Gun/Airsoft Wall Display, you can not only declutter your space but also turn your collection into a stunning piece of decor. This engaging project is perfect for collectors and enthusiasts who want to proudly display their gear. By following the easy-to-understand instructions from Instructables, you’ll be able to create a personalized display wall that’s as functional as it is stylish.

DIY Nerf Gun Storage Rack

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Reclaim your backyard’s tranquility by transforming it from a cluttered battlefield to an organized armory using this clever DIY project. This weather-resistant storage rack is constructed from sturdy PVC pipe, featuring hooks designed specifically for hanging Nerf blasters. By keeping them off the ground and protected from the elements, you’ll maintain their performance and extend their lifespan.This ingenious solution not only saves space but also streamlines clean-up efforts. With a focus on practicality and style, this DIY project ensures every Nerf gun is accounted for and ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Say goodbye to disorganization and hello to a peaceful outdoor oasis.

Adorable DIY Nerf Gun Storage

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Unleash the joy of organized chaos by transforming your Nerf gun collection! Ashleigh Nicole’s ingenious DIY storage solution on YouTube is a game-changer. By repurposing a bookcase, pegboard, and hooks, this project streamlines the process of identifying, storing, and accessing each Nerf gun and its ammunition. Follow along with this engaging tutorial to create a visually appealing space that showcases your collection, perfect for parents and Nerf enthusiasts alike. With this simple guide, you can reclaim your space from clutter and get back to what matters most – having fun!

Best Way to Organize Nerf Collection

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Transforming chaos into order is just a pegboard away! If you’re tired of digging through a disorganized Nerf collection, we’ve got the solution for you. Our DIY guide shows you how to create a functional and stylish pegboard on a budget. From sourcing the right materials to adding creative ammo storage ideas, we’ll walk you through every step. Not only will your playroom be clutter-free, but it’ll also get a splash of color from this easy-to-follow tutorial.

How to Make Your Own Peg Board – DIY Nerf Storage

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Transform your workspace with a DIY peg board, an effortless way to banish clutter and boost organization instantly. The best part? This easy, budget-friendly project requires minimal effort and resources – just an old piece of furniture, a drill, some drill bits, and pegs. To master the art of creating a customized pegboard without breaking the bank, follow a simple step-by-step guide that’s waiting for you at justajolt.com. Imagine having a designated spot to store your favorite Nerf blasters and accessories, keeping everything tidy and within reach. Say goodbye to disorganization with this practical solution.

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Organizing outdoor play spaces is essential to creating a harmonious and enjoyable experience for kids. When toys and equipment are scattered haphazardly across the yard, it can quickly become overwhelming and stressful for both children and parents. Fortunately, there are effective ways to keep the chaos at bay by implementing creative storage solutions. From repurposing old furniture to cleverly utilizing outdoor structures, these innovative ideas will transform your outdoor play space into a tidy and inviting area that fosters imagination and creativity.


Mastering DIY Nerf gun storage solutions is an innovative approach to preserving the integrity of your collection while keeping it readily available. By recognizing your specific needs, selecting the most suitable storage type, and tailoring your setup, you can craft a system that not only maintains order but also showcases your Nerf guns in a visually appealing manner. Moreover, good storage practices safeguard your toys, ensuring their longevity. By embracing these 15 DIY Nerf gun storage ideas, you’ll be able to revamp the way you store your Nerf guns, ultimately creating a more organized and aesthetically pleasing space that invites creative exploration.

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