10 Easy Curly Hair Updos For Beginners Step-By-Step

Transforming your curly locks into stunning updos has never been easier! Say goodbye to tangles and hello to effortless style with our curated collection of 10 simple yet elegant curly hair updos perfect for beginners. From classic buns to sophisticated twists, these easy-to-follow tutorials require no advanced skills or salon visits. With the right techniques, tools, and a dash of creativity, you can confidently create a show-stopping look that’s perfect for any occasion. So why not take the leap and elevate your curly hairstyle game with these straightforward yet impressive updo styles?

10 Easy Curly Hair Updos for Beginners Step-by-Step

For many individuals with curly hair, the struggle is real when it comes to embracing their natural texture. Frizz, tangling, and dryness are common complaints that can leave even the most confident curly-haired individuals feeling self-conscious. However, the truth is that with a little creativity and styling know-how, curly locks can be truly stunning. In this article, we’ll explore 10 effortless updo ideas specifically designed for curly-haired girls to help them fall in love with their unique texture. By mastering these simple yet elegant hairstyles, you’ll learn how to tame your curls on any given day – whether it’s a casual outing or a special occasion. Buns are a great place to start, as they’re both casual and chic, regardless of hair type. When styled correctly, curly hair can look absolutely captivating in an updo bun. Try out loose messy buns, donut-style buns, or knot buns for a effortlessly stylish look that’s perfect for everyday wear or dressing up for a wedding. Additionally, twist rolls offer a calming and cool hairstyle option when your curls are on the frizzier side. Whether you’re looking for a low-key hair updo or something more elaborate, these ideas will help you master the art of managing your curly locks with ease.

2 Min Updo for Curly Hair

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When life gets busy or plans change in an instant, it’s refreshing to have a quick and easy hairstyle solution at the ready. For those with curly locks, Hair Romance offers a 2-minute DIY updo tutorial that beautifully showcases one’s natural texture on days when leaving it loose isn’t an option. Whether heading to work or attending a special event like a wedding, this stylish updo can be effortlessly elevated by adding a statement accessory. All you need are some basic braiding skills, clear elastics, and bobby pins to achieve this chic, contained curly hair look.

Loose Braided Updo

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To create a breathtaking loose braided updo perfect for any wedding day, follow this step-by-step DIY guide. Start by creating soft, romantic curls as the foundation of your look. Next, divide your hair into sections and gently tease the top area to add volume and ensure a smooth finish. The key to this hairstyle is achieving elegant French braids on each side, which can be secured and neatly tucked under the pinned sections at the back. Finish by setting your style in place with hairspray and adding a decorative hairpin for an extra touch of elegance. For those who want visual guidance and detailed steps, Green Wedding Shoes offers a comprehensive tutorial that makes this updo surprisingly simple to master.

Folded Ponytail Updo – for Curly Haired

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Embrace creativity and reimagine your look with this effortless DIY romantic bun tutorial, tailored for curly-haired individuals! As part of Hair Romance’s partnership with Priceline’s Beauty School, I’m excited to share a beginner-friendly guide that can be adapted to suit any hair type. For a comprehensive walkthrough and to discover the recommended products from Priceline, refer to the full tutorial. With this simple yet effective approach, you’ll be able to perfect your curls and elevate your style with confidence.

Topknot Updo for Curly Hair

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To create the signature DIY high curly messy bun, popularized by stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Demi Lovato, start by gathering your locks into a lofty ponytail. Secure it with an elastic band, taking care not to pull all of the hair through, as this will help achieve that effortless, undone texture. This style is particularly well-suited for straight to slightly wavy hair textures that haven’t been freshly washed, and can be sealed in place with a light spritz of hairspray. For a detailed walkthrough, refer to the accompanying tutorial.

How to Make Twisted Updo

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Revamp your morning routine with a refreshingly simple everyday curly hairstyle tutorial. With minimal products and just a few hair elastics and bobby pins, you can effortlessly achieve a look that celebrates the beauty of natural curls. Perfect for those who love embracing their frizz, this DIY twist offers two stylish options: a playful ponytail or an elegant tucked bun. Follow the straightforward steps to create a hairstyle that’s both chic and practical.

Curly Wedding Updos

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Embrace the beauty of your naturally curly locks by showcasing them in stunning wedding hairstyles. Look no further than Tania Maras’ DIY idea specifically designed for curly-haired brides-to-be. This elegant concept features a range of styles, from sleek updos to luscious loose curls and romantic half-updos, all carefully crafted to complement your wedding attire. The key is to find the perfect look that celebrates your unique texture without overpowering its natural charm.

To truly make your wedding hairstyle unforgettable, discover the art of accessorizing your hair with subtlety. Learn expert tips on selecting pieces that enhance rather than overwhelm your curls, resulting in a romantic and glamorous appearance that perfectly captures the essence of your special day.

Twist and Pin Updo for Curly Hair

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Transform your curly hair into a stunning updo with ease and sophistication. The key to achieving a secure hold lies in using high-quality bobby pins and mastering the gentle weaving technique that prevents them from slipping out. By distributing the weight of the curls evenly, you’ll enjoy a lasting hold that’s free from fuss. For step-by-step guidance on this versatile hairstyle, head over to Hair Romance for inspiration. Revamp your updo skills with the Twist & Pin method today!

Easy Updo for Curly Hair

Discover the magic of effortless, stylish DIY hairstyles that showcase your natural curls at their best. Luxy Hair offers a range of easy-to-follow tutorials for twisted curls, elegant updos, and more, providing you with the confidence to tackle your tresses with ease. But it’s not just about looking good – our expert tips will also help you maintain healthy, bouncy locks that bounce with life. Whether you’re a seasoned curl enthusiast or just starting to explore your natural texture, these styles and advice will revolutionize your morning routine and leave you falling in love with your curls all over again.

Curly Hair Double Bun

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Reinvent the charm of curly locks with a whimsical double bun hairstyle, a delightful DIY solution for effortlessly managing curls with panache. This effortless updo requires mere minutes to create, thanks to Hair Romance’s engaging tutorial, ideal for rejuvenating second or third-day curls without the need for daily washing. With just a few well-placed bobby pins and perhaps some texturizing powder for added oomph, this charming hairstyle promises a playful yet polished finish. Suitable for both medium and long hair, the double bun is an excellent way to breathe new life into your locks with minimal fuss.

Curly Top Knot Hairstyle Tutorial

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Transform your bad hair days into chic updos with ease! The perfect curly top knot hairstyle awaits at Hair Romance. This stylish and playful DIY tutorial is designed to keep your curls beautifully contained, whether you’re battling the heat or looking for a work-ready look that exudes confidence. With only minimal tools required and step-by-step guidance, achieving this effortless updo is simpler than you think. Plus, discover expert tips to add volume and finesse to your bun, ensuring those with curly locks can sport a stunning top knot with ease.


With a few effortless steps, you can transform your curls into stunning hairstyles perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Our collection of ten beginner-friendly styles offers step-by-step tutorials that make it simple to follow along and achieve the look. From classic to creative, these easy curly hair updos cater to all skill levels, ensuring you’ll find one that suits your style.

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