15 Free Purse Patterns To Sew

15 Free Purse Patterns – Handbag Sewing Patterns

Elevate your sewing skills with this curated collection of 15 free purse patterns that cater to various levels – from beginner-friendly to advanced. These comprehensive guides cover essential techniques such as hardware installation, topstitching, strap creation, and diverse fabric cutting. Most projects can be completed within an hour or two, making it perfect for those looking to create unique tote bags, handbags, clutches, or purses. The step-by-step instructions and visual tutorials will empower you to sew like a pro, allowing you to bring your favorite designs to life. This treasure trove of free sewing patterns is designed to inspire creativity, with standout features that include custom shapes inspired by fruit, animals, hearts, or any theme that strikes your fancy. Transform your old leather jackets into designer-inspired masterpieces, create adorable clutch purses for everyday essentials, or sew stunning circle purses adorned with precious tassel embellishments. With these free sewing patterns, the possibilities are endless – and you can explore them all in just a minute.

Sew a Patchwork Little Girl’s Purse

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To create a charming patchwork purse for a young girl, you’ll require approximately 30 squares of fabric with a width of either 2.5 inches or 3 inches. Beyond these squares, you’ll need three additional fabric pieces: one for the lining, one for the strap, and another for the binding. As your primary ingredients, flannel, fleece, and fusible interfacing will come together to form this delightful patchwork purse recipe.

Springtime Patchwork Purse – Free Pattern

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Transform your style with a stunning purse that’s easy to create at home using a free pattern. This spacious design measures 3.4 inches by 17 inches, providing ample room for all your essentials. A convenient inside pocket keeps cards and cash organized, while the magnetic closure adds a touch of elegance. With its beautiful appearance and practical features, this purse is sure to become a favorite accessory.

Making a Purse Perfect for Winter

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This season, elevate your winter accessory game with a thoughtfully designed purse that not only carries your essentials but also exudes style. The interior pocket provides ample space to stash valuable items such as jewelry, medications, and currency, ensuring they’re safely stowed away. Measuring 4 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 12 inches in height (excluding straps), this purse offers a generous amount of storage while still being compact enough to fit comfortably in your hand. For those interested in crafting their own winter accessory, the process begins with sewing, which we’ll outline below.

DIY Metal Frame Purse

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When considering a thoughtful gift for a loved one, a customized metal frame purse is an excellent choice. This unique creation can be tailored to any size and style with the fabric of their preference. To bring this idea to life, you’ll need a few essential materials: a metal frame clutch, fat quarters, and fusible fleece. The metal frame serves as a structure, ensuring the bag maintains its shape and provides a sturdy base for your creative design.

Free Little Girls Purse Sewing Pattern

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For a charming accessory, enlist the help of a little girl with a self-made purse to choose vibrant colors that complement her style. To create this adorable fabric bag with over-the-shoulder straps, you’ll need the main fabric of your choice, a lining fabric, and a set of snaps. Two pieces of fusible interfacing will provide the necessary stability for the entire sewing project. For more details, refer to our previous blog post.

How to Make Circle Purse

The half-circle purse is sure to delight all fans of geometric decor. Its unique design features a curved shape that folds over, providing ample space for showcasing your favorite fabric print. To create this stylish accessory, you’ll need approximately 1 yard of interfacing and some bias tape to complete the look. A plate serves as a template to help guide your cutting process, while a button snap provides a secure closure mechanism. For a comprehensive overview of the construction process, please visit [insert link here].

How to Sew Purse With Flat Lock

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Transform just one hour of your busy schedule into a creative outlet by tackling this medium-skilled sewing project, which yields a stunning purse. Gather a range of fabrics, including thick and normal cotton, interfacing, interlining, accent outer lining, and dublerin, to bring this design to life. The flatlock stitching adds an extra layer of sophistication, while the metallic top line adds a touch of glamour. For more details on how to bring this project to fruition, check out the link on Livemaster.

Free Pleated Purse Sewing Pattern

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This homemade purse boasts a charming pleated design that’s sure to win your heart with its vibrant fabric print. To bring it to life, you’ll need 5/8 yards of 54-inch wide fabric for the exterior, and an additional 3/8 yards with the same width for the lining. For the top and pocket, use small pieces of fabric that will add a pop of color and texture. In addition to your main fabrics, gather the following supplies: 2 yards of interfacing, 1 yard of fusible fleece, and pre-made piping to give your purse the perfect finishing touches.

Sew an Upcycled Leather Handbag

Transforming an old leather jacket into a stunning handbag or purse is a creative way to give new life to a treasured piece of clothing. With some basic sewing skills and the right materials, you can upcycle your leather jacket into a beautiful bag pattern in no time. For this project, you’ll need a long enough leather jacket and 3/8″ grommets for adding straps – an essential component to complete the design.

Easy DIY Pyramid Purse

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Sewing enthusiasts can create an array of purses that reflect their personal style and design preferences from the comfort of their own homes. For those looking to add a touch of uniqueness to their fashion, the pyramid purse is a great option to consider. This compact and charming handbag features a zipper closure and boasts a distinctive pyramid shape. To bring this design to life, all you need are printed cotton fat quarters and a zipper. With its ease of construction, the mini pyramid purse makes for a delightful DIY project that can be completed with minimal effort.

How to Sew Girl’s Heart Purse

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If you want to win the heart of a style-conscious woman, consider gifting her a heart-shaped purse that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. To create this unique accessory, utilize the Cricut Maker and take advantage of its rotary blade feature for precise cutouts. This Valentine’s Day gift idea is perfect for fashion-forward females who appreciate thoughtful gestures. The incorporation of an arrow zipper keychain and longer straps elevates the design to new heights, making it a truly special present.

Free Day Out Purse Sewing Pattern

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Looking to make the most out of your day with friends? Why not keep all your essentials within easy reach by sewing a stylish and practical purse designed specifically for day trips or outings? This fun project can be completed in just a few hours, depending on your level of expertise, using a free pattern available online. The total cost will likely fall between $15-$25, covering the cost of cotton fabric for the main material, lining, and strap, as well as some fusible interfacing to provide extra stability. For a touch of whimsy, consider adding a tassel embellishment made from leather or suede scraps – just be sure to have some sewmamasew skills on hand to bring your design to life!

Simple DIY Clutch Purse Gift Ideas

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Crafting purses at home is a thoughtful way to create unique gifts for loved ones. To make this charming clutch purse, you’ll need 8 by 9 inches of main fabric, 18 by 10 inches of lining fabric, and 8 by 11 inches of fusible fleece. Once you’ve assembled the pieces, add D-ring loops on both sides and attach a lobster clasp to create a functional pull. With these simple steps, you’ll have a beautiful and practical clutch purse to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

Make Your Own Watermelon Purse

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For the perfect summer accessory, combine 1/2 yard of metallic red vinyl with 1/4 yard each of white pebbled vinyl and green cracked vinyl to create this refreshing watermelon purse design. Add some realistic flair with miniature black buttons resembling seeds. To complete the look, add a sturdy strap using D-rings and 1/2 yard of metal chain. With these simple materials, you can easily sew this stylish purse at home.

How to Sew a Purse Strawberry

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Imagine a charming purse that captures the essence of a sweet treat – the strawberry cute purse is exactly that! To create this delightful design, start by sewing the main light pink fabric into the shape of a strawberry using fusible interfacing and lining fabric. Add some green felt leaves to give it a lush appearance, and finally, secure the metal purse clasp in the center, where it will serve as a functional and stylish focal point. This free tutorial is the perfect guide for anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy to their accessory collection.


For sewers and fashion enthusiasts alike, finding the perfect free pattern for a new bag or purse can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of 15 complimentary designs to keep your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a stylish accessory or a practical sewing project, this list has got you covered. Feel free to share your favorite go-to patterns in the comments below and help us continue to grow our collection!

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