20 Free Diy Chicken Tractor Plans And Ideas (How To)

Why Build a DIY Chicken Tractor?

Raising chickens in a DIY chicken tractor offers numerous benefits that benefit both your feathered friends and the ecosystem of your backyard. The advantages of this approach are multifaceted:One of the primary advantages is its space efficiency. A mobile chicken tractor allows you to raise chickens even in small spaces, ensuring they always have access to fresh ground. Its mobility also enables you to move it around your yard, keeping the chickens engaged and active.In addition to space efficiency, a DIY chicken tractor provides natural pest control. As the chickens forage, they eat bugs and weeds, helping to maintain a balanced ecosystem in your garden without the need for chemical pesticides or herbicides.The regular relocation of the tractor also allows for soil enrichment. The even distribution of chicken manure across your yard acts as a natural fertilizer, promoting healthier plant growth and improving the overall fertility of your soil.Another significant benefit is predator protection. Chicken tractors are designed to be secure and predator-proof, providing peace of mind that your chickens are safe from common predators like foxes, hawks, and raccoons.Building a DIY chicken tractor can also be a cost-effective solution for chicken housing. Many plans utilize repurposed or budget-friendly materials, making it an affordable option compared to constructing a permanent coop.Furthermore, the process of building and maintaining a chicken tractor offers valuable educational opportunities. It provides practical lessons in carpentry, animal husbandry, and sustainable gardening, making it a great way to spend time with your family while also learning new skills.In summary, a DIY chicken tractor provides a versatile, eco-friendly, and enriching environment for your chickens, while also contributing positively to the health and productivity of your backyard.

How to Build a Chicken Tractor

Creating a mobile chicken coop, also known as a chicken tractor, can be an achievable and rewarding project for both novices and experienced DIY enthusiasts. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to build a lightweight yet sturdy structure using readily available materials. The simplicity of the process makes it an ideal starting point for beginners, while its versatility ensures that seasoned DIYers will find it equally engaging.

Materials Needed

To build a chicken coop, you’ll need to gather some essential materials. For the frame of your coop, consider using 1.5 inch PVC pipe, which is durable and easy to work with. You’ll also need some wire mesh components: chicken wire for ventilation and cage wire for predator protection. To connect these elements together, furniture PVC couplers will be helpful. Make sure you have a supply of roosts made from sturdy 2×2 lumber. Additionally, secure everything in place using PVC glue and zip ties. Finally, keep your tools handy for cutting and drilling the materials to fit together properly.

Steps to Building Your Chicken Tractor

Before starting the construction of your chicken tractor, ensure you have a solid foundation by preparing a flat and level surface. This will guarantee that the base is square and stable, which is crucial for the overall structural integrity.Begin by laying out your PVC pipes and couplers on the ground. Assemble the outer frame first, ensuring each connection is tight and square. This will provide a strong base for the rest of the structure.Next, measure and cut your PVC pipe to size according to the desired dimensions of your coop. Connect the pipes using the PVC couplers to form the base and the frame of the coop. Apply glue to ensure all connections are secure and can withstand movement and use.To add extra stability to the structure, cut additional pieces of PVC to build vertical supports around the perimeter of your frame. Glue these supports into place, maintaining an even distribution around the coop for added structural integrity.Now it’s time to assemble the roof. Construct the roof frame separately and then attach it to the top of the vertical supports. Ensure the roof is tightly secured and provides sufficient slope for water runoff.For the chickens’ roosting comfort, use 2×2 lumber to build roosting bars and mount them securely inside the coop. Allow enough space for the chickens to perch comfortably.To secure your coop from predators and provide shelter, start by attaching chicken wire around the bottom portion of the coop. Use zip ties to pull the wire tight, but be careful not to over-tighten and damage the PVC frame. Apply cage wire over the top for added security.Finally, construct a light door frame out of PVC and attach it using zip ties as hinges for simplicity. Wrap the door in chicken wire to keep it consistent with the rest of the coop. Add a rope or handle to the front of the tractor to easily move it around your yard. Finally, trim any excess wire to avoid sharp edges.

Video Tutorial

For those who prefer a visual approach, we’ve created a step-by-step video tutorial that complements this written guide perfectly. By watching our DIY mobile chicken coop tutorial on YouTube, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the assembly process, making it easier to follow along with the instructions provided. The end result is a lightweight and mobile chicken coop that’s ideal for backyard poultry enthusiasts, offering both convenience and security for your feathered friends. With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating a cozy and thriving environment for your chickens.

FAQs on DIY Chicken Tractor Plans

Embarking on a DIY chicken tractor project can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, and it’s even more satisfying when you have the right information to get started. To help you begin your journey, here’s a comprehensive overview of what you need to know.

What is a chicken tractor?

A novel approach to raising backyard fowl, the chicken tractor is an innovative, mobile enclosure that eschews a traditional floor in favor of allowing hens to forage freely on lush greenery, hunt down pesky insects, and engage with the natural soil texture, all while maintaining a secure haven from potential predators.

Why use a chicken tractor instead of a stationary coop?

Chickens that roam freely can indulge in a diverse diet consisting of fresh grass and a variety of insects, leading to improved well-being. This natural grazing also enables them to regulate their own food intake, reducing the likelihood of overeating. Furthermore, they efficiently control pest populations in your garden by consuming unwanted insects and weeds. As an added benefit, their manure is dispersed evenly across your lawn as they move, providing a natural form of fertilizer. Additionally, by periodically relocating the coop, you can prevent chickens from concentrating on one area and causing damage or overgrazing. This innovative approach to integrated farming allows for a harmonious balance between your yard’s ecosystem and the health of your flock.

What materials are needed to build a chicken tractor?

The essential components for building a chicken coop typically consist of several key elements. At the foundation lies the structural framework, which can be constructed using PVC pipes or lumber. For added protection against predators, a layer of chicken wire or hardware cloth is crucial. The doors require hinges and latches to ensure secure entry and exit points. To facilitate easy relocation, wheels can be incorporated into the design. Finally, a selection of tools for cutting and assembling materials is necessary to bring the project to life.

How large should a chicken tractor be?

The amount of space needed for your flock ultimately hinges on the number of chickens you’re accommodating. As a rough guideline, it’s recommended to allocate approximately 10 square feet per bird, thereby guaranteeing they can roam freely and without restriction.

Can I build a chicken tractor if I’m new to DIY projects?

When exploring chicken tractor plans, it’s reassuring to find ones tailored for newcomers. As you browse through designs, focus on those that necessitate only fundamental tools and supplies. If you’re unsure about a particular component or material, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from the staff at your local hardware store – they’ll be more than happy to provide assistance.

How often should I move the chicken tractor?

In order to maintain a healthy balance between your lawn and your feathered friends, consider implementing a regular rotation schedule. Aim to move the chicken coop or enclosure daily, or every few days at most, depending on the size of your yard and the number of chickens you’re housing. This simple habit will prevent any damage to your grass while also providing your hens with a constant supply of fresh ground to peck and scratch.

Can a chicken tractor be used in all seasons?

While chicken tractors are suitable for use throughout the year in milder climates, those living in regions with brutal winters must consider alternative arrangements. As temperatures drop, it’s essential to either supplement the tractor with additional shelter or relocate your flock to a more robust coop designed to withstand harsh winter conditions.

What should I do if my yard is too small for a chicken tractor?

When it comes to designing your chicken tractor, consider opting for a compact layout or a vertical coop setup. This approach allows you to reap the advantages of mobility without having to dedicate a significant amount of space. Some plans are specifically tailored to accommodate small areas, providing a practical solution for those with limited space constraints.

How can I protect my chickens from predators in a chicken tractor?

To guarantee the chicken tractor’s integrity, opt for sturdy materials like hardware cloth over traditional chicken wire. This will significantly impede predators from infiltrating your coop. Additionally, contemplate installing a skirt along the base to prevent unwanted intrusions. Alternatively, you can secure the bottom with pegs or weights to add an extra layer of protection.

20 Free DIY Chicken Tractor Plans and Ideas (How To)

Unleash the creativity and flexibility of building your own DIY chicken tractor with 20 unique and innovative plans, all available at no cost. From novice builders to experienced enthusiasts, these designs will guide you through the process of constructing a mobile coop that meets the needs of your flock.

How to Make a Chicken Tractor

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Discover the art of crafting functional and efficient chicken tractors that cater to the needs of free-range meat chickens. Our concise guide offers crystal-clear dimensions, accompanied by illuminating photos, allowing you to construct a sturdy enclosure that comfortably accommodates up to 25 broilers. With an emphasis on simplicity, we walk you through the process of assembling essential components such as chicken wire and plywood, while also providing valuable insights on mobility and overall design. Whether you’re a seasoned homesteader or just starting out, our comprehensive guide will empower you to embark on your DIY journey, bringing your poultry-keeping aspirations to life.

Build a Chicken Tractor for Meat Birds

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If you’re looking to raise meat birds with minimal fuss, a DIY chicken tractor is an excellent solution. This movable enclosure keeps your flock healthy and safe while providing a clean, predator-proof environment that allows for fresh ground access daily. At Mama on the Homestead, we provide a step-by-step guide for building a 10’x5’x2′ chicken tractor, perfect for breeds like Cornish Cross and Red Rangers. With simple materials and clear instructions, you can create a sustainable habitat for your meat birds, promoting cleanliness and protection. By taking on this DIY project, you’ll be well on your way to achieving food security and enjoying the rewards of backyard poultry keeping.

DIY Mobile Chicken Coop

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Transform your backyard poultry experience with our chicken tractor plans featuring wheels, boosting mobility and flexibility. Combine the benefits of protection and free-ranging for your chickens with this DIY mobile coop design that streamlines cleaning efforts, preserves pasture health, and promotes a healthier flock. This 7-by-3-foot coop plan accommodates up to 14 chickens, prioritizing nighttime safety and ample egg-laying space. By embracing our sustainable approach and visiting Backyard Poultry for the full plan, you’ll create a happier haven for your feathered friends.

Redesigned Original Pvc Chicken Tractor

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The Original PVC Chicken Tractor has undergone an innovative makeover, boasting enhanced functionality that makes it suitable for both raising chicks and rabbits. This versatile structure now features significant upgrades that simplify maintenance and improve overall utility. Notably, the design includes a wire floor for rabbit housing, fenced feed bowl shelves for easy access, a reimagined backdoor for improved accessibility, and a lightweight build that eliminates the need for plywood, resulting in a more streamlined construction process.

Furthermore, the adapted frame allows for the seamless integration of an automatic chicken watering bucket. For a comprehensive guide on constructing this affordable and straightforward-to-build chicken tractor, visit JL Missouri. This redesign prioritizes practicality and accessibility, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to raise poultry or rabbits with efficiency.

Making a Chicken Tractor

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Want to raise healthy meat birds in a safe and controlled environment? Building a DIY chicken tractor is a great way to provide your flock with the freedom of free-ranging while protecting them from predators. This affordable and easy-to-build coop is perfect for small-scale farmers or backyard enthusiasts. By using readily available materials like hog panels and simple tools, you can construct a durable and mobile enclosure for under $200. This cost-effective solution ensures that your birds receive the best possible diet and care before being harvested.

A Frame Chicken Coop Tractor

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Elevate the efficiency and joy of poultry farming by constructing a versatile A-Frame Chicken Coop Tractor that suits any backyard size. With Ana White’s easy-to-follow plans, you can create a simple, portable, and cost-effective shelter for 2-4 chickens. This DIY project features built-in nesting boxes and perches, ensuring your feathered friends live comfortably in their new habitat. What’s more, the construction cost of around $100 makes it an accessible endeavor for any aspiring chicken keeper. Kick-start your journey to creating a cozy, movable coop for your backyard today.

Movable Chicken Tractor Plans

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Experience the freedom to roam with ChickShaw, a cutting-edge, lightweight chicken coop designed to effortlessly relocate around your homestead. Drawing inspiration from rickshaws, this innovative coop cleverly centralizes most weight, making it easy for anyone to maneuver. With ChickShaw’s mobile design, you can cater to varying flock sizes, ensuring your chickens always have access to fresh grass. The coop features built-in perches, self-cleaning mesh flooring, and easily accessible nesting boxes, creating a thriving environment for your feathered friends. By embracing the simplicity of mobile chicken housing with ChickShaw, you’ll be promoting a more natural and sustainable lifestyle for both yourself and your flock.

DIY Chicken Tractor on Wheels

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The idea for BG’s Little Egg Factory was born from an egg-hunting adventure, which led to overcoming city ordinances and building a safe haven for his feathered friends. This inspiring story showcases creativity and perseverance in action.

Get insider tips on selecting the perfect hens for optimal egg production, crafting a cost-effective yet visually appealing coop, and embarking on a fulfilling project with your loved ones. Perfect for chicken enthusiasts seeking to provide a secure and loving environment for their young, this comprehensive guide provides expert guidance from start to finish.

DIY Light Weight Chicken Tractor

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Create a haven for your chickens with the innovative Kycklingars 4×10 Tractor. This budget-friendly solution offers ample space, security, and comfort for your poultry, making it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts looking to elevate their backyard chicken experience. By combining the best features from various ideas, this design creates an optimized environment that is not only functional but also easy to move and predator-proof. With detailed instructions, materials needed, and customization tips provided, you can create a poultry paradise in your own backyard. For step-by-step guidance, head over to Backyard Chickens for expert advice.

Make Your Own Chicken Tractor

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Imagine having a safe and movable home for your poultry, without breaking the bank or sacrificing functionality. That’s exactly what our step-by-step guide on building a chicken tractor is designed to provide. By using cattle panels from Lazy B Farm, you’ll not only create a cozy abode for your birds but also gain a versatile, portable farm structure that can double as a dog kennel or even a children’s playhouse. Our comprehensive guide takes you through the construction process, utilizing simple tools and techniques, while also highlighting practical additions like tarps for weather protection and wheels for effortless mobility. With our clear and concise instructions, you’ll be empowered to tackle this project with confidence and creativity, transforming your backyard into a thriving farm oasis.

DIY Chicken Tractor for Backyard

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As chicken enthusiasts embark on their modern farm adventures, they often discover the thrill of creative expression in coop design. One enthusiastic farmer’s story on Backyard Chickens serves as a testament to the dedication required when building a customized abode for feathered friends. From humble beginnings with a few hens to scaling up to more complex structures, this narrative is replete with practical insights, innovative solutions, and the occasional hurdle that arises from DIY projects. For those contemplating a coop for their backyard flock, this story offers valuable lessons in planning, construction, and adaptability to ensure a safe and comfortable haven for their beloved birds.

Make Your Own Chicken Tractor

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For eco-conscious poultry enthusiasts, constructing a chicken tractor offers a budget-friendly and engaging DIY experience. This A-frame design accommodates up to five layers and allows for chick-raising, featuring open flooring for natural scratching and sheltered roosting with accessible nesting boxes. As a one-day build project, it’s easily customizable with low-cost material modifications. Ideal for maintaining your flock’s health while enriching your land through organic fertilization, this guide prioritizes simplicity and practicality in backyard farming practices.

How to Build a Frame Chicken Tractor

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Venturing into chicken keeping? Consider incorporating an A-Frame Chicken Tractor into your setup, as guided by Ana White’s clear instructions. This mobile coop allows you to provide your flock with fresh grazing areas, effortlessly moving them to new pastures.

At a cost of roughly $75 to $85 in materials and a time commitment of about a weekend, this intermediate-level project strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Notable features include a flip-up panel for easy access and expansion options, making it adaptable to your unique needs. To seamlessly integrate the tractor with your backyard, simply paint it to match its surroundings.

Build Your Own Chicken Tractor

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To keep your chickens safe and thriving outdoors, Jon’s ingenious chicken tractor design is the perfect solution. This versatile coop can be easily moved to fresh grass, shielding your flock from predators. The best part? You don’t need advanced DIY skills or a lot of time – this project requires only basic supplies like 2x4s, plywood scraps, and chicken wire, and can be completed in about two hours. With features like built-in sunshades, easy-access doors, and a removable roosting pole, it’s no wonder this design has revolutionized backyard chicken-keeping for many flock owners. If you’re interested in building your own, Simply Resourceful is the perfect place to start.

DIY Mobile Chicken Tractor

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For a harmonious blend of free-range benefits with safe chicken keeping, we developed an innovative A-frame chicken tractor that accommodates larger flocks while prioritizing their comfort and well-being. This thoughtful design enables your hens to forage on nature’s bounty, providing you with nutrient-rich eggs. As a homesteader, you’ll appreciate the affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal of this solution. If you’re ready to offer your flock the best of both worlds without sacrificing your budget, join us on our journey and download the build plans from Green Willow Homestead.

Easy to Build a Chicken Tractor

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Take the concept of backyard farming to new heights by building a DIY chicken tractor. This innovative approach not only boosts the health and happiness of your meat chickens but also allows them to forage on fresh grass and bugs every day, naturally enriching your lawn in the process. With no mess or cleanup required, you can focus on enjoying the benefits of raising chickens organically and holistically. Inspired by the success of Joel Salatin’s method, construct a 4×8 enclosure that provides ample space for 18-20 birds to roam freely. By embracing sustainable farming practices, you’ll be contributing to a healthier environment and creating a thriving ecosystem in your own backyard.

Reclaimed Chicken Tractor Building Plans

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By transforming reclaimed materials into a mobile chicken tractor, dynamic farmers can optimize space and efficiency in their farming environments. The innovative guide showcases the creation of a cozy home for eight chickens using pallets, fencing, and found items, with only a modest budget required for hardware. This eco-friendly approach not only promotes sustainability but also provides valuable lessons in resourcefulness and practical coop construction.

The unique design incorporates wheels for effortless mobility, a secure and spacious run area wrapped in hardware cloth, and creative features like natural roosts and easily accessible nesting boxes. For a comprehensive look at the construction process, visit Backyard Chickens for an in-depth exploration of this inspiring project.

Hawk Hill’s Collapsible Chicken Tractor

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Unleash the ultimate DIY experience with our comprehensive guide to creating a portable, fold-flat chicken tractor that strikes the perfect balance between lightweight durability! At Hawk Hill, we’ll walk you through the process of constructing a mobile and storable coop that provides unparalleled security for your feathered friends. With free plans at your disposal, this practical project is designed to make poultry care both efficient and accessible – no matter if you’re raising meat birds or providing a cozy retreat for your laying hens. Perfect for those who thrive on hands-on approaches to caring for their flock, our guide ensures that building a chicken tractor is an enjoyable and budget-friendly endeavor.

DIY Wooden Barn Tractor

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Imagine a sanctuary where your feathered friends can roam freely, with ample space to stretch their wings. A Barn Tractor, or mobile home for chickens, is the perfect solution. Inspired by an innovative intern at the Kerr Center, this project has been scaled up to accommodate more birds. This comprehensive guide will walk you through every step of building a spacious and functional chicken residence, complete with convenient access and optimized for standard lumber sizes to minimize waste. From laying the foundation to attaching wheels for effortless mobility, each phase is meticulously detailed, ensuring a sturdy and mobile habitat that meets your flock’s needs.

Easy DIY Chicken Tractor

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Transform your backyard into a haven for happy, healthy chickens with this easy-to-assemble DIY chicken tractor. Inspired by Joel Salatin’s designs, this compact and sturdy structure utilizes treated lumber for durability and hardware cloth for protection, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your feathered friends. Unlike traditional coops that require daily moves, this design provides the benefits of free-range living without the hassle. Featuring a hinged door and minimal cuts in the hardware cloth, assembly is a breeze. Get started with our comprehensive guide and access free plans at SowtheLand to create your own chicken tractor and give your flock the freedom to roam.


In conclusion, our in-depth exploration of 20 free DIY chicken tractor plans and ideas has provided a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking to elevate their backyard farming experience. By constructing a chicken tractor, you not only enhance the lives of your chickens by offering them fresh pasture but also contribute to enriching your garden soil. With the outlined steps and FAQs serving as a reliable foundation, even newcomers to DIY can successfully build a chicken tractor, thereby making sustainable farming more accessible. It’s essential to note that the size, materials, and design of your chicken tractor can be tailored to meet your specific needs, ultimately ensuring the simultaneous thrival of both your chickens and garden. Happy building!

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