20 Free Table Runner Patterns To Sew And Quilt

20 Free Table Runner Patterns to Sew and Quilt

To create stunning table runners, head to our comprehensive list of 20 free patterns that cover every aspect of sewing a table runner like a pro. With designs ranging from chevron striped to reversible and shibori-inspired, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Impress your friends with a unique constellation design or wow them with a beautiful ruffled quilted table runner – both are sure to garner praise. Our list features the best guides, tutorials, and pictorials to help you easily bring each design to life. Whether you’re looking to tackle fabric stash-buster projects inexpensively or simply want to add some elegance to your dining table settings, our free table runner patterns have got you covered. Browse the entire collection for endless inspiration and get ready to unleash your creativity.

How to Sew a Table Runner

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Transform your dining or eating space with a stunning table runner featuring a rich, rick-rack accent trim. To create this showstopping piece, you’ll need 5/8 yard of solid color canvas and 3/4 yards of printed canvas, as well as 2 1/2 yards of wide rick-rack trim. The sewing process is akin to patchwork, with the finished table runner measuring a generous 14 inches by 41 inches.

DIY Shibori Table Runner Pattern

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To create a stunning table runner that exudes sophistication, utilize great dip dyeing techniques to produce a masterpiece in no time. Begin by acquiring an indigo dying kit, lining fabric, and a thrift store tablecloth. With these materials, you can sew the shibori table runner, a show-stopping piece that will elevate your dining table’s ambiance. By combining the art of dip dyeing with the unique texture of shibori, you’ll be able to add an air of refinement to any gathering, making it perfect for special occasions or everyday meals.

One-Hour Table Runner Sewing Pattern Free

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Elevate your dining experience with effortless elegance by crafting a stunning table runner that can be completed in just one hour. This simple yet impressive DIY project requires only two coordinating fabrics, making it an ideal solution for whipping up a beautiful centerpiece to wow your guests at the next dinner party. By adding this thoughtful touch to your eating settings, you’ll effortlessly inject a dose of sophistication and charm.

Sew a French Dot Constellation Runner

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Transform your dining or breakfast table into an astronomical wonderland with this straightforward DIY project. Start by acquiring a 15×72 inch piece of linen, then print a galaxy design onto it using a template. Use embroidery stitches to meet the lines and create a sense of depth, before adding sparkle to the stars by stitching on large and small sequins in place. With this easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll be able to bring the magic of the galaxies to your table.

How to Make a Table Runner

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Elevate your dining experience with a modern table runner that drapes elegantly down both sides. This understated design makes for a striking focal point on any table. To create this masterpiece, simply acquire 2.75 yards of high-quality cotton fabric and follow a straightforward sewing and hemming process to complete the look.

Sew a Fat Quarter Table Runner

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When creating a table runner, the options for fabric choices can be overwhelming, but the right selection can not only protect the table but also elevate the overall aesthetic of the room. To craft this stunning piece, simply sew together fat quarters to create a truly impressive design. With just 4-8 fat quarters, 2 1/2 yards of backing fabric, 1/2 yards of binding fabric, and cotton batting at your disposal, you’ll have everything needed to bring this project to life. Feel free to adjust the size to perfectly fit your table, as our sample features a convenient 14×108 inches.

DIY Quilted Table Runner

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Elevate your dining table’s ambiance with a stunning quilted table runner that will leave your guests in awe. To create this masterpiece, start by sewing together 32 5-inch squares of fabric to form the design pattern. Place these squares over 0.5 yards of solid-colored fabric, carefully arranging them to create an arresting visual effect. For added stability and a professional finish, use extra fabric for backing and binding. Don’t forget to add batting to give your table runner a plush, textured appearance that will make it the focal point of any dining occasion.

Free Ruffle Table Runner Pattern

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Elevate your party’s ambiance with a stunning table runner featuring beautiful fabric gathers and ruffles. This design requires a combination of three different fabrics: 2-3 yards of muslin and 83 inches of thin quilt batting for soft padding. To create the ruffled strips, sew three layers together in this order: fabric, muslin, and then batting. With these simple steps, you’ll have a unique and eye-catching table runner that’s sure to impress your guests.

Free Table Runner Sewing Pattern

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Elevate the ambiance of your entire room decor by incorporating this eye-catching chevron-patterned table runner. To achieve this unique design, start by cutting various fabric strips featuring distinct patterns. Next, arrange these strips on top of a backing fabric to create a striped chevron effect. Finally, secure everything in place with binding fabric and don’t forget to add a layer of batting for a luxurious soft touch. The result is a visually appealing centerpiece that will undoubtedly become the focal point of your room.

Free Herringbone Quilted Table Runner Pattern

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Indulge your passion for chevron and herringbone patterns by crafting an exquisite herringbone table runner from the comfort of your own home. This DIY project requires minimal sewing skills, making it accessible to everyone. To create this stunning piece, start by cutting a triangle as the foundation. Then, add 11 distinct fabric stripes around it, carefully arranging them in a chevron pattern that will leave your guests in awe. For a more detailed guide on how to bring this beautiful table runner to life, visit Leigh Laurels Studio.

Quick and Easy DIY Table Runner

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One of the most effective ways to declutter your fabric stash is by completing a table runner project that can be finished quickly. To create this stunning piece, select two home decorator fabrics with coordinating designs and sew them together. The addition of two buttons to hold the chevron folded edges in place adds a beautiful touch to the design.

How To Sew a Reversible Table Runner

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Elevate your room’s aesthetic without making a bold statement by incorporating a reversible table runner that can be easily sewn together. This subtle yet effective design requires just two complementary fabric pieces, each measuring 0.5 yards in length. To achieve crisp, precise edges, utilize a rotary cutter and consider adding chevron folds to the ends for a visually appealing touch. For a comprehensive guide on how to bring this project to life, visit onlinefabricstore.

Easy Quilted Table Runner Pattern

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Transform your dining or breakfast table into a stunning focal point by crafting a quilted table runner featuring a mesmerizing chevron design. Best of all, you can create this unique piece for free by repurposing fabric strips from home. To get started, cut various lengths and widths of fabric to achieve the desired pattern, then layer them onto a backing fabric with batting and finishing touches.

Make Your Own Reversible Table Runner

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Join two quilting cotton fabrics featuring distinct designs to create a reversible table runner measuring 14 inches by 43 inches. This project is an excellent opportunity to repurpose leftover fabric pieces, ultimately providing your eating table with the benefit of added protection and aesthetic appeal.

Simple and Elegant Quilted Table Runner

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Surround yourself with the familiar hum of your sewing machine as you bring this stunning quilted table runner design to life. Its elegant charm is sure to elevate the entire dining or eating experience, making it perfect for special occasions or everyday meals. To create this beautiful piece, combine IKEA duvet cover fabric with quilter’s dream bamboo batting for a simple yet sophisticated result that will add a touch of refinement to your table setting.

Super Fast, Easy, and Terrific Table Runner

Elevate your dining experience by incorporating a stunning table runner into your party setup. This versatile piece serves as a perfect perch for cutlery, decorative flower caddies, and garnishes the table with an air of sophistication. To bring this vision to life, you’ll need 2.5 yards each of fabric and interfacing, 2 yards of ric-ric trim, and 1 yard of pom-pom trim.

DIY No Sew Burlap Table Runner

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Transform your dining or party space into a warm and inviting atmosphere by incorporating the rustic charm of a burlap table runner. This versatile piece can seamlessly blend with both fall and rustic-themed decor. To create this unique accent, combine fusible webbing and burlap fabric featuring gold polka dots. For step-by-step guidance on how to bring this vision to life, refer to the inspiring tutorial by InspiredByCharm.

Simple Quilted Table Runner Pattern

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Elevate your dining experience by introducing a pop of color with this vibrant table runner. This straightforward sewing project requires just six fat quarters featuring distinct prints. Additionally, you’ll need 106 inches of backing fabric, 0.5 yards of binding fabric, and a piece of craft-sized quilt batting to complete the look.

Homemade Table Runner

Transform your party space and elevate your table setting game with this vibrant rainbow-striped table runner. Its unique feature is the pair of flowing tassels that cascade down from each end, creating a visually striking focal point on the table surface. The bold and colorful design brings an air of sophistication to your dining experience.


Whether you’re embarking on a simple and swift sewing project or seeking more intricate quilt runner designs, we’ve curated 20 free table runner patterns for you. Explore this comprehensive list to discover the perfect pattern for your next creative endeavor. Whether you’re a novice quilter or an experienced pro, we hope our collection inspires your next sewing project. Remember to share your finished creations with us in the Sewing section of our community forum and let the creativity flow!

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